December 22, 2006

Blizzard Eliminates Maintenance Breaks

Blizzard Removes Maintenance Breaks

Parents and friends of over 7 million World of Warcraft gamers were outraged today as Blizzard Entertainment revealed plans to remove its weekly maintenance downtime in favor of a no-interruption approach.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be testing the effect of a live maintenance, where regular maintenance tasks are run during off-peak with realms live. On Tuesday, December 26 there will be no scheduled downtime for weekly maintenance. We will perform all necessary maintenance tasks while the realms are live.

Blizzard’s weekly maintenance schedule along with its “rest experience points” system have long been criticized as ineffective precautionary measures to curb long hours of continuous gaming.


oh no... now we can play our games non stop... you know i might never need to leave my room again

First of all, i hate WoW. With a passion. I do love how easy it is to make fun of. :D

I must say though, it's impressive that they're able to work on it without taking it down.
What is it, like $16 a month? Good thing they figured this out. I'ld be pissed if i was payin' that and had to wait for maintainance to be done.

Good job blizzard.

Oh man we are gonna die because so many people play from 3-11 AM on Tuesdays. You obviously have no idea how rest experience works as well if you think rest actually encourages playing nonstop in any way.

Computer gaming is an interest just like reading books or playing soccer. What the heck is the difference between reading a book for 6 hours straight or playing a video game for 6 hours straight?

Do your children go to school?
Do they sleep?

If they do not preform these two tasks, guess what! You are a terrible parent! The fact is, the downtime for world of warcraft is 5AM to 11AM PST. Have you seen warcraft's parental control option on the account management page? Hey here's a clue: get involved with what your child enjoys doing! Tell them you have to be able to have acces to their account. Go to parental controls and delegate the times they can play. It really isn't hard to be a responsible parent when the DEVELOPERS give you tools to monitor your child's play time. Stop blaming this industry for your own shortcomings and grow up.

I really have to agree with the above statement. blizzard gives parents the tools to decide how deep into wow they can get and for how long. This obviously means they care. And I should note, one of their frequently posted in game hints is to bring your friends to the game but don't forget to bring your friends away from the game: IE Azeroth. And yes, the diff. between reading a book six hours, building a puzzle for 6 hours, or playing wow for 6 hours. It all seems a matter of tasts, just wow has like a gazillion more options with what your doing with that past time. Now I understand that like alcohol, cigarettes, sugar or anything else, some people can and will get addicted and they will need time, attention and help. But since the game itself does not induce any ill medical side effect, minus on a case by case basis, it's not that bad. I have a full time job. I write and publish books, go hiking, have a social life and in wow I have 3 level 60's. Mainly I play wow when the world around me goes to sleep, or when I'm on call for work but can't leave, you know, all those times in life, people might read a book, build a puzzle, etc. And another thing. Wow is pretty, wow is fun, wow is creative. If you want to pull your friends away, you may have to toss them something better. Real life is better by far and offers so much more than the game, so if you can pull your resources right, you should be able to get your friends or children interested in more real life activities and events. In my opinion, there should be a balance. Read your book or play wow, but have time for school, jogging, the gym, sports, singing dancing or the like.

haha that was one time, wow yall really need to READ BEFORE YOU ACCUSE. the downtime that they do bring the game down is based off the most unpopulated times. 5am PST to 11am PST hmm, i wonder how many people, kids even, play during that time. So, just because they don't do fixes or take the realms down 1 time you flip out and expect kids to go ape(forgive my french) and play forever, and if you let them what happens? you blame the game. HAHA your a sorry excuse for a parent if you do that.

If anyone would complain against WoW it would be Mother's against Canada... oops. any ways i dont see what the hooplaa is, and i dont see how video games cause all of this. wait, no this is just a phase. right now its video games, tommorrow its god knows what! I think violence in young people growing up is mostly natural. Mother's should be against mothers! IT's domestic abuse that makes me wanna blow some guy's head off. or not having a father, or no one to love me. parents are the fault! not video games. And how can video games be the cause for drugs? all this violence, sex, porn, drinking, drugs, is all inevitable. (not that everybody does that stuff) parents shouldnt shelter their kids like they're turtles, you'll just raise them to be seagulls . parents should WATCH their kids, and most of all TALK TO THEM! and be understanding.. .and not offensive. if your son tells you he'll be drinking underage soon... or if you find out.. then you should yell at them.. talk, convince, and reason. WoW isnt that bad. not that violent either...just a pastime. parents should take action though. but to a ceratin degree. Curb-stomping and chainsawing a guy in Gears of War isnt best for everyone... KNOW YOUR KIDS. if they're hyper-active-anger-management- bad graded then you should do a different hobby... and jsut to say, how many video game voilent realated incedences really are there? MAVAV should choose its battles, MAD mother's against drugs
or MADD mother's aginst deadbeat dads ( not that mine is)

OMGoodness. What a terrible overblasted fear-based site this IS!I am a mother of three children, and I read the home page of this site stating that I was a loser, because I am the one who plays a MMORPG (FFXI)! What a bunch of ignorant babble this is! I volunteer 20 hrs a week, work part time AND I play a MMORPG. I say balance people, BALANCE!! I don't like sports, I read, and heaven forbid, I play video games. But DUH, I KNOW what my children play, because *GASP* I play the games and check them out first! Tin soldiers, chess, army men and playing doctor are the first signs of role-playing in infant form. If you dont want your children to see a movie because of content it usually means you the parent have seen the movie yourself. So wake up! Your kid may be smarter than the guy who plays football and doesnt know where his or her talent lay.The reason you call these people and children "Degenerates and rejects" is because YOU reject these usually creative and smart souls!!!. What a state of ignorance!Now WoW, like any other MMO is fun, exciting and yes, you make friends. But my 10 year old will not play one w/o supervision and ONLY when he is old enough to play. And for heavens sake, put a time limit! Not to mention I work with my children on chores, fun time and events in RL. Set dates for activities for MMO's as well as outdoor fun and family time. Don't make a MMO (or ANY video game)a place to escape or achieve, make it something that is liesure and not a source of rebellion by BEING INVOLVED WITH YOUR CHILD!!!! So quit the quote unquote "Moral" oucry, which is largely ignored and like with ANY media venue, and enjoy lego star wars or mario, and for the teen MMO players when mom and dad are logged on with you, its a big difference in what you do and say.

You know what? I hate you people for the following reasons:

1) Your giving gamers a bad name
2) You dont look at the esrb warning, the thing that says how old you must be
3) Your looking at the bad games and not the good ones (grand theft auto)
4)If your kid goes and kills someone or commits suicide its his or your own dam falt.
5) You dont look at the good points of gaming (keeps your kids away from the wrong crowd, and games keep them away from drug abusers, he doesnt go out and get addicted to crack, ect)

the only reason your agaisnt video games is cause you either dont have anything to do, you didnt raise your children right.

You can only point your fingers at someone else for so long before you have to step back and take responsibility for your own failures as parents. If their playing is a problem, and in many cases it may not be, blame yourself.

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