December 29, 2006

Burning Crusade Gone Gold, Threat Level Red

A press release today confirmed that the Burning Crusade expansion to Blizzard’s MMORPG World of Warcraft has gone gold and is scheduled for release on January 16, 2007.

Blizzard Entertainment® announced today that World of Warcraft®: The Burning Crusade™ the highly anticipated expansion to the world's leading subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game, World of Warcraft, will be in stores on January 16 in North America and Europe. […] In addition, Blizzard today announced that the subscriber base for World of Warcraft has reached a new milestone, with 7.5 million players worldwide.

The Burning Crusade is to introduce a level cap from 60 to 70 which is known to take nearly several months of a player's life. We consider this a severe threat to children and teens, and are urging all parents to take extra precautions leading up to release day.


I strongly disagree with the views being portrayed against this game. I am a gamer and casually play Role-Playing computer games. I enjoy playing EverQuest2, which is a RPG. Although I have never played any of the World of Warcraft series, I do have friends who are casual players of that game.

Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) are absolutely a very large industry within video games because of the wide range of players who enjoy Adventure, Fantasy, and Science Fiction genres. And although the amount of content in each MMORPG is extremely vast and would literally take months to experience the entire game world, the amount of time that a single player will spend inside of the game is entirely up to them.

While playing EverQuest2 I have found the adventures, challenges, quests, and social part to be very fun. I am aware that World of Warcraft is very similar to EQ2 as it also includes a Fantasy realm of adventures, quests, etc. However, being a veteran MMORPG player I have found that these are indeed the pros and cons...


-MMORPGs include a method of communication to other players. This allows a player to meet and chat with a person from anywhere in the world. The method of communication is typing and reading, therefore increasing a person's ability to read and vocabulary. The discussions are usually not about the game at all, therefore creating a good way to socialize and discuss real-life interests, events, and personal lives.

-Many MMORPGs include puzzles and other sorts of quests. Many can be challenging to the mind and provide a source of growth in inteligence. When groups of players take on quests it promotes teamwork and good communication, as well as social skills.

-The subscription costs for an MMORPG are relatively cheap, the most I've seen would maybe be $14.99 to $19.99 per month (depending on the game and length of subscription). This is much cheaper than alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, the cost of gasoline, and many other alternatives. A child or teen could be playing a productive MMORPG instead of being out on the streets, exposed to harmful substances and bad influences.


-Many current computer games require better hardware to support them. If your computer is out-of-date you may need to upgrade your RAM, video card, processor and possibly your motherboard, which can be costly.

-MMORPGs are very fun and sometimes a person can lose track of time or set the wrong priorities, but this all depends on the player. Fortunately, most current day MMORPGs allow a PARENTAL CONTROL setting to limit the amount of time someone can play on a specific account. In other words; instead of fearing these games and their so called "addictiveness" you can take charge of your child while still allowing them to be exposed to a highly productive environment.

-There is no such thing as a perfect environment, and there are troublesome players who like to use abusive, profane, or sexual language. However, and fortunately, nearly all MMORPGs include a CONTENT FILTER to block out such language. Simply leave it on, and there is nothing to worry about. And another good thing is that these parental controls and filters can be password protected to keep your teen or child from changing settings.


MMORPGs are a very fun genre of video games that can be productive and promote good progression of social and mental skills. My suggestion to parents of children and teens is to MONITOR the amount of time that they play such games. If it becomes out of hand, simply read the game manual and figure out how to set the time limit for the game and other parental controls. There is no need to fear these tyeps of games as long as the amount of fun and dedication with the game is controled.

If parents are concerned about the well being of their children due to World of Warcraft they should consider exercising their responsibility as parents and limit the time their children play. The developers of the game have implemented tools for parents to set parental controls, and parent-specified schedules for when their children can log in and play.

It is up for adults to decide what is healthy for themselves, or their children. Most things in moderation are perfectly acceptable or healthy. MMORPGs are no exception.

More information about World of Warcrafts Parental Controls can be found here:

If nothing else, a sheltered nerd isn't off doing drugs. With the possible exception of overdosing on caffiene. I quit the stuff, myself, but that's not really common.

you do know you can limit log in times on the World of Warcraft accounts, right?

"threat" Well the game has a monthly fee so the kid can't get on unless you let them. There is very little violence in the actual game itself compared to most things. I swing my sword and killed a board and it didn't bleed!

Videogames have nothing to do with violence get over it. Do current adult who grew up on mario go around jumping on people's heads?

I'm 19 have played video games since I was 5. Heres an idea read the back of the box! A site doesnt have to tell you

I don't understand why parents are so worried about their children playing such a game. I am constantly bugged by my parents to go over and play with friends or go for a walk or read a book. I find that I have actually developed social skills through WoW. Besides, my friends are never doing anything productive and almost always dicking around doing something that they could get in trouble for. I have expanded my vocabulary through the use of the world of warcraft forums.

This is the most dangerous game I've ever seen or heard of. There are countless ways that this can ruin a child's life, especially due to the massive amounts of violence. Add in the fact that advancing in level from 60 to 70 can take "nearly months" of a child's life, and you've got a deadly force that will soon destroy our younger generation.

It is vital that we be informed of such an "extreme threat" and that we react accordingly. The best way to avoid the lasting, often permanent damage of this abomination of the video game industry is to prevent it altogether. This seems very harsh to those who play and love the game, but an "extreme threat" calls for extreme measures.

As for the ESRB rating, don't let that fool you. This game is not suitable for teenagers and should only be handled by mature adults. I believe the ESRB missed the mark on this one, which is very sad considering the fact that so many people will be buying this expansion when it is released.

If your child approaches you asking you to help them buy this piece of software, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT give in. You cannot afford to lose this battle, as your child's very life may depend upon it. The best response is to have a civilized conversation with them about the dangers of video games and offer alternatives. The best alternative that most children of this day and age will greatly enjoy is simply reading a good book.

This is a terrible trap developed by terrible, money-hungry people, and it is up to the parents and guardians to put an end to it. By your powers combined...

Rakathan... I keep reading that trying to find the sarcasm, but I'm frightened that I'm not finding any.

The only threat to children are ignorant parents.

I can't tell if the previous comment (by Rakathan) is being sarcastic or not. I really hope it is.

Warcraft may be violent, but it is much less violent than anything a child will see on TV. It rewards putting in time and effort instead of just handing everything to the player on a silver platter. Kind of like... gasp! Real life!

The type of world people like Rakathan want is one in which children are lead to believe that the world is a perfect place, there is no such thing as war and that Santa Claus still exists. Children are smart, they'll figure out the truth some day and they may just grow to resent you if you've lied to them about it for so long. Be honest with your children, don't shelter them so they are unprepared when they get into the real world.

That is not to say World of Warcraft prepares them for the real world. As some previous commenters have said, it might help develop their social skills, it might also hinder them if they stay inside all day playing the game. This is where that little forgotten act of "parenting" comes into play. As stated before, monitor their playing, set restrictions on it if need be and make sure they aren't over-playing.

For any parents unsure if this game is appropriate for their children, there is a free demo that will allow the parents to play and see what all the hubbub is about. If you have decided to get this game for your child, then I still suggest playing the demo before buying it so you'll better know what exactly it is they will be doing.

Informed, hands-on parenting is greater than parrot parenting and just doing what someone tells you to do.

These parents are scared about their childrens safety for wow?! Have you watched TV and seen the power rangers. The amount of violence from that series is much worse then that of wow. Oh my god I got cut and sparks came out NOOOOOO! Please it's simple to limit your kids here are a couple of ideas.

Take the power cord to the comp away.
Limit the gameplay..
Take the mouse.
Turn the contrast on the screen so it's black when it's on they will never know what happened.

oh and the number one idea....Don't buy it for them and (I know this is a hard concept but) DON'T PAY FOR IT MONTHLY. That thing on your credit card bill labled blizzard. Thats WoW so you might want to cancel it.

Or better yet use the games against them to bring up their grades. But once again if you say " If you don't get a 3.0 or higher this quarter your games are gone until the next report card." Then if they get a 2.9999999999999999999999 TAKE IT AWAY. Don't give your kids any sympathy live up to the punishments you said you would do.

Responsibility lay with the parents, not the game developers.

"This is the most dangerous game I've ever seen or heard of. There are countless ways that this can ruin a child's life, especially due to the massive amounts of violence. Add in the fact that advancing in level from 60 to 70 can take "nearly months" of a child's life, and you've got a deadly force that will soon destroy our younger generation.

It is vital that we be informed of such an "extreme threat" and that we react accordingly. The best way to avoid the lasting, often permanent damage of this abomination of the video game industry is to prevent it altogether. This seems very harsh to those who play and love the game, but an "extreme threat" calls for extreme measures.

As for the ESRB rating, don't let that fool you. This game is not suitable for teenagers and should only be handled by mature adults. I believe the ESRB missed the mark on this one, which is very sad considering the fact that so many people will be buying this expansion when it is released.

If your child approaches you asking you to help them buy this piece of software, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT give in. You cannot afford to lose this battle, as your child's very life may depend upon it. The best response is to have a civilized conversation with them about the dangers of video games and offer alternatives. The best alternative that most children of this day and age will greatly enjoy is simply reading a good book.

This is a terrible trap developed by terrible, money-hungry people, and it is up to the parents and guardians to put an end to it. By your powers combined..."

I really hope this is sarcasm. I really really do. Otherwise this might be the most worthless piece of drivel I've ever read in my entire life. Seriously parents who treat this game this way are a waste of life and procreation.

While I certainly encourage parents to be involved in their childrens life, to simply blame entertainment and more specifically the game industry is a sad and pathetic way to make up for the fact that you feel inadequate parenting your children.

For starters, becoming informed is the first step to becoming a better parent. Did you realize that this game has built in parental controls? Better yet how about the "built in" controls of everyday parenting. I don't know if it ever occured to someone that if their son or daughter spends more than 1 or 2 hours on the computer a night (or more) they may not have time to finish their homework or take part in other "healthy" (and I do use this word hesitantly) activities. Wouldn't this be the time to start limiting how much your child plays on the computer, instead of blaming a game with "high addiction?".

Quite to the contrary "reading a good book" and this game have a lot in common. A good immersive book gives a chile a sense of imagination and reality as they read and try to unravel the plot. In the same way this game promotes teamwork, working together, fantasy immersion, creative puzzle solving, and an overall sense of creative judgement to be successful.

A threat? -laughs- I play WoW quite a bit and I don't feel the need to copy anything done in it! Hell I play FPS and I don't feel the need to shoot everyone I see.

well i think WoW is an awesome game and i play everyday....i am on the national honor society and i got accepted into delaware university which i am starting in th fall....i really dont see what the problem is?
i have a life, friends, good grades, so what can go wrong?

lol delaware will ruin your life more than wow
zaroc, i live there trust me...

2 you people think kids waste time playing video games? what do they do when not on the computer?
... waste more than a few months watching TV omg! at least this game is interactive and not mindless like on the 'ole tube, and this game is in some aspects good for kids.
my uncle who got me playing it has his daughter playing it and her reading skills have improved vastly over the last 5 months

I don't play WoW. I have been a gamer for 20 years though.

The main thing I think is funny is when I hear people say "Read a book" or "Go for a walk". Yeah, sure. Books have more violence and sex than all video games combined. Going outside is almost a risk depending on where you live.

If you're worried about your kids, don't use the computer as a babysitter. Any adiction your children have before age 18 is completely your fault. It sickens me when I see people blame the behavior of a child on anything but its parents.

As a college student at Oxford University and a World of Warcraft player I can say through experience that this game holds no threat whatsoever to young children with "responsible" parents. Furthermore, in todays society, parents are increasingly blaming other factors i.e. game companies for their failure as a parent. Parents should find it in themselves to limit there children's gaming time and perhaps find it in themselves to actually make themselves apart of there gaming time, example being the latest craze in gaming, the Nintendo Wii enjoyed by thousands of families.

Lastly, as I previously mentioned being a World of Warcraft player, this game has in no shape or form been a "severe threat", but instead it has been a blessing as I have improved my team work skills significantly along with my analytical skills, which play a large role in this game, regardless of whether or not the player is aware.

In closing, I'd like to further state that this report is all the result of pure ignorance and any parent who is this gullible to make such decisions is a failure of a parent and I feel sympathetic for your children.

I'm am sorry but if you see this a serious threat then you need to ask yourself just how good a parent you are.

You are responsible for your children, what games they play. You give them computers, TV, DVD etc.. so you are responsible for them.

And I mean you will see worse things watching the news and supposed Children's TV.

I've played RPG's since the age of 9, and i still do at the age of 18.
I left school at the age of 16.
I currently support myself with my own house and continue to pursue my career as a professional chef.

my point is, if these games are so bad... how did i turn out ok?

cause my parents taught me commonsense and basic life skills, i know when to say no and when to keep going, kids are fine playing these games.
Parents, you all need to wake up cause you know nothing about pushing your kids to enjoy life and deal with it at the same time.

There is, of course, the fact that games such as World of Warcraft require a monthly payment to play. Most children are not going to be able to pay this on their own; instead, they depend on their parents to support this hobby.

While I will state that playing such a game is not harmful - especially if parents take steps to limit playing time, which is supported and encouraged by Blizzard itself - parents are still in their right to deny it to their children. With that said, no "precautions" should need to be taken; the parents control funds, the parents control internet and computer usage. This is definitely not the kind of game that can be played secretly and in defiance of parental authority.

Ok, So I'm a mom.

I play World of Warcraft. I will allow my child to play these evil video games and computer games when he gets older (he's only 6 months right now) if for no other reason than if I keep them away from him and I play them I'm a total hypocrite.
He will of course have rules and stipulations associated with game time. Where I live it is safe to go outside and he will see that mum and dad like to do- you know -physical activities, like cross-country skiing and hiking. So he must join us on these ventures and do many physical things. We will not be bringing video games while hiking (!).
When we are at home he may play for a limited amount of time (we have to have our gameplay too!) and must have already finished all of his homework. His grades will have to be stellar and he will have to demonstrate no ill side-effects from playing. Some children are rather ill-effected by games and I will make sure my son is not one of those.
I absolutely will not tell him that he is not allowed under any circumstances to play virtual games. I know how frustrating it is when you are the only one of your friends to not be allowed to do something. I think that is far more emotionally damaging than a limited amount of time playing games.

I must say that I have to disagree with the statements made on this site in regards to the World of Warcraft expansion game. I am a 37 year old adult, mother of two children, and a teacher with a Master's degree in education. I am also a World of Warcraft player and will be purchasing this expansion.

This game is violent, as are most video games from past to present but not nearly as bad as games like Vice City. I do let my children play the game but restrict how much time they are allowed to spend on it, as every parent should do.

As for considering clans and guilds to be similiar to gangs, I must wholeheartedly disagree. As I am an officer in a guild and a teacher in a high school, I can from experience, tell you that they are in no way similiar to a gang. Guilds are teams in a sport, that sport being a video game. It takes a team to complete many of the quests in the game. Participating in the guild requires the ability to work well with others to accomplish a common goal. It also requires the same skills we are trying to teach our children in schools. I would love to be able to get my students to work as well together as my guildmates do when we are playing together. Gangs do not work together for a common goal, they terrorize the weak for a feeling of superiority. Does anyone see a common ground between the two? I sure can not.

I play World of Warcraft and I am looking forward to the release of The Burning Cursade. Parents should not be worried about Warcraft because they have a Parental Control setting on the website, where parents can limit the amount that they're child is playing. If you had done any research on the matter I'm sure you would have found this out. Therefore, how could Warcraft be a 'dangerous' video game?

Video games are only abused and used as a crutch by children who's parents dont pay them enough attention. I teach 10th graders and most students say that their parents dont even care about their school life enough to ask if they have homework because they hear the answer "No" so often. Maybe if you took some of your own alone time and made a point of talking to your child or at least planning something that they would enjoy doing with you they would get off the computer and have a reason to NOT play.

Blame yourselves for feeding the addiction and not trying to curb it or give them reasons to stay away from them.

Jack thompsons opinions are based on hearsay and how much media attention he can get. He has attacked various games with no rhyme or reason for it. If he played the games he would see that most games are not anywhere near as violent as he claims them to be (the most recent being rockstars bully).

Videogames have ratings like movies so check what your child plays and dont listen to some liberal has-been politician trying to further his own listless career.

Honestly, WoW isn't the best game for you to let your kids play. It is addictive, I find it very hard to stop playing myself sometimes. But in all honestly, you are the one paying for it. If your children rake leaves, do chores, or shovel snow to earn 12 bucks a month to pay for a game, God bless, you have your children trained to act in a civilized manner. This is contrast to the parents who jump on this forum and scream bloody murder about how Satan himself works for blizzard and tells your kids to play this game and stop trying in school while they are online upstairs in the computer room of your house while you sit downstairs and watch television and do NOTHING to monitor what he is doing on the internet. There are far worse things on the internet than warcraft, illicit drug usage, pornography, and more adult language than Samuel L Jackson was allowed to use in Snakes on a Plane. But, before you jump on the boards and start talking all televangelist about how your kids are ruining their lives by playing this game, swing back that pendulum of judgement on yourself and analyze what you can do to use this game as a learning tool, or something that you and your child can do together? No, its much easier to just speak ill of the game that you do not understand nor will your ignorance due to failure to explore what lies within the digital World of Warcraft. - Napkins of Mannoroth

Alright, I am a 14 year old boy, I play World of Warcraft and do plan on buying and playing the Expansion: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade on release. Now what does that make me?

A child who's life is ruined?
Most certainly not - I aspire to be a businessman, and have numerous thoughts about colleges, goals etc.

Certainly not, I have attended the same private school for many years and am the opposite of that - I go to movies with friends, hang out at eachother houses, spend much time talking on the phone WHILE PLAYING WORLD OF WARCRAFT (which proves that it does not "suck you in")

Poor in school?
No I have maintained the same grade average for the past 3 years, 1 of which I have been playing WoW

Well then, I must not really play?
Quite the contrary, I have a max level character and still play the game 3-5 hrs a day on average, sometimes much, much more.

And my parents?
Completely lax, as all parents should be, In my opinion, children should be given an appropriate amount of freedom (not at all common in most families) and if they break trust or do things they shouldn't, they should have this freedom limited

For example - My parents are completely lax, I can do whatever I want in most cases, go over to my girlfriends house down the street at 10 o clock at night, burn stuff down at the bay, go to/watch any movies, and does that make me a bad kid? Do I do things I shouldn't? Never.

Now, my other friend, same age, same sex, very similar to me, but has parents who ground him (keep him from doing any thing) for the littlest things - so when we go out - instead of him being to good child they expect him to be through their work - he is the one who blows stuff up/ does crazy stuff

Conclusion: Let your kids do as they choose, if you see that it is hurting them, limit what they can do, Don't shelter them so that they are completely overcome when they enter the real world, they won't be under your control or protection forever

And yes, I am indeed a 14 year old boy, I do not kid, I did not say that for purposes such as expressing my point, I truly am, and through communicating with / talking on ventrilo with (ventrilo is a program which allows people all of the world to communicate, and by communicate I mean through your own voice and the voices of others, used alongside with Teamspeak on WoW) I have developed speaking skills and have improved my vocabulary / maturity greatly

Dear god. Have you all gone mad? This is clearly for people who can't control themselves and should be contained! Normal players (like myself) spend 2 maybe 3 hours of playing every day. The rest of the day goes to school, homework and hanging out with friends. Think about the things your kids could be doing! Drugs, being victims of violence or maybe using violence. They sit at home, play games and do what they have to do. Stop complaining.

Like anything, WoW needs to be enjoyed in moderation.

For a child, its something that needs to be balanced with other activities. Education, sport, reading , face to face social/group activities, etc. Similarly for an 'adult', although the adult is more likely to regulate these things independantly, whereas a child may not see the need for that balance. (what, with all the phat purplez beckonning ;))

As with any online game, there is a massive spectrum of people who play. I'd be concerned about the portion of players who, regardless of their age, use the anonymity of an online world to be rude, immature and anti-social. Concern both for the subtle ingraining of these behaviours as 'OK' to both those subjected to it, and those doing the subjecting.

So, balance is the key. Such a good motto 'Moderation is the key."

... chocolate and icecream not included.

Going from 60-70 DOES NOT TAKE SEVERAL MONTHS OF A PLAYERS LIFE. For the casual player that may take a few months yes but they usually play about 2-3 hours a day. An average WoW gamer can do that in a week, maybe 2 or 3 playing 4-5 hours a day. A extreme player can do it in a few days.

I'm a single mother of 4 and after reading some of the comments on here and the 'red' rating of the game, I feel the need to voice my opinion.

Frankly, I find the World of Warcraft to be an excellent keeper of my children's time. For instance, just last week I was able to go out and have three or four hours of 'me' time. For any other single mom's out there, you know how valuable that kind of time is, especially right after the holidays -- I was able to go out with the extra expense of hiring a babysitter. When I came back, my kids didn't even know that I was gone!

Lately, however, I've noticed that the time spent on the World of Warcraft has been waning. They don't seem to be as interested in the game as much, and they've even asked me for a Wii (the new game console). This new 'expansion pack' will undoubtly give my kids a few more years of interest in the game, and give me more time to do chores, tend my plants in the basement, and even have a night out on the town once in awhile.

For all you naysayers out there, I just have to say that World of Warcraft has made my life better by keeping my kids occupied. Thank you Blizzard!

lol you leave your kids alone and they dont know you are gone? nice parenting...

Stop judging the whole society by the few freaks that got way to obsessed with the games, and the parents that are too stupid to just pull the plug on the computer, and send their child to therapy.

Going from 1-60 takes about a month or two of solid play for the unexperienced first timer. For an experience, and *ahem* dedicated gamer, it can take as little as 4 days. 60-70 is rumored to take the same amount of time.

P.S. Love gillanauts post. Found it humorously exaggerated, yet true.

Its like anything, moderation is key. Even blizzard knows that (using a slightly humourous hint that 'everything should be taken in moderation [even world of warcraft!]')

I am Sick of this with you parents and adults.

This is a new age that we are reaching into A COMPUTER AGE!!!

WoW is not a bad game I have played this game for many months. It has not made me a bad person or anything I am exactly the same way before i started playing the game.

Many people like me dont really have many friends in they're school. I have just moved and I dont know anybody, so I would rather play a game, that I have fun with rather then watching T.V. all day.
But think about this before you open your mouths without thinking, when you see your kid playing this game think about this.

My friends before i moved invited me to go to a party with them, I said no I would go with them tommorrow. I told them i had a raid in WoW which is a group of 40 people, yes 40 people bigger then a football team and baseball team added together. what happens in these raids is that people get together and describe battles and work together to bring down a monster. My friends agreed and went off to the party without me, what had happened at that party is that the cops came and found my friends and everyone there smoking and drinking.
What had happened next is what would have happened to me if I went, I had found out the next day that they were all in juvy hall for the next 2 years.

So parents think about that before you open your mouths and have never sat down and looked at the game.

I want you to go up to your child and ask him what time he is raiding tonight and he will know exactly what you are saying. Sit down and listen to how much team work and homework you have to do for these fights, to get better gear for your characters.
And about 90% of the time the people that are leading these raids are parents and adults that have seen that WoW increases your social skills and team work.

~tyvm andrew =)

i would just like to say that people need to stop depending on artificial devices to teach their children how to function in society. the tv and computer are not acceptable as substitutes for yourselves. if you spend enough time with your kids to teach them right from wrong then playing a game should have no ill effects on them.

incidentally, if your child is old enough to be playing the game (i say this not due to any "violence" present in the game, but due to the level of understanding needed and the way players interact with each other), then they are at least old enough to be doing chores in exchange for their subscription fee. if they are old enough to have a job, let them pay for it if they want it so badly.

don't hassle your children about things they enjoy, instead try to find way to encourage them to do what they enjoy while teaching them responsibility and a decent work ethic. use it as a way for them to get better grades, something productive...

BlindLinus - 60 Druid, Arthas

We all know that in moderation, computer games are fine.

I'm actually under 21 and in the process of making a fully fledged MMORPG with a team of 21+ and 21-, including those loving MMORPG's and those hating MMORPG's.

Just thought I'd flaunt the fact on MAVAV that this game, of similar standards to WoW, (hoping to be) will be free!! (when completed). So I can't wait to hear your complaints then, eh! for evidence.


(P.S- to future commenters, HTML IS enabled. At least I hope otherwise the tags are going to look embarrasingly strange. ;) )

Its amazing how fast everyone can blame someone else for the own mistakes. If your childern are dong violent thing its the parents fault and not ANY outside influence such as a video game. I have play Video games for the last 10 years of my life. I have never assaulted anyone. I have never done drugs. I have never commited a murder. Why? Because i had resposible parents. Kids go nuts because the parent does not know how to parent and would perfer to show upto meetings than spend time with there kids. If nothing else, kids who play video games show and increse in reflexs, common sense, intellegence, and improved stamina over those who dont play video games. In short a video game isnt going to make your childe shoot up a school or a store. It the parents fault for not noticing the child had the gun or he was acting strange. All you need to do is learn to be a good parent and stop blaming video games for all our child problems.

I'm 24, my husband is 26, we both play World of Warcraft together and are both looking forward to the expansion. I would much rather my children (when I have them) playing a MMORPG while properly supervised or even playing along with us than sitting in front of the gogglebox (aka TV) watching a show without having to pay attention to anyone else. I personally don't like watching TV so I wouldn't be sitting there with them, that's for sure.

I've been a roleplayer and a video gamer for almost ten years and it led me to meeting people from all walks of life and all situations, it led to a greater understanding of the world around me rather than the small pocket in which I live with the influences of my area.

Video games are simply the latest excuse for parents not keeping an eye on their kids. For a number of years while at school, I was a latchkey kid and had to babysit my younger brother while waiting for my single mother to come home from work. I don't think I missed out because when she was home, she was home (as in she was there and keeping an eye on us, being there for us as a parent). Even when we were on the computer or playing my brother's console games, our mother was still there and checking on what we were up to. Rather than blaming the video game for you not keeping an eye on your kids, try actually taking part or just being there for your kids and finding out what they're doing, while still limiting the game to being a healthy activity rather than an addiction.

For the record, my brother (who's now 20) and I have never done drugs, never gotten into trouble with the police, have tons of friends we've met both in real life and online, neither of us drink alcohol. And my idea of a pleasant Friday or Saturday night is spending quality timeplaying a video game with my husband rather than going out and spending a blind fortune on alcohol in a club, losing all my inhibitions due to alcohol and making a fool of myself. All because we had the parental presence and care of a woman who would knows her responsibilities and still looks out for us even though we're both grown adults and I don't live at home anymore.

So stop blaming the video games for your failures, make time for your children and try to get involved in their hobbies instead of condemning them and limiting your children to what you consider safe. Be there to pick them up and look after them when they make mistakes because they will make mistakes...whether they're big ones or small ones. Otherwise they'll never learn to be functioning responsible adults in society because you never taught them those values.

I am 16 years old and i have played world of warcraft since it was released, first off for all you parents that translate world of warcraft into 666 in your mind, let me be the first to inform you that it does not cripple or handicap your childrens lives, i am currently also a black belt in jujitsu, karate,and taking kickboxing classes nightly, there is plenty of times for you kids to do other things than just sit on the computer, the reality of it all is EVERYONE with the exception of a very and trust me i mean very select few have sex, do drugs, and drink alcohol and if you encourage them to go out and meet new people all the time let me tell you from personal experience its pretty unavoidable. However am considered pretty popular of a person and have around 100+ friends at my highschool the difference is instead of getting together with them and gettin arrested and drunk, i go home and play warcraft go off to my martial arts class and come home and play world of warcraft with my girlfriend, yes i have a girlfriend and have many others.I bought her the game and she actually loves it. I know your thinking oh my gosh a normal kid that plays warcraft, yes its true i was actually the JV quarterback until i pulled a muscle in my arm extremely. Dont be communists and restrict your children from doing something they enjoy, because they will seek entertainment in "other" and highly probable negative things to their lives. I have to agree though i would make sure that they keep their grade to atleast a 3.0-3.5ish and make sure all their chores and homework is done before they begin playing each day and uphold other commitments such as having a sports team or martial arts class. Heres even an idea make them do all their daily things normally and let them play on nights and weekends as late as they want, we have to wake up so early we hardly get any sleep anyways why not let us pick when we sleep? you wont even notice a difference in your kid's daily live. I think world of warcraft could be a very effective trump card in your hand if you use it right- World of Warcraft User/ Successful Teenager

Alright, well these have been some intresting posts. I have noted the extremist posts where they apply. Some people attack this game as if were the plague and it's not. Allow anything to run rampant and it will. If you let your children get away with anything, time spent on this game will be no exception. However, the violence and undertones that people are attacking here are extremely light compared to many. One above post stated that it was unacceptable for teenagers. Well I do know that the only unsound thing is shrouding your yougnlings from the subtle realities of the world. viloence is, has and always will be a part of human life, and all the game expresses is two sides of a story none truly evil and neither truly good. This develops the understanding of conflicts that people often choose just not to get along. It is treated more as a rivalry in game also more than outright trying to kill anyone. And stupid people will inevitably do stupid things. If your children are hethens, trouble makers or addicted gamers don't go pointing the finger at everyone outside the box. The game I understand can be a rpoblem for some in some cases and those people should probably not play at all. Some people or children may take it too seriously and they probably shouldn't play either. At the least whether you be 5 or 55 the game is best suited for people who can behave themselves and act accordingly. I do know that manners and courtesies are taught and often enforced in the game. Many people participate for part of a social life. Do not forget those of us in the military deployed overseas. A lot of people like me are stationed in backwater whatsitsville / third world country blah blah blah and having a game like this allows us to experience some softer, kinder, more colorful social life than shooting real people and killing real enemies outside the wire. It is a way to relax and get away from it all and from what I have seen it reduces combat stress significantly. People who attack these kinds of games as being dangerous are typically the only thing dangerous themselves that go to huge lengths to persecute something they don't understand.And the time issue. Yes it takes a logn time to do things in this game, and people have choices to make on how they spend their time. If you ask me most of it's a matter of preference. As long as your kids are doing okay in school and still getting good excersice and their good habits remain intact then all is well. If problems occur from someone of any age playing the game, the issue should be addressed. If it cannot be resolved then that person may have a personal problem. You see people are people. Just like guns don't kill people. People kill people. You take away the guns and they stab with a fork. This game is not bad. I say, this game rocks my socks off. I have a job that's 10-14 hours a day. I have written several books, including getting one published. I practice martial arts, go to the gym, hiking and have a strong social life all while playing wow and yes I have a few level 60's. So does the game rob from anyone's life? Not more than they would care for it too, or any more than those who care for them will allow. If you don't want your kids doing this sort of thing, that's okay, you're the boss, you call the shots. But just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's bad for everyone else. If you're lactose intolerant, how fair is it to the rest of the world to ban cheese from all stares? I can put this matter no simpler and I close in peace.

Like television, reading material, friends, and many other kid's activities... parents should set limits and make rules.

More damaging than video games... why aren't you Mothers Against Television Violence?

I would much rather have my child spending a supervised hour on World of Warcraft than dumping them in front of the idiot-box, as most parents seem to do when they want time to themselves.

WoW and related games are just like any other part of the internet. If you're a good parent you supervise.

This is just a cover-up for your own lack of parenting.
I'm currently at school and play 3-5 hours of WoW: TBC à day. My grades are none but Bs and As and I still have friends, a lovely girlfriend and I play volleyball 6 times a week.

(I came here from the 28 hours played for first to be level 70, so I will touch on that a bit)

You people have gone too far, a warning system? Similar to what they use for Floods, Tornados, Hurricans, Forest Fires, Smog levels, and Terrorism, you suggest that video games are comparable to catastrophic disasters? So, if Video games can be ranked with real life disasters, people dying, then I'd say the 8 million person reach that WoW has, must be worse than a disaster, lets take one for instance, 9/11? Oh, that strikes a nerve doesn't it? A couple of thousand people died there, but 8 MILLION!?!? That is about 1 of every 26 people in the united states, well, the % of people who knew someone who was killed or hurt in 9/11 is 20% or 1/5. So, that means, inferenced from what you say.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, is about a fifth as much of a disaster, as SEPTEMBER 11th.

Now, now, I know, I've probably offended the pro-Americans, and the families of those lost, if I'm sorry, it's only to those who lost a loved one, but don't you dare say I don't know what it feels like.

Now MAVAV, since I'm about 80% sure I know this won't actually get posted, send my a reply, if you are smart at all you'll be able to tear my argument apart, I know I could.

By the way, I'm a WoW, Xbox Live, Elder Scrolls, and Gears of War LOVER. I bet you thought I was too stupid to type, right?

Well, I think you diehard rebels without a cause are pretty stupid too, go learn how to be good parents, instead of screaming to deaf ears on the internet about something you can't control, it's a free market, and if people buy it, why not sell it?

Honestly, if you think complaining on an internet will get you anywhere you obviously have a lot to learn. Andrew, I work for Gamestop and i can tell you, the ESRB is better then the movie rating system they have for today's movies. The ESRB is there to let PARENTS KNOW what the game contains. I play WoW, i have a 65 Warrior, i am addicted, yes, i play WoW a lot, im a "ruined" child, well lets see, i have a job, i go to college, i graduated high school with A's and B's and i dont drink or do drugs. Now what would be worse; A child who smokes, drinks, and has a child at the age of 16 or a college bound, job hunting high school graduate who plays WoW. OBVIOUSLY if you have a child, i WOULD HATE to see a parent like you. You make me sick, its sad to see that someone like you would destroy something that has actually brought a lot of people happiness. Look at all the responses and the Positive feedback besides your one post that doesnt explain ANYTHING the game contains. They have profanity filters, if thats what you are concered about. Not to mention the fact that the game isnt as Violent as other games. ITS A KIDS GAME BELIEVE ME

Compared to other games, WoW is just a game where people go to either get away from the things that trouble them or to hang out with real life friends when they are bored. Now, if you have any other arguments Andrew

i'd like to hear them.

Robert, COLLEGE STUDENT and Employee of Gamestop. O yea, Minaach-65 Warrior and Tyfud-56 Mage of Boulderfist.

Yet another ill-conceived and badly thought-out attack on the computer software industry by an opinionated minority of people who have little understanding of the complexities of living in a modern society.

When will groups like MAVAV realise that the key to successfully bringing up a child to be a responsible adult is that they should take responsibility for their childrens' actions, instead of trying to shift the blame for their inadequacies in parenting onto whatever they deem to be an unfit model.

If you're worried about exposing your children to things like violence, rape, adultery, genocide, betrayal, regicide, etc etc, then I would suggest that the first thing that you ban from your homes is the Old Testament.

Or would that be a little too uncomfortable for you?

So Rakathan says:

"The best alternative that most children of this day and age will greatly enjoy is simply reading a good book."

Funny, there's a lot of books out there with loads of descriptive violence, sex, drugs... and books don't have ESRB ratings or warning labels. And books don't offer interactive problem solving situations like games do.

I'm a parent and my kids play computer and video games. I watch what they play, I moderate the time they spend playing, and I make sure they understand the difference between reality and video games. I even play games with them for fun interactive quality time.

Also, role-playing isn't limited to games... some people actually do it for a living and get quite fameous for it. They are called actors.

Will you just leave us alone. Have you once in your life been happy and you say it takes months off the kids life. Well instead of making this useless website. I love WoW and you don't see me sitting all alone with no friends. Its just harmless fun. Why buy the game then protest it. Thats not right. Your protest won't work because in one article you say gears of war sold 2 million copies. that means protesting against 2 million people. If you want World of Warcraft gone then say hello to around 30 million people

Ok this website stated that it will take several months in order for a person to level up to 70. This statement is rediculous bcause the expansion came out bout haf a month go and there are already severa level 70 characters.

Video games arn't bad. Ask yourself, would you rather A) have your kid go out and kill real people when having a bad day or B) kill people in a game? I mean who cares as long as a parent does a good job making sure the kid knows its only a game.

Games are fun, violent games seem to be more appealing because you can do things that are frowned upon in real life. I've played games for a very long time and most all of them would be considered 'violent' by this prud site and I havn't gone out and chopped someones head off just to watch the blood ooze out just because I'd do it for fun in a game.

I am really getting sick and tired of the parents blaming everyone else but themselves. I am 27 years old and have been playing video games since the very first nintendo came out. I can't blame parents for the content that's in video games today. But the reason kids learn from the video games because parents don't sit down with their children and teach them what's real and fake. It sad how parents become so damn sue-happy when their kids commits a crime because of video games. SIT DOWN WITH YOUR IDIOT CHILDREN AND BEAT IT IN THEIR HEADS WHAT IS RIGHT AND WRONG!!! STOP BLAMING THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY FOR YOUR MISTAKES!!!

Man, MAVAV is so stupid. Games are a form of entertainment. It's parents today that are buying their kids M-rated games. I remember when some old lady bought her 12 year old GTASA and eventually sued rockstar for saying that they were selling her a violent videogame without even knowing. Hmm, let's see. The cover has that big fat M rating in front. It has people with guns and doing drive-bys.

This game is dangerous.
I played blizzrad games for a while. I was hooked first with war3. With that alone I dumped hours apone hours trying climb the rank. Then I got to be #6 in solo out of all the palyers. With that game there was still a social life but with the hours spending maintianing my level my wife played in the second act.

Then when world a warcraft was released I lost my life to it little by little by little. I was in a good guild and known by many players outside my guild. They became my family even though I had a wife and 2 kids. I was in a casual guild but we raided 4 nights a week sucking up 3-5 hours at a shot. I was a farmer and there was way more demand they supply.

Heres was my hooks that coast me my wife.
1. it's just a game I don't have to play
the truth was every new patch that had new epics from dungons I had to stay on top of the dkp to make sure I was getting my share.

2. I was haveing real life troubles my life started to suck. I had a way not to face them and go to a place where people like me needed me. I lead them and farmed like no other. When a guild mate needed to get ran through a 5 man I was the hub to get the right mix and get it done fast. So here I was a winner where to my wife I felt like a loser to her.

3. Pride I was purpled out on my main. Pluse The 5 level 60 I had. There was pride that I could level 1-60 in 2 weeks. I even did it with a full prot warrior.
meaning it was hard to let being the elite and leeting that go.

4. It never ends if you care about your spot in a raid. If you care about ganking loser allince at will and danceing over the dead bodies of to other allice who came to help the guy you ganked. It does not end. Every no instince every new patch the carrot always in front of your cart for what you care about.

I want to sell my account with my 2 level 70 toons and my 65 62 60 but I feel poorly that I will be takeing some ones $1500 so they then get in slaved into the sunk coast falicy. Toss there life away into this place.

I can not sit here and tell you games are bad. Though every one of the people in my guild have missed a date skipped out on work. Missed meals and have gotten very upset about the drama lama that guilds all ways see. If you care about epic gear and not being gank bait then you have passed the line thats a hobbie to addiction. Guys I put on 35 lbs since I stared playing. My close friends never seen me ever and my wife was left alone and my kids for that matter. I am a loser could not pull up from my depression and loved being a winner. I lost the love of my life and I hope you do not do the same. Who knows the time your putting in the game you might miss your chance. Weather the cance to hold the door for her was missed because you are in your chair and she walked out the door where you should have been. Or you do meet her but you life is reck and you do not have the ability to put some one first in your life you are not grown up seasoned by responsibilty. Women are working today and comming home in traffic they do not want to be your mother.....

Them days are over. There working and so are you. you can forget the dream of the door opening and haveing dinner ready then all you hVE TO DO IS PUT THE DISH IN THE SINK and watch you tv program then goto bed. Sorry she is as every tierd as you are. You better be ready to cook that meal then clear the table clean the dishes and put them away befor bed. Other wise you comming home and grabing a load a lundrey and putting it in the wash. Then the dryer, folding them in putting them in all the draws mostly hers and the kids.

So agian most guild want 20 hours a week from you just to be what they call a casual player. Meaning you go on no raid unless there mains do not show up. Or your putting 40+ hours a week in so you are a main member.
Do I need to remind you that most of these hours are on fri sat and sun? You know it's true from the q line you wait in so you can enter your realm.

Parents want to be to let them play but control it. Then take over there password!!!

Force there screen name into your hands and change the password. You need to know the password to change the password. What to see a sad sad thing enter the game and type /timeplay I hope you done see 100 days! That not 1 day for evey day he was on that means 24 hours put togther were made into one day.

Also if you reckless you might have down loaded mods that put key logger viruses that record where you are and every thing you type. Online banking? yes these get pass nortons. They now have your account and personal info. Does not matter about how secure the site is. There not entering the site they recording what keys you are typeing.

I feel that I am free for gameing and miss my kids so much. I now make plans of our todo list. they now no longer wait in my office cause I am checking AH or checking my mail to gem craft bull shit. they now have a dad who dreams when he will see them. Loses counts of how many times they squeel with joy when he has them. Then crys when they leave him.

BIGGEST LOSER you just read from him. Do not turn out like me.

Just a little thing on the textspeech heres the downlow its quicker than writing full words when you online or on your phone you either need to get back to the game or you only have a 1 inch screen to type on. and as for whoever the brainiac mom who wrote the textspeech over the gears of war screenshot doesn't tyme and time have the same amount of letters in it? but don't mind me im just a crazed gamer who can do anything well g2g (thats got to go for you slow ones)i have an appointment with my 360 and lost planet.

A game being popular doesn't mean that it will make people addicted. Pong was popular and still is among quite a number of people and that game hasn't and never will be rated as a huge risk. What I don't understand is why you aren't taking on Everquest. I believe that game was more addictive than World of Warcraft and that game was DEFINITELY more time consuming.

Dont know if Mothers For Misplaces Blame... oops I mean Mothers For Simple Thought... dammit cant get it right.
Anyhow dont know if this site considers themselves critical thinkers or are fans of logic. Do they ever look at both sides of the spectrum before they make bold statements and preach to the world.
Here is a link that should be on this site:


Several months from 60 to 70? You posted this as though it were a fact "known to take several months", so how can I (as a parent of a gamer and a gamer myself) take you seriously? I casually play, as I have many priorities in life that restrict my leisure time. I bought the Burning Crusade on the day it came out, and like almost every other level 60 that did, I currently play a level 70. It's been out for what... 2 months? I play an average of 2 hours per day.... You're fabricating statistics to promote your propoganda. I don't think that's fair.

If your kid is stuck on the computer and wishes to do nothing else with his life, perhaps it's an inconsistency on your part as a parent.

Thanks to this website, my mother has banned me from playing video games.

This has shown me the light of drugs, alcohol and rock and roll.

Thankyou Webmaster!

I had to laugh out loud at so many of the comments posted here.
Yes, WoW is addictive.
Yes, WoW is violent.
You know what's more addictive and violent? Drugs, alcohol.

So, you can have your child addicted to WoW (which they'll most likely get over in a couple of years). Or have them addicted to drugs, which could affect the rest of their lives, and possibly kill them.

You can have your child swinging a sword and a bloody pig in a game, that doesn't even BLEED, or you can allow your child to roam the streets, discover the 'joys' of drugs and alcohol, and become violent that way.

I live in a hotel. I've seen more violence and fights in the bar than I've seen in game.

Fact is, WoW probably saved my life at one point (as ridiculous as it sounds). I'd just gone through a terrible breakup- and was using WoW for a few hours every day as my 'escape' to make things more bearable. I was suicidal- and WoW was the only thing that kept me sane.

I've made friends from this game. You're talking to real people, with real lives, all over this real world.
In fact, when I moved interstate- people from my guild picked me up from the airport.

You learn a lot about human nature from WoW. Every time you talk to someone, group with someone, do ANYTHING, you're using social skills. You might have a discussion with your guild master about another player in the guild causing problems- how is that different to approaching a teacher in school about another studen causing problems?

You learn about economy in WoW.
There is a whole, intricate, fabulous in-game economy- you have to earn your keep. You need to keep paying gold to keep running. You can buy, sell, trade. Negotiate. Sure, it's not dollars and cents- its gold, silver and copper- but it's still teaching your child about money (assuming of course, they're not buying it off eBay).

Honestly, the World of Warcraft is harmless. Stop focusing on the minority cases where things have gone wrong- if your kid is addicted so bloody what.
You can do 2 things:
A) pull the power cord out / stop paying the monthly fee for it, or one of the other various suggestions listed above. In short- stop whinging to everyone, and be pro-active about it.
B) Get over it. They'll get over it eventually- just as I have done. In the meantime- they are learning valuable socio-economical skills. Which is probably more than what you're teaching them.

This game isnt addicting...

Its not dangerous at all.

All these stories of addiction are complete and total lies.

Its because people have problems and they cant just figure out that they themselves are causing it, and so they blame this case, they blame videogames.

Also its because psycologists want money and the gaming market is huge. making parents think their kid needs phsycological help makes the phsycologist make more money because parents send their kid to them.

I dont see why people are so hateful against videogames and people who play them. Is it a crime to have fun?

I play Burning Crusade 3-5 hours daily. I have a level 70, a 40, a 28 and an 18.

Im ALSO in honors classes and have a job.

I think thats enough proof against this growing scandal against all forms of gaming.

Why do you care?
It is not Blizzard's fault, it is the fault of the gamer/parents of the gamer for either, letting themselves be engrossed by pixels, or not preventing that from happening to their son/daughter. I don't see why you should take such a conservative attitude towards it.
It's a game. People get addicted, sure, but why do you care? They are not you.

Oh... my god.
You know, some people are actually fighting things like drugs and wars, racism, sexual abuses and things like that.

But this... is just. How should I put words on my thoughts... the worst crap I've ever seen in my life.
Please, stop living in the 70's and get back to reality. Gaming is not a common problem, your kids are. I bet you think rock and roll does the very same thing to yer kids. Geez... Get a life!

God damn it what the hell is all the people's problem with World Of Warcraft? yes the game is addicting and interesting and so... i dont see the problem? i think it's just because some people cant get along with the virtual reality they think all the crimes and so are because of the "violence" in the computer games...
i paly WoW too and i have 70lvl paladin 56lvl warlock and a 20lvl druid but i can quit any time and stop playing even forever.

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