December 27, 2006

Video Games Make Teens Feel Bulletproof


The New Zealand Herald reported three Auckland teens were killed in a vehicle crash while attempting to outrun police in a high speed pursuit.

National's transport spokesman Maurice Williamson says today's young people think they are bullet-proof. He blames Playstations and X-boxes for making teens think they can drive stupidly and just push the reset button if anything goes wrong.

Though police said the Playstation and Xbox are not suspects, they are "definitely of interest" in the still ongoing investigation.


Im sure the fact that they could have been on speed or just finished a nice robbery in a stolen car had nothing to do with it. Clearly it was videogames clearly, why there is no other explination since video games are the cause of all lifes problems. Hitler must be a frequent GTA gamer. Can you spot my sarcasm?

youknow, sometimes videogames are a way out.
an escape from opressive parents maybe?

"National's transport spokesman Maurice Williamson says today's young people think they are bullet-proof. He blames Playstations and X-boxes for making teens think they can drive stupidly and just push the reset button if anything goes wrong."

Thank you, Maurice Williamson, for imparting your humble wisdom to us. When three teenagers are running from police (a clear-cut sign of playing too many video games!) and get into an accident, the Playstation's are to blame.

Maurice, you graduated with majors in "computer science" and "applied mathematics" (wikipedia). I wonder then, why you feel compelled to parade your idiocy in "applied ETHICS" about, like YOUR ass is bulletproof. Perhaps it involves your crippling paternal inadequacy. Too busy with your important political activities to supervise your three children? Sounds like a excuse to raise even more of a ruckus to you!

Hello!!! When have young people NOT felt they were bulletproof? Obviously you have lost touch with youth, and are just speculating on the reason for that crash. It is not a fact that the playstation caused those boys to wreck. Have you never heard of teenage boys driving too fast? You must have been living under a rock if you haven't. If you are so concerned about your child spending too much time on video games, then try perhaps spending time with them or TAKING AWAY THE PLAYSTATION.

Wow...this is pretty special. What do videogames have to do with this!? they stole a car and tried to get away. that happens all the time. PLAYING VIDEOGAMES DON'T MAKE YOU VIOLENT OR THINK YOU'RE INVINCIBLE!!! I have read articles in magazines about Phsychiatrists (which my parents are) that say that videogames have NO IMPACT on kids who are of normal intelligence and are old enough for their parents to buy violent games for them. I have seen other studies that say videogames increase hand eye coordination as well as logic and puzzle solving skills. creativity as well! ARRGGGHH!!! STOP HATING ON VIDEOGAMES!

Video games never made me feel "invincible" to any extent outside of the game itself.

I would like all the so-called "mothers" to listen. If your child is stupid enough to enact this it is your fault as well as his/hers. You failed at being a parent because you never taught him/her what reality is and how video games are not accurate representations of it. Your child failed at being a human being for not catching on to this whenever you forgot to mention this to them. Learn how to place the blame and how to manage it instead of putting it on the shoulders of a game.

I recently did a project on the effects of video games and their effects on the teenage population. In a number of studies that claim that video games are violent use old outdated games such as the original DOOM and Wolfenstein 3D. I wont deny that that thoes games are bad, they has you running around mindlessly killing demons or Natzies. However the new games require stratagy and have inticing story lines so that the player can get the most out of his experience. I encourage all you disturbed mothers out their to look up the psoitive effects of video gaming, to be more persice look up Shawn Green and Elizabeth Lamark they did an entire study and found out that video games can help increse your cognitive ability.
And to respond to the post above me video games never made me feel "invincible" either and I have been playing these games ever sense I was eight. so do not make Generilizations about us gamers we are just as human as you are, and we dont like to be critized. However I will agree on one point with you. and that is Little kids should not be playing gears of war. At a young age they are easily influenced. However us older gamers should not suffer critisim for those parents who let their little childeren play a game like Gears Of War. I'm 19 years old and through out my life I have never seen a dip in grades when Im playing video games and I sure have not let the games that I play influence me to the point that I immitate them. So just as a final remark, dont call certain games evil and dont think that any person who picks up a coppy of Gears Of War is going to grab a Hammer Of Dawn and Insinorate their entire neighborhood, its just not going to happen.

I agree with Jacob on this one, it is the parents who are at falt for not teaching their children reality not the game or the game developers. Pluss its the parents falt for buying them the violent game in the first place. If I were you Mothers I would take Jacobs advice and learn how to place the blame. I just thought that this gamer (me) would take his free time during colledge brake to write how iggnorant some people are out their.

You're one of the many individuals who need something to blame all of lifes problems on when in reality its your fault for most of them. Your child punched out a kid in school? Obviously had to be video games! It couldn't have been the fact that you never told them to go to an adult about any problems they would have or heres a better idea, sit down with your kid, take the playstation away and TALK TO THEM. Before placing the blame on pieces of plastic that can be easily regulated by you, the parent, take a good long and hard look at yourself. Its people like you that are at fault.

i agree when i watch a film with a car chase i want to do it..same with gaming when im ina car chase i want to do there is a point to say gaming and films/tv is the same so really you mothers shouldnt watch tv if yo want to be all this perfect. also how many kids/people/grownups have gone and done something they saw on tv .. about say 0.1% if that!

Parental responsibility is to blame, not video games. If you fear for your child's mental health, it is not a cause of video games, it's something that was there before consoles.

I'm a twenty one year old female gamer. I'm a psychology major with minors in criminal justice and english. I have my own car, phone, house and I pay bills just like the rest of adults.
Plenty of my friend's are what we refer to as "addicted" but they never underestimate their priorities, all are smart, hard working people with college degrees.

A parent's job is to support their kids and to take the time to understand why they enjoy the things they do. If you want your children to get off the computer or console then take CHARGE. Your son/daughter plays too much and is forgetting their responsilbilities or ect.?

There is a little thing called disipline (and responsibility) for a parent or guardian. If your child is acting up or becoming aggresive, it is something every person goes through at one point in their lives. If it is serious enough to warrant special attention then it's not the effect of gaming, if a person takes something from a game (Or a movie, tv show, book, lesson from others) and applies it to real life, then it is a problem with themselves, not an industry.

Man, people are getting desperate to toss blame on video games. It's like they don't even care what the incident is. Something bad happened? Okay, front page: Video Games are Responsible. There's no reset button, all decisions are permanent, those teenagers knew it, this Maurice guy is just being an ass. Ever since growing up on Contra, I've found out that in real life, I have nothing to worry about because up up down down left right left right B A will protect me.

It's human nature to find something to blame for your problems. Because it would be 'wrong' to say that people are responsible for their own actions, these officials search for the easiest thing to blame -- in this case, video games.

I've played plenty of violent video games as a kid (since 15 years of age, not mentioning the the snes games from before that time): Grand Theft Auto (all of them), Saints Row, Metal Gear Solid, Gears of War, Halo, and many of the other 'murder simulators' out there. Not one of them made me feel invincible, bullet-proof, or in want to reenact scenarios from said games. They were just games, and I saw them as such. Hmm... could this be because my mom spent less time fighting an invisible enemy and more time with her kids, teaching them about the difference between fantasy and reality?

The whole 'anti-games' thing is the 'anti-rock' of this generation. At one time, all the conservative senators, public officials, and parents, were united against the 'evils' of that brand of music. Why? Because they were absolutely sure it encouraged, what else, criminal activity and violence.

Seems to me, people are just as ignorant now as they were back then. They've found something new to blame. Unfortunately, video games are constantly reflecting current culture, so people will be able to blame it for whatever they want -- for a much longer period of time.

Just wait until the holo-deck is invented... I'm sure the blamers will have a field-day with that one too. On the bright side, they'll finally be leaving traditional video games alone.

Wow. Sometimes I wonder about the limited intellectual capacity of other humanoids which I would question being human, but I suppose their overdriven concern qualifies them as such... to some extent anyway.
But my point... yes.
I have said it so many times. Some people are not smart.

Some pople do some very not so smart things.
In said vidoes games, death is a frequent result of such catastrophies. Anyone with any sensibility can grasp that much. At least I awlays have. So should the case even have any remote link to video games, it would still fall on the fault of the individuals. They had to have known the potential outcome of death. Surely before video games stupid people walked the earth. I'm quite sure accidents and people evading the law got into many accidents before video games... think dukes of hazard.
I'm sure back in the days of the good old west some bank robber flipped his wagon while pursued by local authorities. thusly, pointin the finger at video games is forever a WEAK and POOR effort and squashing the problem.

If you really care you will do what is most effective, which does not involve eliminating that which has little to no influence.

People however like to place the blame on an easy target. Video games have become such an easy target ever since people got the very strange idea that they are unhealthy.

One has to remember, that like any substance on the face of the planet, it can be abused. It is possible to drink enough water to overhydrate and kill yourself. This does not mean we should try and develope a water alternative or even to be rid of water. That would simply be SILLY.

What people most often miss or do not understand, and this is crucial if you really care, is that people who have problems in life that play video games, most often had these problems before they played those games, and those games were a facet of venting those problems until such a time where it was not enough and such disturbed people took the next step into acting out in reality.
Most socially replressed people who play games had this problem bofore hand, and if no one really cared enough to help them, well then yes, the problem will persist.

To blame a personal problem on a thing is merely an excuse oftne used by those who are either too lazy to do what it takes to fix the problem, or they have simply accepted the first excuse handed to them or the first finger pointed and continue to react from there. You never conduct and investigation as far as the firt problem you find, stopping there. No. You continue until you find the root of the problem. Now in those cases where a distrubed individual was influenced by videogames, they typically had this problem before hand and the game was simply an easy method to feed their problem. this is a matter of much needed attention. Some people do have problems with games. It is important to identify thise early. some take games to seriously. Some too casually and allow for undesirable content to enter their homes.

It, like any past time our children have, require our full observation. Some children get villent when they participate in sports for example to the point where they cannot properly conduct themselves. Suitably this problem should be attempted to resolve. If it cannto be resloved then perhaps the person should not continue with that activity.
People anre human and vary greatly.
For every beautiful thing, someone finds it ugly.
For every fun thing, someone finds it boring.
For every tastegul thing, someong finds it disgusting.

Based on thsi principle it is easy to understand that we do not live in a perfect world and require flexibility just as much as the willingness to act properly in the face of a problem.
Simply pointing the finger to the nearest and largest capitol venue associated with the problem in any way is ridiculous and unfair.
to investigate it is both prudent and wise. But it takes a fool to label video games as the cause to many of these problems.

There is much failure in these cases to mention all the millions of healthy people or the many whose lives were improved by the additional diversity to life's flavor that games have so provided.
As humans it is inevitable that we expand and diversify. If there are some that cannot handle this then they have a problem as well.
We are human, we learn to adapt and reach success, failure to do so is also human, but that doesn't mean we should stop developing.
After all, every cure began with a disease.
Every secure nation was first forged in war.
We will not be without our scars.
they make us who and what we are.
Without them we do not live.
video games are not even this harsh. they are like books, puzzles or any other ventureing edeavor which we may spend a few hours a day.
Now kids are smart. Don't underestimate them or their ability to outsmart you. many will say they did what they did because they saw it in a video game because they know that's the golden ticket excuse of the century. Like these posts that point the finger, kids will too to avoid the trouble and they'll point it in the same direction if they think it'll save their butts.

I encourage people to help others with video game addictions and problems.
What I don't encourage ir random finger pointing to escape such real blame, like say for example, poor parenting, a ten times more likely cause of corrupt children than any video game. If you'r einto what your kids do enough, as you should be, you should be able to pick up on problems before they get out of control.

Um... This entire article is one big "NO" My favorite type of video games are the racing ones. I'm not a bloody idiot. I'm not going to go out on the street and drive like a moron. It seems to you "mothers" that just because one person did it were all going to do it. The teenagers who apparently confuse video games with reality do have a serious problem. But guess what. Almost all, don't. You can't say that all people who get in a high speed pursuit are teenagers who play video games. That is discriminating. Just because a teenager did it than that means it was the video games fault or drugs. Don't forget you were a teenager once. My father was around when video games came out. He never found any interest in them. Never played them or anything. But as a teenager (which was before video games came out) he had a couple of drag races with his friends. So this just proves video games are not always to blame.

bulletproof now?
ask any vietnam vet.. and they'll tell you they went into that war bulletproof, and came out torn down. every man thinks they're bulletproof until they finally face death head on.

I HATE it when people use the "Reset-button" rationale... No-one in their right minds, gamer or no, thinks that you can press a reset button on life. Heck, if we're gonna play that game, blame VCRS! You can REWIND TIME on them!
I could see people imitating GTA more than thinking they can reset life... And I find that link between real-life killing and "Murder simulators" to be dumb.

i know that videogames arent real. i dont try the sh** that happens in games. i own 20 racing games and everyone of them are different. including all of the burnouts where you crash other people. do you think im going to go up against my friends and go crash our cars? no, only the retards would do that. but then again, how many retards have their license?

Okay im almost 15 and im taking drivers ed. I play a game called burnout. But you wouldnt know. Burnout is a racing/crashing game. I feel invincible in the game. But when i actually drive a car in drivers ed and into the street. I feel scared and sweaty. 1 i might fail, 2 i might kill someone which i would regret my whole life, 3 i have to concentrate. So yeah you got pwned. Pwned is a game term for totally beaten

Anyone simple minded enough to be that influenced by a video game doesnt deserve to be out in the streets. A video game is called a game because you play it for fun, then return to your dull boring life. If you can't relize that once your back to your life you can't just run away from the police in a highspeed pursuit then your an idiot. This site makes me all the more angry at the idiotic mothers that think that video games make any difference in how messed up there child is. If hes going to do drugs or run from the cops hes going to do it, the video games dont do anything to influence that.

If video games really, REALLY influence people, why didnt the whole generation that played Super-Mario brothers try to stomp turtles to death till coins pop out their ass?

andrew I am from argentina. I am doing a report about playstation3, competitors, and all that is related to it. I agree on your comment, that see both sides, good and bad, of video games. I would like to make contact with you. And any other peson, that it is interest. I am loking for different points of view. My email:

Im only a 13 year old kid from milwaukee and i do agree somewhat that some videogames do influence kids like (my favorite) Need For Speed: Mostwanted or carbon do make most kids want to have a nice car and a body kit and a spoiler so that when they get older they can get into cop chases and most of all make them want to get into illegal street racing when they learn how to drive. I will say that ive also had some intentions of doing that when i get to be an adult but i really wouldn't dare to because i have a reputation of good grades and i wouldn't mess that up for the world. I'm not into killing games that are gory i just like the 007 games that have a really nice storyline thats fun to play. Im reaserching this topic for a reaserch paper in my school. I want to get lots more info bout this so if some1 could give me some from a real life reaserch it will help lots. Appreciate it!

I am a 15 year old male from Herndon, Virginia, and being a gamer, I am aware that there is violence in gaming, but this does not give anyone the right to remove violence in games at all. There is already a clear enough warning in games (being the ESRB rating,) and it shows that parents need to be more responsible when it comes to buying their kids games. It is not the responsibility of the gaming industry to take care of your kids.

I also find it really humorous that a 13 year old kid does not like killing games, but yet enjoys 007 games, were you do have to kill.

hi,i'm a 19 years old male gamer,
OK!! yes there is violence in video games, but video games is not all about violence,
i'v played video game since i was 6(some people start younger)i learn a lot of things from video game;past and future
you see.. how to see what is right and what is to stay calm in bad situation(and it works!!) parents should see what video games really are, some parents can only judge video game this, video game that
did you ever played one? .. have you ever felt what you children felt? .. the world in video game is the world where you can do what you cant in the real world..

theres a place where i can kill monsters/ bad guys with guns and things that can put you in harms way and dont give a hell about's video game....

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