December 30, 2002

Everything Just a Game to Gamers

Everything Just a Game to Gamers

We seem to have struck a nerve with the talents at Penny-Arcade. Although we find our portrayal less than flattering.

Here We Come To Save The Day [Penny-Arcade]


For years you have been disgracing games; games this, games that. Well no more shall you be able to disgrace games. I'ts the parents fault not games, deal with the truth and give in to games. Teach the parents to limit the time their kids play games. Plus that comic is just plain funny.

I am tired of being blamed for all the fun being yanked out of the world! I love video games, but not all video games!I am a Christian and I do not like being lumped in with ill-informed "Christians" If you prefer your children not veiw scary, violent images, don't buy those type of games.They have monopoly in video game form, Mario's only violent streak is toward flying turtles, and evil mushrooms, Animal Crossing has no violence at all.I mean comon', do some research. And a person who doesn't want to be blamed for their actions will ALWAYS find a scapegoat.If you never give a child a capgun they will use their finger as a pretend gun.Same principal, violence exists whether or not you introduce them to such things. If you all are really Christians, pray for people to love God, not try to hurt them with facts that are wrong and make yourselves look silly and panicky.We as parents need to find outlets for creativity in a good light, and video games aren't the only thing for fun, but given some good old fashion parenting, you could sit next to your child and see if you can win a silly game of cart racing, then take them to the park......
I do.

I am a school psychologist and a MMORPG player. I played RPG's like D&D back in middle school and high school. My mind isn't warped. I work all day teaching young children tolerance, empathy, respect, and kindness. I play videogames when I get home. Frankly, it's simply time I would have wasted watching TV anyway.

I've gone through the site and looked at the various articles, I died a little inside. Now, I'm 21 and a veteran gamer, meaning I honestly don't remember a time in my life before the original NES came out, and there is not a thing on this site about gamers and their so-called "addictions" that I find truthful in the slightest. I don't have violent tendancies, hell I've been a martial artist for the past 8 years and consider myself a pacifist, I don't speak in textspeak, in fact I plan on becoming a professional novelist once I leave college, and I can honestly say that I can and have been known to go weeks, even months, without picking up a video game controller, so I can't possibly be addicted to it. I have to ask, if all of what you're saying on this site is true, how can I have turned out as the well-rounded individual that I have? Simple. My parents raised me as such. They didn't try to shelter me from the things I was interested in that didn't fit into their grand designs for me. Perhaps if you were to sit down with them and try a little parenting, they won't grow to be so screwed up. There, I've just wasted fifteen minutes straightening you idiots out.

All gamers have been through since this radical movement has been constant insults, constant slander, constant negitive retaliations towards people you've never met. Who is the ignorant one here?

So you know who you are talking to, I am an 18 year old college freshmen, I was Ranked 4 of 731 in my senior class - my four years in high school I was in 6 AP classes. I am now attending UCR, it is my 3 semester and I am currently holding a solid 3.754 GPA. - so much for calling me uneducated.

Though I have book smarts on my side - I am only 18 and have yet to enjoy the experience of being a parent. I am naive and at times a little immature I admit. But because I am a gamer is far from the truth.

Stop using us as a scape goat and learn to take responsibility for your actions. There is only one person that has control over their child. If you can't take that responsibility then please, step down as a parent and let the child into a home where someone can take that responsiblity.

I never heard of a 9-16 year old having a credit card / source of income other then their parents. Hmm. I wonder how they get the money for their games.

I'm sick and tired of being labeled as irresponsible, lazy, depressed, and angry because I play games like counter-strike, World of Warcraft, and Battlefield 1942.

i hate all you mothers that blame everything else on the way your kids act, the reason why your kids are depressed, irresponsible, or lazy is because of the way you raise them not the way the world is around them, obviously your kids are gonna wanna have fun and sorry i dont think playing with toy blocks is gonna cut it anymore so why dnt you people worry about something more important like drunk driving or REAL violence

I can't even remember when I picked up my first game. I know the first game system I ever played was the Atari 2600, and I've been playing almost everyday since. I am 24 years old and have never in my life, while I was a kid, think that this debate would happen. This is rediculous to think that video games cause violent behavior, and whatever propaganda you want to throw out there, the simple fact is that todays parents are the cause, no if's and or but's. It amazes me that the parents can't take the blame for anything today, the first thing they go to as a scapegoat is video games. Time to get with the program. Parents should be instilling good morals from an early age. I've seen countless kids treat their parents like crap, and curse at them. You gonna blame the game they played? well sure YOU!!! would. But the truth is that it's the parents that didn't do their jobs.

Like I said earlier I'm 24 years old, I would have never said anything like that when I was younger (except for the occasional swearing, but that isn't because I played games) It's because my parents would beat my ass if I acted out, SIMPLE!!!

I joined the military at 17 served 4 years and now I'm in college for nursing. Wow those video games ruined my life.

You guys have a thing about a "24 year old" gamer that played for 28 hours straight to be the first level 70 in WoW. So what he is an ADULT incase you can't figure that out he is over the age of 18... Yea the video games told him to stay up for 28 hours and play a game. NO he wanted to be the first so he dedicated himself to do it.

You can knock video games all you want but the simple truth is that the parents are the number 1 cause of what is wrong with todays childrend. Of course the Government doesn't help, you can't even smack your kids butt when they act out of line... Guess what my daughter just turned 13 months and she already knows the difference between what she should or shouldn't do. How? because I smacked that ass when she got out of line.

I don't know if anyone who read this comic read the newspost as well, or recognized the date on the comic, but this was not, actually an attack on the MAVAV. It was more of a comic about reactions against the MAVAV. Mike and Jerry have gotten many, many emails, several of which are no doubt suggestions for comics, several of which no doubt have to do with the MAVAV. Jerry and Mike are huge supporters of games being regulated, such that the ESRB does, and while they are not opposed to gaming in general, and they check their facts before they post them, they do support the moderation of games. This comic wasn't about the MAVAV being tyrannical or whatnot, the comic was about those who think that the MAVAV is tyrannical for "Making kids miss their favorite shows", and other things that are absurd enough to complain about, and moreso to blame on an organization.

The good men at PA aren't dumb, ill-witted deviants obsessed with gaming, they're gamers who understand moderation, and have found a comic niche, in addition to various other casues to get behind. For instance, Childs Play, a charity which supplies children in hospitals with games, so that they have something to do.

While their views may not be as extreme as those of the MAVAV, they are extremely level-headed, responsible parents who understand the need for moderation of games.

How disgraceful. Do you people have nothing better to do with your time? Maybe if you spent less time “educating” a bunch of gullible worthless parents like yourself with the shit you claim as fact on and spent more time involved with the nurturing of your children maybe you’d add a little value to their lives. Your web site states the following:

“Symptom: Child spending numerous amount of time in their bedroom and at home”

My parents would have killed to have me spend numerous amounts of time in my bedroom and yet you idiots don’t have the balls to tell your kids to stop playing games? What do you think? They’ll hate you for telling them what to do? That’s your job you retards…. you’re parents. Why don’t you stop trying to be their friends and start being their parents? You have allowed your children to run amuck and now this out of control behavior is the status quo at your house and the cost of doing nothing far exceeds the realities of having to step up and be a parent. But your idea of doing something is to create a web site that boasts statements like these that are horribly skewed and have absolutely no foundation.

"It is best for all electronic entertainment devices be placed in a common area where a clock is present and adult supervision is available. If this is not at all possible, we recommend having your child's door remain open and be checked in on every hour."

Pardon my ignorance due to the fact that I have not in my 31 years found the need or desire to create one of these little wastes of time but, I thought that checking in on a child was supervision. Isn’t this actually what a parent is supposed to do anyway, supervise their children? Stop blaming your pathetic attempt at parenting on the video game industry. When your demented little shit of a kid goes out and kills some one it’s going to be because you didn’t love them enough and that they were so starved for attention they thought going to jail was the only thing they could do to gain your attention…which was wasted on this ridiculous waste of time you call

Symptom: Poor school grades

“Never assume drugs or otherwise is the problem for your child's poor academic performance. Video game addiction is not to be under-estimated. It is a serious epidemic plaguing our children nationwide. We recommend getting professional psychiatric help.”

Are you serious… you’re actually trying to equate super Mario Brothers and Pokemon to Crack, Heroine, LSD, and Cocaine? You know, now that you mention it I think I did see a 12-year-old girl selling her ass for a copy of Sponge Bob Square Pants on the corner of Sunset and Vine in Hollywood the other day. Wow! You guys hit the nail on the head with this one! How about sitting your kids down at the dinner table and have them do their homework in front of you prior to going to their rooms to play some games, which in themselves are very good educational tools for people of all ages.

Major Universities started studying the effects of gaming on the human mind as far back as 1998 and have found evidence to the contrary of your deplorable web site and organization. (please see Steven Johnson’s' "Your Brain on Video Games" Discover Magazine or ) Now take into consideration these researchers had actual data to disperse once their studies had been completed. I have yet to see mention of any actual data in your feeble little web site. Not one! Show me some proof that this stuff is corrupting kids, any proof at all and I’ll try to digest it but no, you can’t even do that. It has been proven by psychiatric professionals that, when children can count on getting attention at home, they have a greater sense of security and self-worth. Why don’t you dick heads start seeking professional help instead of subjecting your children to such torture?

Symptom: Unusual "Role-Playing"

While the focus and idea behind MMORPG seems utopian and innocent, the emotional and mental wellness of the gamer can be severely affected: increased anxiety and irritability, argumentative, appetite and weight loss, impaired judgment, paranoia, sadness and depression, loss of interest in appearance, and sleeplessness

Get a grip and realize you have way too much time on your hand and your not spending it with your children who are undoubtedly sucking for copies of HALO2.

We caution parents to never hand out credit card information or sign up their child for any suspicious online and monthly services.

My only comment to this retarded advice is: If you allow your children to take your credit card and go online unsupervised for any reason you are a soulless cow and deserve every bit of pop-up porn that invades your computer and hopefully to my delight it will infect said computer.

Danger: Do video games teach people how to kill?

Oh yeah it’s all because of the video games. It’s well known that Hitler was a big fan of Doom 3 and Quake and it was these games that demented him to the point of committing the most atrocious crimes in recent human history. Charles Manson and Jim Jones “The Kool-Aid killer” regularly met on X-Box live for Halo tournaments and it was this type of activity that created those demons.

After a mere 20 minutes of staring into the black hole of intellect that is this site, I have to say I am insulted. I further feel that you've insulted the video gaming industry. Most of all, I find your site, with the use of ONE SENTENCE, has mocked millions of people.

"Video game addiction is without a doubt, becoming this century's most increasingly worrisome epidemic, comparable even to drug and alcohol abuse."

Video games compare to DRUGS. You've just grouped every gamer up with crack heads, Gamestop with Drug dealers, and developers with Columbian Smugglers. You all disgust me.

To start off with, I'm a pretty hard core gamer logging somewhere around 40 hours of gaming in a week, and that might be a bit low. I'm 20 years old, have been playing video games for 10 years, and have somehow, dispite all your warnings, refrained from stabbing, shooting, maiming, raping, or otherwise harming another human being. I made it through Army Basic Training without having withdrawl symptoms. And I, as far as I know, have grown up to be a reasonable, rational, productive member of civilization. Some drug video games are, I'm not even getting a high.

In fact, I'd say video games have been benifitial to my development. I am currently working in a field (computer networking) that was introduced to me though my computer and gaming 'addicition.' I have a way of socializing with my friends back home through World of Warcraft, no matter where I am in the world.

The simple facts are this: video games are entertainment. Even the dumbest child (13+) can tell the difference from right and wrong actions and deeds in a video game. The simple matter at hand is this: if a kid was going to beat up a classmate or rob a bank, he was going to do it wether it happened in a video game or not. If a kid plays a video game for 48 hours straight, he probably would have stayed up that long to do something else as well. Video games are an outlet for disorders and idiocy, not a cause.

Hopefully, a medical professional near you will issue you some medication in the future that will allow you to see the idiocy that is this sites statment. In the absence of this solution, there is this option: play a violent video game for 3 hours. If you can't stop playing, shoot somebody, or hire a prostitute afterwards, you win. If not, I am right. Thats scientific reasoning right there.

Last note: I've played Doom for 5 years, and still havn't picked up a chainsaw and trying cutting a person in half. I'm sueing Activision for making a drug that dosn't work.

I think that portrayal is pretty accurate, people like you try to push ideas on people and think you're "making a difference" but really, video games are just a thing for you to blame when you think you're not doing your job as a parent. This website could have as easily been about marilyn manson or rap music, but it doesn't necessarily make them a cause of the problem OR even attribute to it. Saying video games causes violent behaviour is really ridiculous, and trying to push it on everyone else is even worse. Some children have naturally violent tendencies and probably shouldn't be exposed to games like postal, or grand theft auto, but that's just an individual situation, and most likely no school shooting would come of it anyway. I guess my message to Mavav is, go ahead, ban your own children from playing video games, it's your choice, but don't tell everyone else to.

to Aaron LaParz
hey, birdbrain, no one said that YOU PERSONALLY were addicted. these people don't accuse every person who plays a game of being addicted! they're concerned parents who want to make sure that MORE kids don't get dangerously and violently addicted! get a life!

GAMES ARE NOT DRUGS. THEY ARE NOT BAD. YOU PARENTS ARE. People of the world, I insist you all go play some Gears Of War and Oblivion.
and Kill some more.
and more and more and more.
Because we can't do it in real life, it creates a fantasy world. We are taught well by or parents to know that world is fake. We are only in it while the game is on.

NINTENDO and other video games will ALWAYS BE HERE, thankfully. I have a deep (sometimes erotic) passion for my Gamecube, 360, and of course my NES. I can imagine while I'am playing on Live with gears of war that the people I'am cutting with my chainsaw, are the developers of this website.
Go play some Pac-man
Have fun
Life is great, but it's shitty sometimes too, sometimes you want to relax and get your head into a game, and let it take you somewhere your car can't.
I can't imagine my childhood or life with out video games, I might be in jail right now or dead. There a great out for kids. Parents teach kids that video games are ENTERTAINMENT systems (hint thats why there called that)
And people who made this site, what are you kids doing right now while you building this useless crap, GO WATCH THEM YOU LOOSERS

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