December 30, 2002

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Video Game Addiction

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Video Game Culture

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  • Lan Parties
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  • Professional Gaming
  • Online Gaming to Hit the Mainstream Market

Video Game Violence

  • Video Game and Tobacco Companies: Frightening Similarities
  • Grand Theft Auto and the Irresponsible Rockstar
  • America's Army: A New Low
  • A Mortal Combat: Video Game Violence
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You people are absolutely absurd. It is the fault of parents whom act as you all that children in society have the problems that they do today. You grow up in a crack infested neighborhood, abused, and molested, as I did, playing all of the video games which you here blame for the issues of society, and become a person as respectable and successful as I have.

Am i the only one here who feels that moderating games should be a job left to parents? I'm all for awareness of the ESRB system, and I do disagree with Rockstar's irresponsibility in handling the San Andreas issue, but why is it that individual parents can't have the guts to tell their children no, that there's a reason why they shouldn't play M-rated games at the ages of 6 and 7? It is certainly an age of impressionability, so parents, do the right thing. Learn the ESRB system, check the ratings, and learn what games are right for your kids. At 14 and 15, still check the ratings and find out what the content descriptors mean to weed out the more extreme ed of the T-rated spectrum from the milder side.

Now I may be only a child of 15, and I may not be a Harvard grduate, but I do know know what a scapegoat is. The reason many psychopaths play video games(mind you, I'm not saying that all people who play video games are psycho) is that they were psychotic to begin with. This reason is because psychos have an urge to "control their surroundings" like wanting to burn ants with a magnfying glass. Why don't you stop blaming other things on your child's emotional problems and start questioning your own parenting.

At the humble age of 12, you may decide that due to my relative lack of life experience, that I really have no idea what I am talking about. Well, I do, unfortunately. Back in the 50s, Rock Music ala Elvis was blamed for... quite a lot. Nowadays, it's not. Rock Music was a passing scapegoat. And in twenty years, the people in power, will have been gamers, just like millions of others throughout America. In the year 2001, more than half of America participated in interactive electronic entertainment of some sort. Videogames are a scapegoat. Blame your own lousy parenting. I'm sorry, but I just cannot tolerate such hateful crap as yours, MAVAV. Why don't you sit down with your children and watch them play games for a while? It's a parent's responsibility to monitor their children and ensure that they become mentally stable people. Clearly, members of MAVAV are too lazy to do so, so don't take it out on the whole gaming community if you are too lazy to do anything yourself.

you guys are horribly wrong, I agree w/ Alex Rochon, its the parents fault if the kids turn out bad because of videogames. Because the parents are the ones that know how they are and how they act so they know to buy the game to them or not. Also videogames are made to entertain not for some dumb stuff like killing for real and if it is for the reason of playing a videogame then i think you need to be for real.

I think that all of u people are stupid video games do not breed violence it is the parents that are at fault here if u let ur 5 year play Gears of War then they will have problems because they are not old enough to know the difference between what real or not so dont blame the video games blame the parents

This site would be amusing if it wasn't so alarmingly brazen in its condemnation of video games.

I am a PhD student studying the psychology of persistent video game play at the University of Adelaide, Australia. I am also a long time gamer. I find the claims made on this site to be completely unjustified (i.e. where is the research evidence to support each wild claim?).

Rather, the creators of this site appear to be satisfied with proclaiming video games to be inherently "evil", which I would call an unreasonably negative position characterised by fear-mongering rather than reasoned argument. I suspect the latter would actually deflate many of your claims.

I can sympathise with parents who suspect their children are playing too long but I think your narrow-minded approach to problematic video game play will not solve your own life problems, nor the societal ills that you think video games are responsible for. Dichotomous thinking can be harmful.

I would like to comment further, but I have better things to do.

You are just using video games as scapegoat, because you couldn't bring up yout kids properly. If you can't teach their children how to behave, and that violence is wrong, (Even though we all know who gives a damn, because violence does rock, to a certain extent, against certain people,)

I can't believe you people. You are trying to close down all of the good video games (excuse my vocab i dont speak english) just because 13 stupid americans or 35 stupid americans or whatever get shot at a school. Come on, ever wonder why this doesnt happen in other countries? It's because other countries don't so easily give away weapons to minors. And also the fact you blamed an asian kid for making a counterstrike map or his school. Look i go to school, I play violent video games, I'm not violent in real life but I really think my school would make a fantastic arena in counterstrike because of its layout. Also the fact you discovered swords in his bedroom while most americans have guns in theirs is just so hypocritical. Just because the americans can't take it doesn't mean you should ruin it for them or anybody else. The death or 100 or so people is a small price to pay for the entertainment of many others. Am I sick? No, I'm just a realist. You are the sick people. Leave kids alone now because when one day you get violently attacked by a kid with a weapon cos they know who you are it wont be video games fault. It will be your faults!

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