December 31, 2002

Video Games in Moderation

PvP web comic artist and author Scott Kurtz goes about discussing video games in moderation:

My grandfather had a saying which was passed down to my father and then to my brother and I. "Everything in moderation." It is the cornerstone of a good and healthy life. It is the foundation of a balanced existance. Learn it, love it, live it. Teach it to your children and force them to live by it. "Everything in moderation."

Even with video games in moderation, it may not be enough.


Amen! If your kids are spending too much time playing video games it's your fault as parents! Who runs your house - your or your kids. Unplug the console and send your kids outside. Don't try to blame the developers or anyone but yourself.

i actually agree with this (a 1st for this website)

although i probably could do with visiting the "outer world" a bit more often...

I agree with everything but the last sentence. To imply that video games alone aren't susceptible to the merits of moderation is a joke. It is a sign of a higher agenda and should be swallowed with a grain of salt.

I like to play video games for an hour or 2 so I can get rid of all my stress by beating the hell out of others. It doesn't make me a violent person though, and I don't just play to get rid of stress, I also do it for fun. Also I don't think,"Oh, I played Burnout Revenge today, why don't I steal dad's car and crash into millions of people!!! But it's okay, I'm not gonna die, 'cos in Burnout, no one died or got arrested!" Besides, it's your fault if you allow your 10 year old child to play Grand Theft Auto. My parents only allow me to play games that are suitable for my age, and when I get older they will allow me to play higher rated games. Then when I am 18 and a full grown adult I can choose whatever game I want. Plus, I actually don't really like violent games that much, like ones with loads of blood and guts flying everywhere.
A 13 year old who will not name themself

this is exactly how i feel about video games and the parents against them. the responsibility of your children is yours not video games or the developers

"Even with video games in moderation, it may not be enough."

Wow. So, we can safely assume after reading that sentence: nothing will ever be good enough for your group. When video games are finally gone, you'll want their memory to be bleached from textbooks and the minds of the public?

How about a nice statement to sum up why you think obliteration is better than moderation?

I think what Scott said there makes perfect sense, and it's what the majority of commentors here have been trying to get across. Nothing is healthy when it's all you do. But video games don't need to disappear because of that.

If every source of addiction had to go, people would be walking around with healthy livers, clean lungs, working brains, and no genitalia.

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