December 30, 2002

Video Game Addiction: What to Watch Out For

Symptom: Teen spends many hours in front of the computer
This is the most classic sign of gaming addiction. A teen spends the majority of his free time indoors on the computer, only taking breaks for snacks and the bathroom. This behavior is commonly known as "grinding" and "farming," and typically lasts several hours to an entire evening. In the most extreme cases, it may lead to an out-of-control 24 hour gaming binge.

It is highly recommend that a teens bedroom be absent of all forms of electronic devices: personal computers, printers, video game console systems, television sets, cellular telephones, clock-radios, battery recharger’s, and calculators.

Encourage your teen to be more active outdoors. Take necessary steps to arrange activities for them: schedule play dates after school, a party at your home, or even sign up your teen for an after school sport or activity.

Symptom: Poor school grades
A typical report card of a gamer:

English Poor
Mathematics Excellent
Science Poor
Social Studies Poor
Typing Class Excellent
Physical Education Poor

Never assume drugs or otherwise is responsible for your teens poor academic performance. Video game addiction should not be underestimated. It is a problematic epidemic plaguing students worldwide.

Symptom: Role Playing
Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) are a digital escape for those emotionally unattached to their surroundings and others. It is a place of gathering in a virtual reality world, home to millions of socially inept and outcast individuals. These fantasy world's provide a false sense of security where one can journey freely without feeling discouraged by the harsh realities of their real life.

MMORPG's severely affects a persons mental and physical well being: increased anxiety and irritability, argumentative, paranoia, sudden gain or loss in appetite and weight, "raiding" behavior, impaired judgment, sadness and depression, loss of interest in appearance, and sleeplessness.

MMORPG's are the most addictive genre of video games and are developed around that concept. Developers and publishers take advantage of its addictive quality’s to profit on hefty monthly service charges and costly expansion packs. We caution parents to never hand out credit card information and check for suspicious monthly charges.


Hi my name is Michael, and i would just like to say what you guys are doing is the right thing. About a year ago i was addicted to video games, i played an online game called Halo 2 all day and night. During this time i had horrible grades i didnt care about anything besides the game. The mornings before school i would have to be dragged to school, and sometimes i would just skip to play or lie to my parents that i was sick to stay home and play. What started as occasion playing, went on to something even worse then i wouldve thought. Even while playing i would be in denial about being addicted, i told people if i wanted to stop i would. But the truth is i couldnt. When i say my grades went down, i mean they went DOWN i had never failed classes in my life, people told me that the 11th grade was my most important year, and yet my concentration was on leveling up in the videogame. Im 17 now and i have stopped playing this stupid game about 9 months ago, my life has completely changed, I'm back on my highschools basketball team and im getting better grades. As someone that was once addicted, im going to just say its not easy to quit. Its an ADDICTION. I see kids in my school who all they talk about is videogames, i try to talk to them but most of them are in denial and dont care. I just wished someone wouldve talked to me about this before it happened. I wasted a year of my life, what did i do? absolutely nothing. Just keep doing what you guys are doing I respect it very much and understand what your saying.

Thank you very much, Michael G.

I'm sorry to say to you this, but I know that Video Games DO NOT cause Violence in kids. It's not even the parents, it's the kids themselves. You can't really Believe this can you? You really think children have extremely impressionable minds?

I Liked this article
Danger: Do video games make people violent?
Danger: Do video games teach people how to kill?

I am getting very good grades for a gamer, and have yet to use the "Virtual Killing Simulator" in the real world and I NEVER Plan too.

All I'm saying is don't blame the games blame the kids.

Thank you for taking time too read this.

I think that this article makes a large number of false accusations.

This behavior is commonly known as "grinding" and "farming," and typically lasts several hours to an entire evening.

Grinding is when a player does a repetetive task to gain 'exp. points' related to that task e.g. mining the same ore and dropping it just to get those exp points.
Farming is when a player harvests resources like money and sells the game currency for real world money. Teens don't normally do that sort of thing and many MMORPGs ban those who do.

It is highly recommend that a teens bedroom be absent of all forms of electronic devices: personal computers, printers, video game console systems, television sets, cellular telephones, clock-radios, battery recharger’s, and calculators.

So you're assuming the parents are allowed to just hoard all the electronic stuff in their rooms? They don't even know how to use it. I should know, I had to help dad with connecting our dial up internet and mum needs to be reminded not to call other people when I'm on the internet. What about the kids? Should they have antique, termite infested, musty backgammon sets to play with because some bullied teens shot up a highschool?

A typical report card of a gamer:
English Poor
Mathemathics Excellent
Science Poor
Social Studies Poor
Typing Class Excellent
Physical Education Poor

Firstly, h0w kn por englsh liek thius gve an xlent grde fr typin clas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Second, some people are crap at maths but they play video games anyway (which is irrelevant). Explain that without referring to video games!
Thirdly, I myself play lots of different video games and I got a distinction in science this year (2006) as opposed to no certificate at all.*

It is a problematic epidemic plaguing students worldwide.

Are you comparing the Black death to video games? Did video games kill a quarter of the world's population this year? Are they spread by fleas from dead rats? Did Jews, Muslims, foreigners, beggars and lepers get persecuted after video games get introduced to the market? No,no and no!

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) are a digital escape for those emotionally unattached to their surroundings and others.

Emotionally unattached? Ive got lots of friends at school, and I would be very sad if my cat died. I bet I'm not the only one, too.

MMORPG's are the most addictive genre of video games and are developed around that concept.

Most addictive MY A**. I consider The Legend of Zelda :Twilight Princess, Starcraft, Super Mario World and Final Fantasy series less boring than RuneScape.

Developers and publishers take advantage of its addictive quality’s to profit on hefty monthly service charges and costly expansion packs

This is the only statement that is true in this whole article, I think.

So Q.E.D., I exposed the lies in this article.
Thank you for your time.

*The certificate is from the University of New South Wales in Australia, International competitions and assessments for schools and it is not a fake, it is an example of how false these stupid assumptions are.

How do you people get your facts? I was fairly offended by that typical report card of a gamer. Basicly your saying if I play video games I fail at life? Well my report card is probably the exact opposite and im a fairly large gamer. If someone wants to choose games 24/7 over life that is too bad for them because they aren't smart enough to have the best of both worlds. Do you honestly think you can stop video games? It really does sicken me how cruel people like this one can be.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is the best game in the world. I am gonna go sit in my room for 18 hours and not do anything else.

you people are too afraid to parent your kids so you blame everything on video games. Try to learn something about the games you are talking about.

having being "addicted" to counterstrike* for around 5 years through my gcse's and as level exams according to your results I'm NOT ADDICTED! (even though i play cs:s for around 20 hours a week) yay for me! OR it could be that your findings are very wrong...

//randome topic change//
"All the while, the video game industry continues to market and promote hatred, racism, sexism, and the most disturbing trend: clans and guilds, an underground video game phenomenon which closely resembles gangs."

at what point does a gang form? is it when around people start hanging out together? are you saying that friendship leads to violence?

i myself belong to several clans and i have even founded one (extra n00bage FTW!) although none of these relate to the real world in any way (apart from EN which is comprised of some of my school friends). some of the clans i belong too I have never met, or even exchanged personal details. a clan is about teamwork and learning to work together to complete an objective.

*(2nd most played game game. WoW being first (see

It's so much easier to blame violent video games and TV than bad parenting, which is pretty much what I'm seeing throughout this entire site.

The "Typical" report card of a gamer offended me greatly, because I'm a B+ Student in almost every class (Except P.E, you got me there).

Besides, there are much worse things in this world you people should be against.

First, teens spending hours in front of a computer does, indeed, encourage them to socialize!

Secondly, the poor grades make no sense whatsoever (more on that later).

Thirdly, roleplaying isn't really a sign of video game addiction - it is a video game. That's like saying a drug is the symptom of a drug addiction - doesn't make sense.

Being an A+ student (in Mathematics, PE, English, Science, Social Studies, and "Typing Class" - I type 80 WPM) who spends hours on a computer and roleplays, I find this an extremely inaccurate posting.

hi my name is jason and im an addicted gamer...

i normally stay up to 1 or 2 every night. and my computer use average is about 12 hours a day. my grades are decent i have a 3.0 gpa... oh wait i forgot to mention... i go to the to the most prestigeous high school in Illinois. Its called IMSA. or the Illinois mathematics and science academy. before you state "facts" think about why people play video games.

Yes people that play video games may be social outcasts... but why are we social outcasts. because we are too smart for our schools. we get bored in school so we play video games to entertain ourselves. we found computers because they did what we wanted them too. they are predictable. eventually we will grow up go to college. and guess what we will probably realize that computers are not only something fun to play on but also can be a job.

ok, just to name a few things wrong with your article

1. I play many violent video games and have been for years and I still haven't shot anyone or even yelled at someone.

2. yes, I get bad grades but thats because I never turn in my homework not because I spend all my time playing WoW (yes, we all know that was the game you were talking about).

3. and lastly it truly all comes down to the person making a decision on if he/she is going to get up and study or just sit and play

so for all you M.A.V.A.V I have one thing to say STOP BLAMING VIDEO GAMES FOR YOUR POOR PARENTING!!!!!!!!.

I <3 (that's "gamer" talk for love for the uninformed people who read this site..) your lying to the masses. Think about it. How does clicking a mouse teach you how to shoot a real gun? It doesn't. Heck, I hit R key to reload my gun in a game, but that doesn't mean I know how to reload a gun in real life. Also, this idea that gamers can't have social lives is crazy.

I can't say i'm not suprised at the posted symptoms of videogame addiction, i know them all well XD
the high computer marks thing is working out very well for me, i must say.

There is only one reason for violence and it is poor parenting. Really pathitc parents just want something to fall back on so they can say oh our child just killed his( or her's) friend beacuse of video games not our crap parenting.

Forgive me fellow Videogamers but I am here to make a point one way or another. I'm 17 and have 2 jobs, plan on going to college to up my music career, I am a DJ and I do Website Maintence. I make roughly 200-400 a week. I am outside of the house maybe 5 out of 7 days a week (as in when I get out of school I don't head straight home) I spend roughly 3-6 hrs a day on my pc. On my pc I maybe spend 2 hrs playing games and perhaps spend the rest of my time writing essays or working. grades, eh B in English IV, D ALG 2 (oh yea less than 10 percent of graduating Adults are able to comprehend basic algebra and at my school you go Algebra to Trig to Geometry to Algebra 2 to Calc. So I like to consider myself more intelligent than 90% of the adults here. I hope you feel happy that some of the people you're trying to opress have a better understanding of what's right and wrong seeing how Logic is Math related and logic is pretty much the same as reason. I love history, I have an A in my Adv. (that means advanced if you couldn't understand that) Modern History course. Forget the School back up, If you don't want your kids to play games, fine. Don't try to run my life, I am 1/2 a year from being my own Guardian and at the moment I can see R rated movies and buy M rated games because the higher authority has deemed myself "mature" enough. If you mess with my Videogames I am going to mess with your life. Helen Keller would've played videogames if you hadn't dumbed her with your aswome ignorance. Oh btw highschools don't offer "typing classes" because its generally accepted that we know how to type. I see that you are on a computer, if I were to analyze your PC I would bet my bottom dollar you have plenty of porn and other "unacceptable" forms of entertainment.

I find it intriguing that these "highly intellectual" gamers who claim that their computer usage has no bearing on their social lives have the time to defend their actions on the Mothers Against Videogame Addiction website. They may in fact be able to articulate their thoughts using big words but the argument presented itself is that of an early teenager, thereby proving that their intellectual growth has been stunted.

Exactly how much time out of a gamer's busy schedule is needed to post a well-written response here on MAVAV? Heck, it's my new favorite activity, Mr. "Paul Edwards". And I'm writting a school essay on a controversial issue right now, (this one) so I guess you're right. I should get back to WORK and quit leaving comments on this site, shouldn't I? "Young people speakin' their minds, getting so much resistance from behind."

Age descriminator.


Antidisestablishmentarianism. (Big enough word for ya?)

Sorry I was unaware that I was in my early teens.. I could've sworn I was born on Dec 16th, 1989 as my birth certificate states.. issued by the York Hospital. Yes forgive me for my finishing accusations that was a bit childish but in all I think I made a well mean't statement. Unlike you I tried to state factual information taken from my own experiences in life, whereas you assume I have had an "intellectual growth". How rude I thought this place was an open expression.. not a place of mere onesided ideals similar to that of a nitpicky child. You only choose specific parts of one side and casually forget your faults, convenient isn't it? I am surprised you replied to this in comment format and not via letter and postmail.. but thats only because this site assumes that all kids should know how current technology operates therefore anyone over 18 obviously has had a superior upbringing and is higher above "current technology" to take time to review a keyboard. ( I am currently ranting about the A in typing class which as far as i've looked doesn't exist) "I find it intriguing that these "highly intellectual" gamers who claim that their computer usage has no bearing on their social lives have the time to defend their actions on the Mothers Against Videogame Addiction website. " You forgot to properly punctuate between lives and have. Seems like this person might have had a stunted intellectual growth.. and I have provided proper factual exampling. Besides, Paul, This is a Mothers Against Video Games and Violence site, whats a Father doing here? Obviously its mean't for mothers only otherwise they would've taken the time to correct a simple mistake and changed it to Adults rather. Well I'll leave you to brew a proper comeback because you no life to spend out of your office thinking of how to incorrectly argue against a well put point. I think you need to take a breather and think about paying your over due rent, I'm going out to work while you adults sit around in your basements waste way in your chronic hypocrisy.

Oh yes, forgive me for using words like ignorance and unacceptable and comprehend properly, I forgot that these words were secluded from anyone who hasen't picked up an Alcoholic beverage and legally digested it. Attention teenagers, you are no longer allowed to speak certain words from the English Vocabulary because it may cause discomfort to older members of society.

What mothers should really be afraid of, are the young boys who play as Night Elf Females on World of Warcraft. They are given online currency to preform "strip" teases and cyber sexual favors.

The more you know!

Parents these days seem to be looking for excsues of why their child isn't perfect. He doesn't get straight A's?? Well it's obviously the videogames! I mean, we don't have to spend time with him or read to him, it's the videogames!

I play football, I act, I read,I have tons of friends that I hang out with all of the time. I love the sciences and have taken Bio 11/12 Chem 11/12 and Physics 11. Now I'm not the best mathemitician but I got a tutor and got through Math 11 now this year I am taking the optional Math 12 and I am goin gto try my best. Not to mention I have a job while doing all of this. Did I mention I play videogames? I have learned a lot from them. My vocabulary has increased, and I have learned to deal with various people. I met one kid playing a videogame who seemed really depressed. I started talking to him and eventually helped him to get a little for confidence, go out with his friends and talk to girls.

But christ no! Videogames will f--- me over for life wont they?

This article is so biased that it is just ludicrous. To say that because someone plays an MMO that they are " Socially inept and outcast individuals" is just complete bogus. I do great at school, play lots of video games including MMO's and shooters. Do you people actually think that because I play a game my grades will drop and I should automatically be labeled a loser. I find that playing video games has helped to increase my vocabulary and reading skills even moreso than a good book has. Why might you ask? I am always talking to someone and reading game forums which always give insights and opinions on current events in the world. I can log on to a video game forum and discuss and argue current events with other people. Do you not think that this benefits me at all? You people need to realize that there is alot going on out there that you would rather pretend doesn't happen. Peer pressure, drugs, alcohol and other things can happen. Alot of my friends hang out together alot but do you know what they like to do? They like to experiment with alcohol and dick around doing very stupid things that can and will get them in trouble. People have different kinds of habits and interests and I can guarantee you that computer games is a great one compared to many others. You actually use your brain and are required to think logically to solve problems. You have to socially interact with other people in order to get ahead in the game. When there are so many bad interests and habits out there it is just shameful that you guys would label video games as something just as bad if not worse to a drug. It is just pathetic you have stooped so low to call me a social outcast who has absolutely no life, is failing school and will have absolutely no future. Pathetic, just pathetic.

Hi, Paul Edwards. I would like you to explain why these arguments (based only on FACT) are "those of early teenagers." The arguments are logically sound, refuting each point in the article clearly and concisely. In fact, you yourself seem to disagree with the "Video gamers tend to have poorer grades in English, etc." How can video gamers have poor grades in English if we, as you say, express our thoughts with "big words?" Instead of insult video gamers as a whole, please take the time to actually defend your ideas against the argument - insulting people would not work in the real world. The intellectual growth of early teens? I have a confession to make, then - I am 13, born June 6, 1993 and I go to a "gifted" school. I went to the National Young Leaders State Conference in 2006 (which has other potential leaders for the next generation) and guess what? Many of them also spend hours on the computer and more hours playing video games, MMORPG's, etc. While I concede there is such a thing as video game addiction, the above information is not it.

The idea you are fostering is not only baseless but absolutely ridiculous. I have been playing doom, half-life, and now I play WoW since I was very young and have never felt more prone towards violence or addicted to anything I do. I am neither a social outcast, nor a poor student. I spent the majority of my day in front of a computer, but then again I am an IST/CompSci major, what would you really expect? Not only has my experiences with games taught me on the spot thinking, creative problem solving, and given me a much quicker reaction time, but I have met people who have become my lifelong friends playing games. How is that for something that according to you destroys lives?

I must say that most of the "facts" stated in this article and most of the others on this website are false and based on extremist views on the subject.

I can assure you that I never had the "typical grades of a gamer" and today I have a Bachelor's degree in Biology and Chemistry and another Bachelor's in Painting Restoration and Conservation, both at Honours level. Also, I am currently reading a Masters degree in the latter; and I play MMORPGs and other computer games regularly and daily. I sincerely doubt I am the exception.

Thank you for reading.

English Poor
Mathematics Excellent
Science Poor
Social Studies Poor
Typing Class Excellent
Physical Education Poor

I have many gamer friends and they make average grades. Its all about the parents and I would have to say any parent looking to this site for advice on their childs video game addiction really should never have had a child in the first place.Because the parent is mentally inadequate not the child.

I sleep 42 hours a week or maybe even less. I play games for about 40 hours a week. I'm failing High School. But what do I care? I'm not going to college. Why should I? Why is it such an important thing? That is just an idealistic view that patents a way to have a good life which leads kids to believe they need to go to college to get a good life. Why not let kids express themselves?

Attention "Dj Harlock", you are no longer permitted to speak, because what you say, is filled with such hypocrisy and ignorance, that it is causing me discomfort. Also, it's pretty ironic that you can insult gamers for coming to a website and defending themselves, when you have the time to respond and criticize every one of them on the exact same website. All the while, insinuating that they aren't as intellectual they claim to be. It's become painfully obvious why people would waste their time complaining about video games when there are more important things to solve, when people like you roam around.

Boris, you obviously didn't look closely, the guy bashing gamers who comment on this site was Paul Edwards. Please make sure of who you insult before you do it, thank you.

"English Poor
Mathematics Excellent
Science Poor
Social Studies Poor
Typing Class Excellent
Physical Education Poor "

Thats the biggest steriotyped computer geek ive ever seen in my entire life. Im a 17 year old gamer. I get As for english but I dont use proper punctuation/grammar when i play games or talk to my friends on MSN. why? because that defeats the purpose of internet communication which is to get your point across as fast as possible.

its stupid to blame gaming as the sole reason behind your child's grades.

"Never assume drugs or otherwise is responsible for your teens poor academic performance."
so you're saying that drugs or other causes dont affect your child's academic performance at all. are you seriously more worried about your child playing games as apposed to him/her smoking crack?

However, I do agree with the effects of the MMORPGs, about mood swings and irritability and loss of appetite and whatnot. =P But then I was playing for excessive amounts of time while I was going through an extensive depression. Yet I have learned that whatever one does, it must be done in moderation. Thus, I play my MMORPG at most 3-4 hours a day. U NO IT, PPLS.

English Poor
Mathematics Excellent
Science Poor
Social Studies Poor
Typing Class Excellent
Physical Education Poor

What are you trying to say? I'm a gamer, and I had a 4.33 GPA in high school, and a 3.7 GPA in college. I see a "Hasty Generalization" fallacy, making a blanket judgement about a group on too small a sample of people.

Did you think that it may just be the child who does not understand the educational concepts? Or are you trying to say that the kid has his priorities in the wrong place? In reading this article, it sounds more like you're trying to put the sole blame on video games, when it can equally be the parent's fault or the child's. The games are inanimate objects; they can only do as much as the person playing them.

And gaming does not ultimately destroy your life unless you allow it to. It's all moderation, PPLS. Deal with it, 1337 spk.

I feel rather flattered that people take their time to downgrade gamers, not that I'd care too much about a scamingly bad 'report' on gaming. Games are an escape from reality? Sure, I can buy that, after all this world is filled with greed, violence, rapings and brutal murders.

Who are the responsible for all that? Discluding governments engaging wars or religious fanatics strapping on a vest of dynamite and running into a crowded public place.

I always did good at school, hell I did great! Yet I clipped on nearly 7 hours of gaming PER DAY. I've never failed a class in my life and I usually did better than anyone else in class.

Poor English? I learned my English from TV and the internet, not too shabby, huh? With that alone I was managing to correct my teachers on obvious faults, and in the end they came to me to ask me to make experimental homework for the rest of the class.

Science and Social Studies... hmmn. I did not get a comissioned award recognition like the previous writer here, but I didn't do badly either.

Social Studies, the easiest task of understanding during my entire education. Straying off point for a bit. The biggest mass-genocide on the planet to date, the Holocaust. The theory behind that is something that goes under the name "Eugenics." Hell, I can go and make an article on a crappy website such as this and blame TV for that, who's with?

I'm not saying all of this is a lie though, there are disturbed and some screw-ups in life. Most murderers to say games made them do it is only to cut them some slack on their sentence, or get them to avoid a death sentence. Before that, they blamed TV, and before that it was the government or alien abductions.

Face it, some people in this world are screwed up, at best.


I'm sorry, but the typical report card thing is just sad and pathetic. Ironicly, it's the gamers in my school who are always the smart students, I love gaming and I'm on the honour role, I've gotten 95% in Gym, I have an award for Excelence in Social Studies, 95% in Math, 92% in Science, 88% in Business And Tech. and 90% in english.

ahahahaha, "schedule play dates after school" omg these parents sound like the kind who walk their kids to college when their 17 holding their hands, jesus, funniest site ever, keep up this ridiculous petition

This sickens me. The report card?..I mean come on people, dont you think that is judging people? I am in excellent shape, im making a high gpa in college and I have a full time job. And i am indeed a gamer of the game that you guys think is satan "World of warcraft". All i know is that all of you mothers...need to start acting like mothers, im sure your kids are just sad that you guys care more about what they play, then about them. Grow up, act like mothers. And besides...poor grades? Why dont you check their homework? Talk to their teachers? Or do only real parents do that?

bull! look, i dont have the best grades in school and im a huge gamer. the reason my grades arnt so good is because i have 7 classes a day plus spanish plus my dad is causeing me stress. In fact, if games werent there i would have probably killed my dad by now. my brother goes to collage and was a strait A student, yet he plays more games than me. Talk to your kid and ask him what he thinks is the problem. and quit attacking us!

I think many of you miss the point. The writer of the article did NOT say that EVERYBODY who plays video games or MMORPGs are addicted or social outcast or poor students. What they were trying to point out is that these games can be addictive to many. If this were not a true statement then there wouldn't be clinic's dealing with this issue that cannot handle the number of people seeking help.
I lost my wife to a MMORPG. Some would argue that there were other problems so I will explain the sequence of events. She liked the Final Fantasy series. A new one would come out, she would play it like crazy for 2-3 weeks until she beat it and then life would return to normal. Then along comes FFXI. She had to try it because it was part of the series of games she loves. The problem with this one is that it cannot be beat in 2-3 weeks. The fact is that there is no end to it at all. Monolpoly takes a long time but there is and end. Axis and Allies takes a really long time but there is an end. These MMORPGs have no end. The even have events/quest/missions/instances that are considered "end game" and they still dont end the game. So on she played. I tried to talk about it but it didnt change. At one point to try and make things work out I started to play so that we can do something together. Not only did this not help, but it let me see how bad it can get. I talked to people who had lost jobs, friends, spouses, family members, etc. because they would sit in front of a monitor or tv screen instead of spending time with others.

If you are one of the ones that can play and walk away from it when a friend calls and says "Lets go hang out" then great, you shouldnt think this article is about you. Just know that many, many, many people cannot do that.

p.s. As far as the typicle report card, for the type of people that are addicted to these games to the point that it affects their lives, that report is typical and does make sense if you think about it.

Take care

I understood, to an extent, your admonition against allowing teenagers to have video games in their rooms. But BATTERY RECHARGERS??? Is that a joke? What in God's name is wrong with having a battery recharger? What are they going to do, waste their lives recharging batteries??? I can see it now:
"Hey, Timmy, come out and play baseball with us!"
"No thanks, I've got a AA to recharge!"
Seriously, dude... think about what you're saying for at least a full minute before putting it where everybody can see it.

And that report card was a JOKE! I've played several hours a day since grade 1, and I graduated Valedictorian of my class! I got a 4.0 taking a full load of AP classes! I'm a 3 sport athlete! That card borders on libel, my friend. Do you even have any statistics to support that garbage? Let me check... Nope. So not only is it inaccurate, it's utterly fabricated! You, sir, are truly astounding.

You know, I'm probably gonna hate myself for doing this, because it's kind of stupid to argue over a subject as mediocre as whether or not videogames are the devil. I've got nothing else better to do right now, so I guess I'll just respond to this. This'll probably be the first and last time I do something like this because it's near impossible to change a stubborn person's mind.

Yes, I am an adolescent gamer. Deal with it. I hope that none of the people reading this post will judge me because of what I am.

I can tell you right now that I am a social outcast. I hate being around people and my grades have gone down quite a bit, not because I am ignorant nor because of videogames. I just get very tired or the class is something that I hate the I'm required to take (which is immature, I know). I'm a pretty smart person too. Math is my best subject because I love it.

I am a person who obsesses over any game that I am interested as most gamers do. I will play a game until I'm finished with the majority of the things I'm able to do in it, for the most part, which could take place from days to months depending on how fun games are. I also spend a lot of time on the computer, not playing MMORPGs because I hate them, mind you.

Videogames are a way for me to eliminate the many stresses in my life or convert them to positive stress. There have been many instances where I've felt like bashing someone's skull in, but I would either restrain myself or take it out in a video game.

What I'm about to say may offend many of you, but I really don't care right now, so bitch all you want.

Like what was said above, most parents whining about videogame either have no idea what they're talking about, have really stupid children, or just suck at parenting.

If an adult is losing themselves to videogames, then that's their fault for being a fool. Actually, that goes for everyone. Any crimes committed due to videogames is most likely done by some idiot hooked on some low quality game like Grand Theft Auto or something.

Some people might even use videogames as an excuse to get out of big trouble/plead insanity/something else to that effect because people like you guys are turning a tiny matter like violent videogames into a huge matter. Not all "hardcore" gamers are like that.

Also, I looked at the typical gamer's report card (which is complete garbage by the way) and noticed that typing has one of the two highest scores. Please, have you guys seen the way most gamers type? Most of them type just slightly better than your everyday moron.

My point it is:

So what if a person doesn't make the best grades, spends a lot of time on the internet, has little to no friends, and isn't very active?

They're doing what they like to do. I, and probably many others, including people your ages, believe that it is wrong to force your own i(s)nane beliefs down a whole group of people's throats because you feel that you have the right to do so. If a person is enjoying something and it's not harming anyone, then you should let them be. Most of us aren't skipping school or lying to our parents. Anyone who does is probably just stupid.

I would like to know of which games some of you have been viewing to make the assumption that the game industry releases mostly games involving hatred/racism/sexism/drugs/alchohol/gangs, anyway.

When you take a look at the world, there are plenty of unhealthy addictions much worse than gaming that you guys could be targeting.

One last thing I would like to say:

Most of the gamers right now are adolescents, so when they become adults, they'll finally be able to have some kind of say in how this situation is handled.

People can choose whether they want to pick up a controller and play a videogame or go outside and play a sport. As long as ur having fun with life its ok, but sometimes a change wouldnt hurt. I use to play videogames alot,i changed and i think it was for the better but then again not everyone is the same. Everyone is different.

What is wrong with you people? Videogames are not bad its just groups like yours that make everything bad for everybody. You liberals are always trying to make things worse than they really are. If your children are to stupid to know what is right and what is wrong than you are a bad parent. I have been playing video games for about 13 to 14 years and I dont have any school problems my grades are just fine. Even though i have been playing videogames for a while now i'm still going to graduate at the top of my high school class so back off of videogames. If you can't control your child's videogame problem than your parenting styles must really be bad.

I, too, am doing a 6 page paper on this very issue my freshman year in high school. And, Mr. Paul, here's a thought for you: We might be using these computers as we are getting done and going to bed for the night, or because we are on a break from doing tons of work. I for example, played Guild Wars at 8 am to wake myself up, studied biology after church, and played for about 30 min. on Guild Wars again. I then started more work on my paper, practiced my instrument for the school band (having first chair, it is my duty), then played another 15 min. of Guild Wars. I now am looking at this website, trying to find their sources for my paper. I've learned that my mind works better in short spurts, followed by short breaks. My grammar doesn't look to bad for being a teenager who usually plays video games for 5 hours a day on the weekend, does it?

It is not the video game companies responsibility to advise children of what is right and wrong. I am a mother of a four year old and am 23 years old. I go to college full time and have a 2.90 GPA. I play World of Warcraft every day and I have been playing video games since i could hold a controller. I have done well for myself and continue to move forward into my field of study with high hopes for my future. Parent's need know what games their children are playing. If their eight year old wants Grand Theft Auto maybe they should take the time to READ what the game is about before purchasing it. I'm tired of parent's putting the blame for their child's actions on everyone other than themselves. READ the rating! READ the back of the cover.And ASK a sales person about the game if you still aren't sure. Video game companies make most video games for entertainment not to educate and be morally correct. And when I'm done with college and get my degree in Game Art and Design, I will make video games not to educate but to entertain.

Hi, I'm a gamer. I'm 25 years of age. (Ready for the shocker..) I'm a female. That's right, ladies and gents, the "girl gamer" isn't a myth or a phenomenon of fictitious proportions. I'm here, and I have naturally-produced estrogen.

First and foremost, nothing I've read thus far really surprises me. In reality, I feel an overwhelming sense of pity at the ignorance the "against" column seems to harbor towards what it is they're actually against.

I've been gaming since the Atari 1600, yeah, old school. What may dismay the pants off of some of you anti-gamers is that some of my fondest memories of comming home after school include my father and I playing Donkey Kong. Yes, that's right, I said my father. The responsible adult that currently plays Mario Kart better than any human being should have the right to.

Now that I've blurred the line for you a little, let me throw some pepper on your fire. I am actually finishing a degree in Game art and design. Oh em gee! She's going to be one of the satan-worshiping, purveyors of wicked media aimed at stealing the lives of innocent and otherwise perfect youth!


Yes, the sensation about these few individuals who manage to make it to the news and play the blame game with whatever foci they choose are some pretty sad and desperate cases. Honestly, can't you see some parallels throughout history here though? If it's not one stimuli corrupting the world's youth, it's another. Coincidentally, there generally tends to be one (or numerous) group(s) of individuals rallying to the cause of slaying the beast, as it were.

If those of you who feel so utterly fanatic about your cause expended half of this energy actually sitting down and talking with your children, you might pre-emptively catch some of the underlying issues that make them gravitate towards what you term deviant behavior. I can appreciate that you love your kids. I can also appreciate the fact that you worry about the decisions they do or do not make. However, I cannot appreciate the fact that you're so utterly ignorant of their activities that you spend time creating forums like this one to cry and moan to each other about your poor babies lives being eaten away by cult videogame culture.

Unfortunately, the "functional" gamers that desperately try to make a positive impact aren't nearly as noticed as those incidents of negativity. That's just the way the human psyche tends toward. One negative incident makes ridiculous strides in the press and thousands of positives pale in its comparison.

Good luck with your crusade, but the Moors aren't taking this one lying down.

I am a 17 year old gamer. I play video games about 40-50hrs a week. 1 d0 4m4z1ng 1n 5k00l. No realy.... why dont you look at individual kid dont lump everyone into one big ball. Yes i can hold down a job and have friends. Most of my gaming is MMO and FPS but that is my way to let out some steam.

I'm sorry, but I really cannot agree with what you guys do. It IS true that no one should just play videogames all the time, and I completely agree that anyone who does has no live and needs to get some help. BUT, videogames, just like TV or anything else, are just fine in moderation. For example, I only play videogames for about an hour or two each day, at most. Also, I have a 90 or above in pretty much all of my classes, so that "typical gamer report card" appauls me. I also participate in the Cross Country, Indoor Track, and Outdoor Track teams in my school. I have friends. I commend you guys for making an effort to stop videogame ADDICTION, but it seems like all you are doing is demonizing videogames. You need to realize that not EVERYONE who plays games is an addicted shut-in with no life. I mean, practicly every guy in my highschool plays some sort of videogame. But, the key is, that for most of them, it's not what takes up their whole lifes. If you guys would just be a little less biased, and not just pick and choose facts that serve your cause, you might be a respectable group, but sadly that's not the case.

Well, Paul, I guess I will be nice and agree with you. But please stop writing sentences that take 5 minutes (per sentence) to figure out! I had to stop for a few minutes in order to barely get the gist of what you were saying. And yes, I believe that whoever spends 28 straight hours of WoW is a nut.

Here's something for all the parents to chew on, if they are stupid enough to read this website....
You said that parents should never assume that drugs or otherwise is causing a kid's deficiency in school. Well, the kid could be smoking pot or injecting heroine, which (pot at least) has been proven to lower grades. Parents will get rid of all video games (also getting rid of one more social thing to do), and nothing will happen. Does anyone else realize this?

I will be turning 19, I'm a freshman in college. My GPA is about a 3.4, I could do better yes but, the thing is about this 'group' is that instead of ranting online about the addictions of kids, why don't you talk to your child one on one and tell them the deal. While I am not a parent, I am a child so I actually know a good part of the 'deal'. Parents need to know how to restrict their kids' access to video games and other forms of violent media. These video game addictions are the result of bad parenting. Being that I am someone who likes to play video games, here is a quick way to put a halt on what your child has access to. When you send little Johnny to the store so he can blow the money you worked for, remind whos money it is by telling him what games he can and cannot buy. And as a parent, monitor what your children are gandering at! Read the back of the game case! LOOK AT THE ESRB RATING! I thought monitoring a child's activities could be challenging but, if all it takes is going INSIDE the store with them, choose a game both of you can agree with, and simply restrict how often your child plays (take the controller, I guarantee you it works), your child won't succumb to the darkness of the video gaming empires of the US and Japan. Simply put, five minutes of a mother's time will prevent uttlerly ignorant hours of ranting on a site that just tries to throw bad parenting practices on a successful industry. Way to boost the economy, way to not watch your child while you're the one on the computer. As us gamers like to say, "good game".

The MMORPG World of Warcraft saved my life. I was suicidal, in and out of the hospital three years ago. My girlfriend had left me and well I didn't handle it so well. I was 22 at the time. The thing that finally got me out of that state of mind was the video game. All the different drugs they tried on me at the time didnt work. Gaming was what finally got my mind off it and gave me the escape to get through it. NOTE I had never played the game before this.

[continued from last post]
That being said... I was able to get my life back in gear. After 2 years or so I quit playing WoW. I didnt need it anymore. I'm 25 now though, and after doing nothing but game all day... here I am online looking for help with video game addiction. Because for some reason I keep relapsing on the game... and I can't play responisbly. It keeps me up at night and Im missing a lot of days at work. I need it to feel happy.

i think that video games are good in a way. omly because there are new educational games coming out. but all of that" GRAND THEFT AUTO" bull i cant deal with that. my son is 5 years old and he owns a playstatiion psp. and the playstaion two only due to the fact thati have found some eduacational games fro him to play. Like V-smile. the main problem that im trying to get my husband to understand is that all of those fighting and sports games he doesnt need all of those. He's only 5!!! My husband plays the game more than my son and in a way thats a good thing so now we all can play together and make it a family affair .!!!!1lol

I am in 11th grade, I play video games and watch tv a lot, roughly everyday for 4 hours. I made a 27 on the ACT, without studying, and I make all A's and B's, 2 B's on my last report. I play Postal 2!!!!!!! And love it. Geuss what. I love life. I cried watching Radio. I'm humble, and lovable, but I play Postal 2, GTA, Morrowind, Scarface, Godfather, etc. All this, and I still have an intense interest in writing, traveling, exploring (this is traveling but going off the beaten path for pictures and etc.), psychology, philosophy, theology, and photography. I can be considered an addict, due to my habits and etc.

Poor grades,hmm. That is not and cannot be a fact. It is not scientific and is not based off of a fair percentage of video gamers in school. The classes you state Excellent in are general. We have a class here at my school where you learn how to surf the Internet; does it take long periods of consecutive gaming to learn how to do that? P.E. can be failed simply by forgetting to grab both your shirt and shorts; at my school you are pretty much graded on if you dress out and make an attempt, so an F just means you are lazy and forgetful, not scientifc proof of game addiction.
And as for role-playing, they are not ways for the "emotionally unattached" to escape reality. The purpose and reason MMORPS are so popular is they allow you to: make new friends, forget that your mother has cancer and may die soon, etc.

From a psychological view, your logic is twisted and could be considered illogical rambling. When you do point out facts, they are half-truths. The only true sign of possible addiction is when every part of their life is atrophying; the points you make are common among anybody.

FACT: On an Friday night, you can find thousands of people online all night; they must be addicted then, right? No, most are doing this because they are unable to play at other times, or somebody has organized an online competition.

What a sad and emotionally driven article. Whoever wrote this is extremely uninformed and stereotypical of gamers. For example, on the report card reference, mathematics and typing class are rated as excellent while everything else was rated as low. I can see the connection with the typing class, but mathematics? Since when did video games make someone excell at mathematics, but fail at all the other fields of study? I fail to see the connection.

first off
It is highly recommend that a teens bedroom be absent of all forms of electronic devices: personal computers, printers, video game console systems, television sets, cellular telephones, clock-radios, battery recharger’s, and calculators.
you people are so anti video games we cant even get a calculator? how are we supposed to do our precious math homework? go down stairs right? OH NOT MY PARENTS ARE WATCHING TV I CANT DO HOMEWORK I MIGHT SHOOT SOME ONE lets jump out the window there is no fall damage im so brain dead i cant tell the difference. secondly unless one of you people play video games i wouldent talk look at video game makers thats all they do is play their games and THERE SO MUCH MORE SECCESSFUL THAN YOU!so are you saying that by giving you kid an xbox and then giving him a gun in real life and say shoot mommy becuase of your marital problems and blame the xbox, you gonna get away with it right? cause your making gamers sound really stupid not being able to justify reality from the gaming world. ok a school shooting happened and these kids (which the majority of kids do) play video games so you blame it on them what about the adult shootings? i dont see an article blamign somethign on them. wow who would of thought that it wasent the teasing they got in school ITS SHOOTING ALIENS IT MAKES PERFECT SENCE its not the parents neglecting behavior either. do any of you even have kids?

schedule play dates after school, a party at your home, or even sign up your teen for an after school sport or activity.
no you have no right to invite a childs friend over with out his or her consent or sign them up at school activities it must be with their signature. so you guys screwed that one up you cant follow through with it, and no kid in his right mind is going to come over when "jakes" mom says come over and have some FUN. you parents will be more weird than you are i mean your reading the article above right? so there must be something wrong with you if you cant figure how to stop your kid from playing games. here is how you cant. i bet you guys cant give up your precious soaps can you? you are hypocrites in a different form.


Never assume drugs or otherwise is responsible for your teens poor academic performance. Video game addiction should not be underestimated. It is a problematic epidemic plaguing students worldwide.

thats right its not the cocaine its the video games im using that excuse with my teachers.
MMORPG's are the most addictive genre of video games and are developed around that concept. Developers and publishers take advantage of its addictive quality’s to profit on hefty monthly service charges and costly expansion packs. We caution parents to never hand out credit card information and check for suspicious monthly charges.
ya but i bet that online shopping spree is okay right? and role playing games are not most addictive all genres vary its for your decision alot of people hate role playing games becuase they dont have the patience or would rather shoot something. like gears of war had two million people playing it so you telling me thats not addictive its the one million role playing game? you know how many people get frauded from shopping online? and you know how many people get their credit car stolen from a game used BY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE NONE BECUASE THE GAME MAKERS WOULD GET SUED AND LOSE THE MONEY DO YOU PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS ARTICLE EVEN THINK?!?!?!? i guess not i bet you guys were bottom of the class sit at home wathcing tv nothing better to do than be a hypocrite i assume and make minimal income wow great guys way to slam the kids of the future its the technology age were past horse and buggy's.

English Poor
Mathematics Excellent
Science Poor
Social Studies Poor
Typing Class Excellent
Physical Education Poor

Hey everyone these are the marks of umm... a person who has fast fingers and belives in math only! Not a gamer. I myself am a gamer but I also play football hockey and paintball. My grades are above average and I like school. also as you can see in the second paragraph of Teen spends many hours in front of the computer your child should not have priters to do their work or calculators to help with math problems. maybe its because you can write the word hello on it im not sure. And definatly dont give then a clock oh no thats gonna send your kid to hell. the only thing i see wrong in video games is that they.... wait isn't their a game called BRAIN AGE? wow games sure are bad. and look out for that terrible game called mario. Its about this bad person who jumps on turtles (violence reference) eats mushrooms to get stronger (drug reference) and saves princesses from castles (sex reference) all i have to say now to MAVAV is lol O_o

Yes games can addict us teens...but you also have to be responsible for how long they play. It doesn't just fall on us teens alone. ADULT RESPONSIBILITY IS INVOLVED! Grades are effected on how a student feels about school or many other reasons. I'm not saying you're wrong but you're not right either.

English Poor
Mathematics Excellent
Science Poor
Social Studies Poor
Typing Class Excellent
Physical Education Poor

I am addicted to games and heres my report:

English Excellent
Mathematics Excellent
Science Excellent
Social Studies Excellent
Typing Class Poor
Physical Education Excellent

I cant type properly for shit but I type alot quicker than most people because I use my computer for doing assignments, projects, essays and other school related items.
I am at the top of my class for most of my subjects.

as for MMORPG's, I used to play drug runner and during that period I never once had a thought of doing drugs even though some of my oldest primary school friends smoked marijuana while they were truanting (they had never heard of the game). So much for MMORPG's impairing judgement.

I was offended by your "gamer's report card" becuase my grades are amazing and I go to one of the most prestigious international schools, in New Delhi, India, in the world ranked number 4 by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. 99% of our students go to college and for 17 years straight, 100% of the seniors have graduated with the required credits. After a survey in October of 2005, our school was ranked #1 in the most critical grading of schoolwork by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Despite that, I still have great grades:
PE- A+
Biology I- A
French III- A-
English 9- A+
Introduction to Theater Arts- A+
American Studies- A
Indian Studies- A+
Geometry- B+

What a shame, almost straight As. Did I forget to mention I play video games all the time? I recently purchased a Wii and have 51 hours play time on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess because it's such a great game and because I have enjoyed unlocking and discovering everything in the game including several glitches. Oh and how do I know everything about my school? It's because my dad had been board president for 8 years in a row of the 9 we've been here. He's already won the position for our tenth year. So MAVAV, what gives you the right to blatantly lie about gamers when
1. None of you in MAVAV are gamers yourself, and
2. You cannot prove any evidence you show on this website. Anywhere.

I am not trying to belittle MAVAV in anyway. I'm not here to do that. What I am here to do is to tell your organization that your are once again stereotyping a group as a whole. I am currently attending college for computer engineering. Every friday, a group of fellow students have a large LAN night. This will go into the night. Guess what, none of us are addicts to a game. None of us are violent because of the games. After a long, and ill say LONG, week of homework, studying, and sports, it is a great way to end the week.
We all have great laughs and a very enjoyable time hanging out on these friday nights. Im am very annoyed in hearing in news, papers and online articles of people pointing fingers at violent games for problems with kids. It is a cheap and weak way to blame something for your problems. Yes, games can be violent, but so can movies and oh the thing everyone has, cable. Do not allow these kids (young children) to play for these excess amounts of time on a computer. YOU are the parent and you can tell them no.

English Poor
Mathematics Excellent
Science Poor
Social Studies Poor
Typing Class Excellent
Physical Education Poor

OK, I play video games regularly and I have an "A" in English. I have a "B" in math even though I'm find math hard. I'm not taking a science class this year. I got an "A" in my history class. I'm not taking a typing class but I can type well. Lastly I have a "A" in P.E. and I can run the mile in [B] seven [/B] minutes.

Your depiction of a "video game addict's" grades is horribly inaccurate. I'm a 12 year old gamer, and I've been gaming since I got my first computer and Nintendo 64. And I've always been top of the class in every subject, on the Principal's Honor Roll every year. Though I'm not the most athletic person you'd meet, I do get my share of excercise, despite being homeschooled since 5th grade. I'm in 7th now, by the way, because I skipped 6th. How could I do that if I had poor grades?

You say, "Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) are a digital escape for those emotionally unattached to their surroundings and others. It is a place of gathering in a virtual reality world, home to millions of socially inept and outcast individuals. These fantasy world's provide a false sense of security where one can journey freely without feeling discouraged by the harsh realities of their real life." That's stereotyping, the kind of thing parents are supposed to be against. Instead, you go up against something that people love, games where you can meet new friends and chat about common interests. It's fun to have friends online, along with friends in real life. People can be social and athletic and have good grades, and still spend time with their online buddies.

Reading this, though, one of my friends in real life got so mad. Just a warning, if you get a very angry comment on this from someone named Andrew, he's my friend. That I met outside. Because I have a life outside, as well as one online.

Even though your "report card" is not very exact, i have to say that it affects each player differently. As for myself, vidoe games dont make my grades lower at school. But I have to say that it does affect me phycologically. When I play a game, even if it's not a violent game, my behavior changes after gameplay.

Oh my god.... you people have a Threat meter? Truly awesome.

I'm a gamer. I've killed 0 people. I've attacked 0 people. I've played >60 violent video games, and yet, here I sit, perfectly sane. Unlike you people.

The idea of removing ANY electronic system from kids rooms is lame at best.

For one thing, clock-radios gets kids up in the morning to go to school. THINK IT OVER!!!

I don't know WHO came up with the idea of removing Battery Rechargers because I don't know how casting a glance at a battery recharger is addictive!!!

Calculators are needed because I don't know any living person who can do long division or multiplcation with extensive point-numbers just by thinking it over. If a parent can prove to their kid that they can by letting their teenager come up with random large multiplication or division (such as 192564.583659/1956276594.2825647), you might want to first assess if your kid has the same talent as you before you take a calculator away from them. But, for the rest of us average people, we find calculators helpful. Furthermore, some kids might work best without little screaming brothers/sisters trashing the house- they just might need the place to be quiet and without the stress of people looking over their shoulder to do their work, which is the same for Personal Computers & Printers (don't know how PRINTERS are addictive to look at).
The Internet is one of the most reliable resources to research topics as it has a lot of accurate information (Wikipedia being the best-known source of information about anything).

Ok, I'm sick of hearing this argument. I am currently a student at Westwood High school in Austin, TX. WWHS is one of the top 500 HS in the country (around 100 I believe). This being said, grades are not relative to gaming, yet how much work the child does and how difficult the school is. I for example, have about a 2.7 GPA, yet I am a certified genius (I was invited to join MENSA after being diagnosed with a genius IQ when I was 14). The truth is, I have ADD, and I have had a lot of troubles with my family in the past few years. My freshman and half of my sophomore year my family was fighting over what my great grandmother had left everyone, she passed away my first week of high school. Then I had to deal with my father (whom doesn't live with me) that was in a car accident. Now I am facing my grandmother’s imminent death as she has a cancer that doesn't have a chance of getting better. I have a feeling that my grades may be more affected by the emotional troubles I've been going through in just 3 years. As for my GPA being 2.7, my schools grading system is different. Most schools I've seen a failing grade is anything below a "60" at my school however anything below a "70" is considered failing. If I had the grades I have now at another school my GPA would be about a 3.6, that’s not too bad is it? Video games for me are a way for me to relax, after I school ends I go to the gym for a hour (that’s right a gamer that works out) then I get home where I have dinner with my mother and do my homework in the living room while watching TV with her. After that I go upstairs with my dog, play video games and listen to an audio book(yes at the same time, video games help your ability to multi-task) for about an hour or two, then go to sleep. Yes my grades are bad in English, but that’s because I have dysgraphia here’s a definition and site that has some information about it: "Dysgraphia" is a learning disability resulting from the difficulty in expressing thoughts in writing and graphing. It generally refers to extremely poor handwriting.
this is the site
Now don’t you thing that may be the reason I have a problem with learning new languages and writing? No of course not, it couldn't be my brain dysfunction that inhibits my ability to write; no of course it has to be the evil video games.

And as for video games leading to violence, that is probably one of the most unintelligent accusations that was made on this site, here are my arguments against that:
1. Shooting a gun in real life is absolutely nothing like shooting a gun in a video game, having done both, I know.
2. Video games are often used as a way to distress people, so why would they go kill people if they are relaxed?
3. Kids that go and chain up a building and kill 32 people then themselves weren't inspired by a video game. They had bad parents that never listened to what they had to say and offered no positive reinforcement, only negative.

People do play video games too much sometimes, but I don't believe it to be the root cause of their problems. If someone has poor grades and they play video games and they have bad grades, talk to them, confront them, but do it with respect! Do not start out the conversation in a condescending tone or it will surely bloom into an argument. And it amazes me that this organization doesn't talk about the kids in sports that are ruining their life. There are kids that do nothing that play football, they obsess with it, their parents obsess with it. So what do they do? They take steroids, so that they can be better. That is dangerous! That is a problem! Loss of sleep is nothing compared to taking steroids in high school! About 90% of the kids on the sport teams at my school take steroids. And as for the kids that get the straight 100's and have time for nothing but school, they do drugs! They will ask to buy my adderall off of me for $5 a pill, just so that they can study all night. You people are bad parents with children that are probably doing the least dangerous activity that there is to do. Yet you ignore the major issues, this is ridiculous, and I hope that you think about what I've said.

I agree with the kids comments. im 15 year old i aced Every subject and im in honors program. About this being so bad about gaming? What if people just like to game, they found something there good at and enjoy doing it. Whats different in being good at ur job and enjoying it? A little more contructive but who gives a f? If you ''people'' would let people do what they want then they wouldnt be so pissed off leaving comments. Tell me how many people have died b/c they saw it or was playing a game? Now. How many people have died by being at work. Either way im a Gamer and if u gots problems with me ill uber h4x0rs your ass. and yeah i gots a life obviously u guys dont if ur posting about a game addiction.

are all you mothers on the things you accuse gamers of being on? give me a break, if you're child is a screw up, stop looking for a scapegoat and look at yourselves in the mirror. if theyre that messed up that a video game pushes them to do drugs obsessively, lose contact with the world, become a total loser, well.... what kind of lives have you built for them in the first place? utterly pathetic

My typical day since high school has looked like this:

Get up, get ready, go to school. (except now im in college so I dont have to get up early)

Come home, do the minimum school work (just blaze through my homework).

Go for a little jog.



Play games/be on my computer till 2-4 in the morning, I was normally done with my shower around 7 or 8.

On the weekends I would go out with my friends to do whatever, nothing illegal, just normal stuff.

My report card throughout high school and even now in college looks something like this:
English: A
Math B to an A
Science: A
Social Studies: A (I'm a history buff)
Computers: A
P.E: A
Any other elective class: A

My average G.P.A throughout high school: 4.0
My average G.P.A throughout college: 3.5

I don't see exactly where your statistics play into my life. Or where you actually like... got them.

lol im an A/A* student and do nothing but play computer games. I dont feel sad or depresed or get bad grades so erm I think you are wrong, but then everyone makes mistakes. :D

uh, yeah, i'm nuber 11 in the world for most single player kills in saints row and i'm graduating highschool a year and a half early with a 3.8 GPA...seems to me like you dont know what you're talking about...either that or this whole site is just some kind of farce

Just to put this out in the open, your sight made me laugh incredibly hard. There is no possible way to stop video games, I hope you know that. It seems, to me, that you're all probably southern or Californian soccer mom's with nothing better to do than to complain.

You people do not understand the teenage mind. I understand you're concerned mothers, but to blame violence on something that has NO possible way of training kids to murder or commit illegal activities is completely ludicrous. Have you ever played a game? By the way you people express your opinions, it doesn't seem likely that you ever have. I play many violent video games. One of my most favorite is Grand Theft Auto. I just love to jack a cop car and run over pedestrians. But guess what? I don't do it in real life, because I have good parents who have taught me that doing that for real will not help me later in life. Teens commit crimes because of their living environment, if their living in poverty, and definitely if they have horrible parents. Why don't you people discuss that huh? You people are all the same. Anti this and anti that. You need a scapegoat, and video games is just the perfect candidate. It's funny to think that video games are to blame when television, music, and literature all have violence. Your efforts are completely futile, and inhumane. you people and these censorship politician storm troopers are what is making this country unbearable to live in. Now for the conclusion: If this group is for real, please, grow a brain and use it effectively.

dudes lame, i play video games and (modest moment coming here) im smart

I was really offended at that "report card." I used to be addicted to WoW and Final Fantasy XI during my high school years and guess what? I GOT INTO A UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. And I still game now. Stop looking at the internet for you're "theories."

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