January 02, 2007

Video Game Violence Makes Teens Aggressive


A new study found violent video games increased activity in the brain, which is involved in emotional arousal.

Researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine say that brain scans of kids who played a violent video game showed an increase in emotional arousal – and a corresponding decrease of activity in brain areas involved in self-control, inhibition and attention.

Don't just take our word for it, "There’s enough data here that clearly indicates that [game violence] is a problem."


I am a long time gamer and also an IT professional and I would like to make a statement towards people like MAVAV. I wrote a speech in college about violence and the media and found that the surgeon general from a couple years back conducted numerous studies that concluded there was no correlation between media violence and violent behavior. I myself been playing violent video games since the birth of the commodore 64 and I have no criminal record, i'm not a degenerate and I don't think that gaming is going to change that. For every article that you find that states that violence has a negative impact on our behavior there is just as many that say that gaming improves intelligence or that violent games do not make violent people. It's classic Syllogistic reasoning. It is a horrendous tragedy when a child brings a gun to school and shoots other children, but to assume that the child did so because of a video game is ludicrous considering that 99% of the children that played the same video game did not hurt anyone. Wouldn't it make more sense to conclude that the child was violent and was drawn to violent video games as an outlet. I'm not a neurologist so I won't argue whether or not violent video games have a physical effect on the brain. However, I am an educated man and with games like Gears of War selling 2 million copies over the past few months wouldn't it seem logical that as game sales rise that youth violence would have risen proportionately. In fact it has not. Is violent crimes on the rise, absolutely. Can this be attributed to video games and movies, I think that's a poor assumption. We are too quick to point blame on anyone but ourselves. Bad parenting should be the focus of violent children. If you feel video games are too violent then don't let your children play them, or at least supervise them, better yet play with them show an interest in your child and their hobbies. It's just like movies, not all of them are appropriate for children. It's not the industries job to monitor your children. That's solely your responsibility!

Excellent point, Avid. I'm a 30 year old father of 3 with a full time job and a mortgage and despite playing *gasp* Doom and every other "violent" game for the past 20 years I have yet to show an ill side effect.

A child's personality or mental state dictates the games they play, not the other way around. To blame a media outlet (music,movies,games) for a child's behavior is silly at best.

As far as increased brain activity goes, yeah I'll concur - while playing such a game one's mind may enter an excited and maybe even violent state, but what sets a normal person apart from a child ticking time bomb is our ability to differentiate between fantasy and reality.

On the flipside, as a parent I agree with everything I have that we need to be aware of what our kids are doing online. It's a big world out there with little to no moral limitations - we'd be remiss to think they don't need us looking over their shoulders. The problem occurs when lazy parents treat these things as virtual babysitters. Drop a 12 year old in a mature MMO and they'll have every life lesson taught to them by someone they've never met.

Well, it seems another ignorant group has joined the long list of other parents who will simply refuse to drop their idiotic belief that video games cause violence... If you're up to date with today's discoveries about gaming then why not post just a few of the hundreds of other tests that have proved that violent games or media DO NOT cause general violence in people.

Now I would recommend that instead of blaming violent occurences on gaming, try to find the REAL cause and actualy help people.

Ok, so i play "Code RED" games or whatever you people call them...
I work in the pre-school
I am a Buddist Monk
I have never even thought about being "bullet-proof"

Why do you insist on doing this? Why? You know what you tell your children, or anybody that reads this that has children? You are telling them you dont trust kids with taking care of themselves, you are telling them that kids are sponges and absorb everything that they come across.
Sorry to break it to you ladies, but trying to get kids to stop playing violent video games will do nothing to prevent them from becoming violent. Take a look at the world, war, rape, drugs, crimanals, murder, robbery, terrorism... IT IS EVERYWHERE. Evening news, local cities, downtown, suburban neighborhoods... how can kids not get violent or refer to a gun everyonce in a while? You will have to keep them in a house for 40 years to get them to be perfect little angels like you wish worlds youth would be. 9/11, everyone knows about it. So if kids know that there are some filthy people in the world who fly planes into buildings... thats about as bad as it can get. What would be worse, your kid talking about his awesome new full diamond armor suit after he slain a fire breathing dragon? Or a kid talking about someone flying a plane in to a building?

I fully agree with the three previous posts. I am a college student and I play video games as a sources of enjoyment. I play all different sorts of games, from violent to family oriented. I feel that they have no negative effects on my behavior at all. I personally feel that if your son (or daughter) is displaying violent behavior after playing a "violent video game," then it is simply a matter of the parenting. Might sound funny coming from someone who is not a parent, but all the people I play with at college are good people. Some of us go to church every Sunday and other are the most family oriented people I know. They just enjoy a game here and there, no matter the content. I think this is the most pathetic waste of your time. The mothers running this site and the mothers that stand behind this ludicrous belief need to get a life and learn how to parent. Maybe instead of coming up with this website and ranting on about video game violence, maybe you should go spend some time with your son or daughter...

Look, I respect your right to have an opinion about violence in video games, and your right as parents to choose what you buy your children. However: the very first sentence in this post is interesting in it's vagueness:
A new study found violent video games increased activity in the brain, which is involved in emotional arousal.
First of all, anyone versed in psychology or fundamental neuroscience can assume that ANY activity, including the static, habitual viewing of meaningless shapes, produces an increase in the activity in the brain.

Second of all, I think if you focus less on ambiguous studies to find a hint of correlation that furthers the goals of whatever mission statement your organization might have and instead harness that attention your children; informing them about the principles of morality; providing them with context they can use when confronted with the commercialism that promotes video games, then in my honest opinion, you'll be a great parent. Because it's obvious that you care.

Don't blame video games and don't blame your kids for whatever fear that drives you to find flaws where there are none- blame the very natural and very understandable need to protect your children.

And THAT is a subject on which I could show you a few very well conducted studies.

Good luck.

I myself have been a gamer since age 3. My mom never kept a strict watch on the rating system or how long i played. I graduated highschool, never did drugs, never got arrested, I never even so much as got pulled over. I went out almost ever friday and saturday night, I played World of Warcraft for 2 years, and im still alive and have a full blown social life. I play in a band, I have a girlfriend i manage to see everyday, and still play videogames. If your so concerned take them away from your own kid. Your over generalizing a whole group of people. Its your job as parents to raise your kids, teach them right from wrong. If they end up doing somthing stupid its your fault, you have done a poor job loving and caring for them, in my experiance the more sheltered and protected kids were the more they smoked weed and partied. Sorry Parents the truth is the harder you push the more everyone is going to want these things, your just the publicity a company like Blizzard needs to sell more games. Spend less time complaining about a game company with cartoon violence and addictive gameplay, and try telling your kid its just all not real, do your job, get offline, and raise your goddamn kids. The blame rest on mothers like you for kids who commit acts of violence based on rediculous illusions of grandure from videogames.

19 years old
College Student
fulltime gamer
not insane or addicted
plays WoW, has a social life

go on explain how i managed to be different
sorry you guys have no right to make statements that have no factual backing. your not scientists, and there arent studies dont by any large enough study groups on this site to prove anything to me, im ranting a bit, but you guys are way offbase. Go spend time with your kids.

Stop blaming outside sources for your poor parenting skills. If your child is expressing violent tendancies, then you have only yourself to blame. Think really hard here for a second, back to the last time you spanked your child, or induced some other form of physical punishment, or verbal assault for your child not doing every little whim of yours. For your information, Spanking causes violent tendancies. Spanking teaches the child that if you're bigger than someone, your way is correct because obviously you overpowered them.

If your child is exhibiting behaviors that are aggressive, uncouth, or negative, then you need only look at yourself, and I'm sure you can find the blame squarely on your shoulders, not the phantom ghosts of some pixelated world.

17 years old
A-Level student

I completely disagree with everything on this site, i have been playing "violent" video games from the age of about 12, and am still to show any adverse effects. I have played Grand theft auto, Gears of war, and many of the other games you single mindedly bash on this site. I have had no involvement with the law, and am still in school and recieve good grades. Just because of a few freak occurances of gamers taking it over the edge doesnt mean you have to condem the whole gaming nation.

I think it is morally wrong that you try to back up what you are doing here with unfounded scientific "claims".

I dont think i am bulletproof
I am not a murderer
I am not an aggresive / violent person

Todays children would benefit a lot more from active parenting, instead of censoring everything your child sees that could possibly be construde as bad for them.

I am a 24 year old gamer, and have been a gamer since the days of the NES. I enjoy a wide variety of games, from puzzles like Tetris, adventure games like the Myst series, as well as first person shooters like the Doom series, and action games like the GTA series. Considering all this, do I want to go out with whatever weapon I can lay my hands on and go on some sort of rampage? Far from it. I have long since been against the idea of linking violent video games to violent behavior. To me, it is not the games that have the cause, but the home life a person has. A child in a violent home I think will grow up to be a violent person, where a child raised in a loving and caring family will grow to become a decent person. Least, those are my thoughts on the subject.

That all said, it should be pretty clear I agree with what's been said already.

Do you know how wrong you are?
Millions of people, old and young, play video games EVERY day. Im one of them. I have never committed a crime, done drugs or had any intention to. My friends all play videogames a lot more than me and they are all perfectly normal, not these mindless, violent teens you have a problem with. I play violent games and so does my younger brother but are both perfectly normal. Change your attitude to videogames and STOP blaming all your issues with violent teens on videogames as if this is true then most of the teens in the developed world will become violent killers or think they're invincible. Blame bad parenting as this is much more likely and stop being influenced by rubbish studies.
P.S. its Xboxes not X-boxes
Oh, and i bet your children feel REALLY left out at school, not being able to play videogames like their friends (If they still have any). Go out and buy them an Xbox 360 and Gears of War. They will not become 'violent', start killing people or start failing at school.

Although it seems you put a lot of work into this website and this organization I found a few flaws with this article I would like to point out. Starting out, the title of your article states video games make children violent. Although video games make them emotional that does not mean violent. Even anger is a different emotion than violence. In addition I am a student in college studying media and through my classes and studies it seems numerous media outlets make people of all ages react emotionally. Watch a man of 40 watch his favorite football team taking on their rivals. Watch someone read engage themselves in an opinion column. You can't blame the athletes for getting the 40 year old man excited and breaking his remote. Just like the child playing video games, you can not blame it on the video game. Although I believe games like World of Warcraft seem to take over children in unhealthy ways. The problem doesn't go back to WOW. The parents need to take their child away from the game and tell their child to get outside. The video game industry is a company and companies don't feel love and compassion. Parents do and they are the ones who must find the solution in themselves.

I'm 16 I've played video games all my life including violent ones i have had no adverse side affects (i don't feel violent, i have a social life, i don't feel bullet proof). now there is a person in my class who never played any video games his entire life and he is extremely violent, bullys a lot of people and does drugs he is undeniable proof that bad parenting leads to violent children not video games.

Ok, quick bio:

Age: 26
Sex: Male
Married: Happily
Children: None, yet.
Location: USA
Occupation: United States Marine
Current games played: Doom 3, Guild Wars

I was raised with video games my entire life. Some of my earliest memories are of Mario Brothers, Indiana Jones, Excite Bike or Duck Hunt. I spent countless hours saving some princess, or killing some bad guys while trying to remember the code for Contra -- (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, select, start...how’s that?)

I can't even remember how many times I asked my parents for a new game. Most of the time, my Dad brought them home before I asked because HE liked them probably more than me. (Before you call him lazy he was one, an Ex-Marine, and two the Senior Testing Engineer at a large military contracting company that designed, tested and troubleshot such things like software for the Early Radar Warning Systems used in fighter jets today. He worked impossible hours and from my memory was VERY overworked and tired when he got home every night). He was responsible for designing and testing software and hardware systems that his company in turn sold to the US Gov for use in our nations military for billions of dollars. I would say he had a pretty mature job. Yet, he loved playing video games and would commonly spend hours playing them.

Personally I spent a VAST amount of time playing video games growing up. I also spent a majority of my childhood on football teams, at the Boys and Girls Club, riding my bike and teaching myself to play piano. Did I get in fights? Sure, who didn’t? When I got mad at some kid did I suddenly think I was a trained killer with a huge gun and 99 lives? No. Why? Because my parents taught me that there is such a thing as your imagination. They also taught me the difference between something real, and something you see on TV. I understood at a young age that although Grover looked cool, and sounded cool, and was very friendly, he was simply a puppet. I understood that if I built a ramp for my bike, tried to jump over it and crashed, that I would get hurt. My Health Bar simply didn't go down a few points. I couldn't look for a 1-Up in case I decided to jump in front of a car. I knew that if I pointed my Dads BB-gun at a bird, or my friends head and pulled the trigger that it would HURT them. Yeah, my grades started to suck as I got into middle school. That was right about the time my Dad was killed in a motorcycle accident, so excuse the lack of interest. Video games have never caused me to NOT do my home work. I did. Video games never caused me to smoke, or drink. I did. Video games didn't make me into a productive adult. I did. Most importantly, I didn't do it alone. Up until my Dad died I had two loving parents to teach and raise me. I had teachers at school that weren’t afraid to hold me after class to help me. I had coaches who instilled a little discipline in my young body. I had neighbors who did their part as well. All of these things influence us, human beings. Are some of us a little different? Sure.

Riddle me this---What do we call the people who spend just as much or MORE doing things like, playing guitar, painting, writing, cooking, singing, and dancing? What do we call these people? We call them, Steve Young, Opera, Sir Isaac Newton, Einstein, Mom, Dad, Sir and Ma'am.

"Yeah, but you can't make a living playing video games all day."

Oh yeah? Beat one of these games you like to blame for all societies problems, count how many names are in the credits--HUNDREDS sometimes more. It takes whole companies YEARS to make a game. You think Nintendo planted some seeds and a few weeks later Mario popped out?

Lastly, as stated before, I am a US Marine. I've spent more time than the average person with an M-16 A4 machine gun in my hands. Not once, ever, have I imagined I was in Doom 3, or Halo 2. If you want to blame something for the lack of good grades in our youth, blame their parents. Blame THEM. Blame all the uneducated and confused people out there for accepting the utter crap that you’re preaching. Blame someone that can take responsibility for it. Don't blame an object. Drugs cause addiction because of chemicals. The body grows to NEED them or else it causes physical and mental problems. When my wife makes me turn off my game because she wants to hang out do I get sick and go through physical withdrawals? Come on. Don't blame video games people, blame just that, PEOPLE.

I may not be a decent writer, and I know I’m not the best example for stellar academics. Look at what I am though. I am a productive citizen of this thing we call civilization. I spend a huge amount of my free time doing the exact thing you claim ruins our youth and causes bad things. Yet I’m a drug free, debt free (minus student loans from the place you imply people like me will never go, college) successful happy member of society who aside from a few speeding tickets has no criminal record. I would be willing to bet that I’ve spent more time playing video games than any other single thing in my life. According to you I should be an emotionally stunted, obese, delusional psychopath just itching for the chance to take out all my aggressions caused by the countless hours spent playing video games. All because I spent just as much time playing video games growing up as you did watching TV.

You know all those “studies” you quoted--you forgot to mention; the same group of professionals that make these claims also put kids on “wonder drugs”(Prozac).
90% (true stat, look it up) of the kids that were involved in the violent crimes you talk about are on, nation wide. The drugs that we’re cramming down our youths throats that are designed to “balance brain chemistry” weren’t around in 1940, 1950, 1970 or even the early 80’s. How many of the problems that you blame on video games were around back then? Yes, I know video games at such a broad level weren’t around until the late 70’s. But, either were these wonder drugs we’re all promoting to help us cope with….life. Did your Grandparents ever hear of someone shooting up a school? Unlikely, back then if you screwed up you were held accountable. They didn’t blame your friends, or the TV or Radio. They blamed the people responsible, not TV, Radio or books, (closest thing to video games back then I guess). Blaming video games for these sorts of problems is weak.

It never ceases to amaze me how parents with
troubled teens, always want to play pass the
buck of responsibility. They want to blame the Porn industry for there being Perverts or
Rapists in the World. How about those people's parent's were too strict or were abusive. Then they tried to blame heavy metal
or rap/hip-hop for violence in teens. Now it is Violent Videogames. Why don't these parents start looking with in their situations
as why their children are acting out. Are the
parents being too strict, or not strict enough
are the parents fighting or divorced. There are so many factors that can cause trauma to
children and teens. Now the nation with the
highest crime rate is the U.S. And the U.S. censors almost everything before we get it.
Every other contry in the World is not as strict. Whether it is television, Movies, or
Videogames. They don't have the problems with
violent crimes the U.S does. Now what I am going to say next is going to anger alot of people but Who Cares! I am tired of Religious
Jesus Freaks who complain about everything. Newsflash more Violence has came from Religious Fanatisism than anything else. The
Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, etc. Also
if you read any book on the Psychology of the
Criminal mind the Majority of violent criminals had grown up in abusive homes and very religiously strict homes. Stop forcing
religion down your kids throats, and telling
them that every violent or impure thought is
a Sin and the Devil's work. My Advice if you
think your teen is violent or troubled. Don't
blame videogames of movies or Music. Instead
why don't you try Listening to your kids listen to their feelings find out why they are
upset. The planning for your next dinner party or wine tasting can wait your children
can't. Oh and for those who don't know!
Now if everyone does not mind I am going back
to playing Battlefield 2142 and blowing sh*t up. Have a Nie Day!

Personal Info:
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Occupation: Student
Average hours spent gaming daily: 2-5
Usual types of games: MMORPG's, Puzzles, RPG's, and RTS's

I was just informed about this website from a friend and have spent a bit of time reading the articals and comments on this website. The fact that you have taken something that, dispite your valent efforts, will never be removed from our socitey, and twisted it into some plague on the minds of our future generations I find appauling. I have been a Gamer since Kindergarden and enjoyed all types of games. Am I a disfuctional, violence craving, evil cult worshiping, antisocial, gang member as you would love to see to prove that all of this gaming is ruining my life? No. What I am is an average teenager who, dispite my short comings, has managed to lead a very healthy life. Most of my friends are also Gamers in their own right and none of us have turned into these violent children you say we should be.
I do agree that, if taken too far, video games can cause criminal and dangerous behaviour. But I remember many things before video games that were said to do the same thing. Television, Radio, the internet, and Anime, just to name a few. You people seem to be the sort who take a rare occurance, twist it until it screams, then hand it back to the public as an event as common as a cloudy day.

Dear MAVAV members,
I am deeply offended by this. I myself have played many video games on varying consoles, a portion of which could be considered violent or agressive in nature.
The article provided states that a decrease of self-control, attention, and inhibition occured after a short period of game play. I find this statement is more likely used in as a general view, for I find that I lack all three of the symptoms, and I can easily and calmly work on a seperate task after playing a video game, as well as before doing so.
I would also like to present the matter of age in my defense. To put it simply, an elementary school student should not be playing F.E.A.R., or the likes of such. As we all should be aware, younger children are very impressionable. Now, if your 14-year-old son would like to play a game that might seem a little violent, I suggest letting him. Of course, before hand, every individual should know the difference between reality and the world of animation.
As for the prospect of addiction to video games, it depends on the player themselves. I do not have an "addiction," but I do enjoy playing and have a variety of games on hand, although I do not engage in play as often as others might. A video game addiction can be treated like any other addiction, for that's all it is. Decrease the amount of play gradually until satisfied, but do not eliminate it entirely. I do believe it is more enjoyable entertainment than television. I also suggest intiating new activities. Don't push, just suggest.

Thank you for your time.

Isn't it interesting that there is not one post from anyone actually concerned about video game violence here.

The fact is that the majority of studies that have been used to back "the media violence myth" (look it up on google) were subsidized by the government for use in political campaigns. The majority of the findings were actually completely inconclusive, yet simplified statements posted within the studies were used out of context to the benefit of whomever needed some ammunition. This is not even mentioning any bias that is a result of subsidies.

For example, who believes the studies that are subsidized by cigarrette companies? Actually, a whole lot of people; because no-one is willing to read the actual study and think about it.

They'll prove anything if you give em' enough money. Lets just censor it all; yay facism.

I've played video games since I was 3 and im about to turn 17. Ive played DOOM, WoW, every GTA game, Mortal Kombat....and im fine. Hell I'm an emo kid, and if anything gets me 'violent' its stuff like this. Violense in kids isnt represnted threw pixels. Its more likely what they see on TV. Actual people. Yes, kids are dumb, I'm dumb, but I know the difference between Tommy Vercittie from Vice City taking a pistol to everyones face, and takin my dads pistol to school and entering cheats to not get in fucking trouble.

I am an avid gamer. I don't play for hours at a time, but I do enjoy them. Now, while typing this, I am having a hard time not to just go off and start typing anti-feminist comments. So please, bear with me. The picture labled "video games make teens feel bulletproof"? If some one plays video games for five hours a day, how can they afford a Ferrarri? Your so called "facts," have been disproved by every major neurological/psychological study preformed. I may be only thirteen but I believe that this is propaganda bull. I am sorry for that statment but it is true. I play Halo and Halo 2, both quite infamous games, I have played GTA and Doom, and according to what you are saying, I should be a drooling, depressed, unstable, uber-violent, obese, monstrosity. Am I? No. I am a perfectly healthy, stable, young adult who is, contrary to what your "studies," say, going to college come hell or high water. Kids are not the comatose, helpless, naive, little monsters you think they are. Kids are becoming more mature more fast as time goes on. Virtual reality is no substitute for reality, I agree with that, but kids can tell the difference between the two. I play for around two hours a day, and I don't go around shooting people expecting them to respawn a few seconds later in a different location. Please, look on the logical side of things, video games do not hurt kids any more than other forms of media. Talk to your kids about how they feel instead of letting them sit in front of the tv all day

Clearly you can't control your children either because you have failed as parents. You only critisize video games because they are the least critisized in history due to the young nature of them. Books and movies cause the same emotional patterns you see caused by games, so if games cause violence, those do too.

You people are a mockery to responsible parents everywhere. You won't ever succeed in stopping video games. They don't cause violence. Period. No study has ever proven that they have either. No study ever will. You know why? Because they dont cause violence.

This whole site is ludicrous. MAVAV seems to by trying to blame the (questionable) ills created by video games on the video game industry rather than dealing with the real issue. If your kid is addicted to video games, it isn't the developers fault for making the game too good, it's because your kid has an addictive personality and you need to treat that as you would any other addiction. You don't blame Smirnoff if your an alcoholic and you certainly don't push to reinstate prohibition.

I play tons of violent video games. I'm 14, and a GIRL. This is really stupid. How can violent video games affect the brain? IT CANT And now you have to be 18 or older to buy Mature rated games. I wonder who are buying these games, it's the fucking retarded mothers!
Can't anyone see on the back of a video game the game rating.
How can you not see the Rating, it has M! For you slow moms going, I need to spoil my kids, since I want them to be popular, so I'm going to give them the bad games, with violent, sex, and gangs.

I play a lot of video games. And my parents know what I play. They don't have a problem, since I'M NOT CHANGING.
I still go to school, play sports, and do well with my friends.

I am a 15 year old male who has played video games since Pokemon red came out and had played video games at my friends houses before I had a system. Why do you insult my intelligence, I am capable of distinguishing fact from fiction which my parents and my growing has taught me. Yes my responsible parents who took the time to tell me to think of the consequences of my actions and didn't blame other people or things.
It clearly seems you aren't responsible for your children, for example World of Warcraft is on the highest alert of the irresponsible parent meter because of the time they play on the game... so why don't the parents limit the time of their gaming? It's like you have your children play it and you start pointing at the game blaming it even though you need to act responsibly and limit their gaming or whatever the problem is.
Also your studies are horrible. I currently am playing Gears of War and I don't feel bulletproof or feel the need to kill a person etc. I also have a great social life which I shouldn't have because I play video games.
Next on the list, more of your studies. In the study to show the difference in your brain playing a violent and non-violent video game is obvious. Apparently the part of your brain showing violence or anger or something similar will react when you play violent video games, that makes sense, you're playing a violent video game, what are you trying to prove? I am not going on a violent rampage or plotting a violent rampage after playing a violent game and I have played worse than "Medal of Honor: Frontline". When a kid shoots other kids and they had video games/ music/ movies these are the first to blame not the parents so tests are done and they find some vague relation between violence, not the children's problems so video games etc are to blame, Bull.
Why do you include everyone else with your anger against video games as well? There are more important things like your children/child so go watch him/her/them.
By your studies I may still be a killer in the future so if I remember and this site is up I will write again proving I am healthy mentally socially and physically.

I find that it is how much you immerse yourself in the game that will cause you to be emotionally involved. If you're playing WoW for 18 hours a day, no wonder you freak out when your character dies. But guess what: some people don't. And if you play 1 to 2, maybe even 3 hours a day, no matter how violent the game, 99.99% of people will be completely alright, too. Yes, there are exceptions, but there are exceptions to EVERYTHING. Teens will NOT CHANGE if they play even the most violent video games a reasonable number of hours (or minutes) a day.
And if your child is capable of in any way distinguishing video games from the real world, they should (and will) not be affected by the weak morale the video games display. Indeed, one shan't steal cars and kill random people in the streets, but video games won't cause your kids to do that. That's why everything is happening in a simulated world.
Video games may explicitly instruct teens to commit vicious acts, BUT EVERYTHING IS SIMULATED. Video games will not affect how teens behave IN THE REAL WORLD.
I find video games stress-relieving. It distracts me from whatever worries me at the moment. Whenever I feel I have moved past whatever has bugged me, I save my progress and quit. It's as easy as that.
Violence is not included in video games for the sake of animated bloodshed, but violence adds an aspect of action to the game. THAT'S what teens want. Action. And if that means action through violence, so be it.
I think that MAVAV members have only heard about 4 or 5 extreme cases of aggression caused by video games, but are oblivious to the fact that literally millions of gamers play video games for hours on end without ever having any emotional or aggressive outbursts.
Please take these words to heart, because I (and millions of other gamers, for sure) am sick and tired of people, who have never experienced what it is like to grow up with and be able to enjoy video games, condemning my actions, literally suing the companies that make a product that I enjoy. I like to play video games privately, on my own time, and I am sure so do your children. It is their responsibility. And if you can't trust your child to handle a mere video game, then I dare say that you may not have prepared him (or her) for the greater problems in life. There are truly greater problems in life than mere video games. Stop condemning what makes other people pleasure.

The top of this page it says:

"Video game addiction is without a doubt, becoming this century's most increasingly worrisome epidemic, comparable even to drug and alcohol abuse. All the while, the video game industry continues to market and promote hatred, racism, sexism, and the most disturbing trend: clans and guilds, an underground video game phenomenon which closely resembles gangs. Parents NEED to be aware of the hidden dangers."

Now, I played WoW very heavily for about a year. Even though I was addicted, I would NEVER compare it to something as dangerous as alcohol or drug abuse. These things are very serious issues that need to be dealt with. When playing a video game, chances are you are at home alone or with friends you know and trust.

When abusing drinking/doing drugs, you are usually in a strange crowd with people who you do not trust. This is why it is dangerous.

Now, in reference to guilds and clans; how do you get off comparing them to gangs? Guilds promote long lasting friendships between people who are like minded. Gangs promote violence where as guilds promote a friendly environment where people can talk together and generally just hang out.

Now, I have been playing video games since I was about four. My father was a computer engineer for quite a while and as such, I have always had a computer in my room. Because of this, I have played many computer games in my lifetime. Probably the earliest 'violent' game I can remember is wolfenstein. I am currently sixteen and have yet to harm a single living creature. I am a Vegetarian who is active in the SPCA and in a few other organizations that are dedicated to helping people and animals.

I find your site's purpose very erroneous. Violence and agressive behavior comes from social alienation and certain social circles that makes you immerse into non ethical attitudes.
My name is Juan Angel Rodriguez, I am a 20 year old ingeneering student from Uruguay. I've been playing games for my Whole life and I am pretty much a normal person. I behave very good and have a healty social life, I never got into a fight or harmed a human being. On the otherside my thoughts are kind of disturbed. I am sadic and I do enjoy violence, but that is because I had a rough time growing up during highschool, social pressure really damages someone's selfsteem. But I ceertainly thanks videogames for being there, because as other people judged me, I could always play videogames and feel good with myself. Videogames are much more than entertainment, its a way to get out of your life for an hour or two and experiment things that you would like to do, its about feeling free for just a while. And as a matter of fact I thank violent videogames for keeping my social wrath to myself and not releasing it. I really think taht if it wasn't for videogames I would have already done some major homicide. But I am intelligent, I know the difference between playing and killing, I know the difference between thinking about killing and doing it, Its all about common sense. I think that people is responsible for the videogame related homicides, people must have common sense, fi not... why does videogamers count keep increasing and yet we don't see daily videogame related homicides?
Don't blame videogames for your mistakes as parents... your children need you to guide and help them, not to fight imaginary enemies, not to forbid them from enyoing one of the most incredible experiences of life. If your child is a murderer, don't blame videogames, blame yourself for being a bad parent. I can't emphazise this any more, the problem is not Videogaming, the problem is the human being, the society, the pillars of ethics and values. This things restrains the rare mind of a genius, what if your son has a hig IQ and still wants to play VG? And what if his high intelligence is the result of learning from playing? Would you rather see him grow as a mediocre, drunk, collage party boy?

You people honestly need to get a life more than the gamers. See, it's not the games fault these people have become addicted. If you would simply take the time to teach your kids right from wrong, there wouldn't be a problem.

Every gamer realises that life doesn't have a reset button. It's the main reason we play games. We try to escape from the every day world for a while, just to have fun. I'm fifteen. I play all sorts of games, from GTA to Final Fantasy.All of these games have some sort of violent portions behind them, but not every gamer who plays them goes out and tries to get themselves killed. Have you ever considered that it could be the PARENTS fault the kids have time to be addicted?

Could it be that parents that don't pay attention to their kids, like by spending time on a peice of crap site like this, are the main reason they think they can go out into everyday life and get themselves killed? Have you considered that the children feel that their parents don't care, so it doesn't matter what happens to them? It's sort of a case of video games in a ghetto way. Parents don't care, video games teach for what the parents never taught against, so the kids think "why not?" Stop preaching that it's the game's fault, and instead lay the blame on the parents who let their kids get this way.

NEWSFLASH: did you know that 400% of people who spend 99% of their time blaming 300% of everything they find negative on trivial things have delusional and severely demented brains? C'mon guys, games have been played since the dawn of time. Whether they were violent, peaceful, fun, or boring, one thing is for certain, they were GAMES. Its people like you that complained about indecent content in games of recent, and to compensate, the GAME RATING SYSTEM was introduced. However, this system in itself obviously wasn't enough. If MAVAV crusades against games like grand theft auto or halo or whatever else is rated M out there then why stop there? Why not ban the sport of football? I dont care what you think, but football far outshadows even the most bloody of videogames that you can find at best buy. Instead of blowing up imaginary aliens on a TV set, you're spending hours and hours studying and scheming on how to pummel another guy thats trying to move his body into your territory. Thats a part of football, VIOLENCE. BUT WAIT A MINUTE!!! hold on a sec, if football is more violent than gears of war or halo, then why aren't we all psychopathic sadists? Hell, President GERALD FORD himself was a football star wasn't he? I dont ever recall him being tried for mass murder or ever heard a quote by him claiming to be 'bulletproof".

I am the head of a group called "PABIOTC" which stands for Parents Are Bad Influences On Their Children...and all the people at MAVAV are a "RED ZONE THREAT" because if they can't say no to their children once in a while then what hope do they have of getting anywhere in life???

When 13 year old Junior asks mother dearest if he can get the 18 rated GTA...what should mother say...that's right MAVAV...they should say NO...but after much yelling and screaming from Junior...mother gives in and says...yes my underage son...I want you to play a game where you walk around killing people needlessly...

GET IT INTO YOUR HEADS THAT IRRESPONSIBLE PARENTS ARE THE PROBLEM...all of the crap on this website has no proof what-so-ever...if you ask any member of MAVAV to give you one piece of evidence on how young Junior became a rapist and murderer...they will say...well we found a copy of Grand Theft Auto in his house...shut the hell up...that isn't proof at all...

That's like saying...Johnny's now got square eyes...because he watches the TV alot...IT'S ALL A MYTH...

As a 17 year old male I am the epitome of a gamer. If I have the chance I will play games in excess of 6 hours a day. I know how to use a firearm and own several of my own. Sometimes I get angry and want to hurt someone. Sometimes when I've had a bad day I'll get on my computer and play Half Life 2 with invincibility on and just blow people away. Sometimes when it's raining outside, I'll get out a good book and read all day. Sometimes I'll take my girlfriend out to dinner and buy her flowers just because I can. Every day I thank God for the family and friends and life he has blessed me with. I am the epitome of a gamer. I am also an avid reader and writer. I bet there are a scarce few mothers who support this site that are as well read as I am. I enjoy classics like Sherlock Holmes and The Odyssey. My favorite kinds of music is no doubt from a generation before the mothers here, Sinatra and Dean Martin and anybody else who could really sing. I intend to make my living working in the video game industry. I also intend to go to college and at some point have a family. I have never been in a fight and have certainly never killed anybody. I am, according to this site, the most likely candidate for committing a violent act, and yet at the same time if you truly knew me, you would know that I am probably the least likely. People from every age group, race, gender, and culture play video games. I am the epitome of a gamer, because the only way to classify a gamer, is someone who plays games. Please stop insulting me by calling me a killer in the making.

I sold video games for a year and a half, and when parents asked me what I thought about gaming and parenting, I was honest. Any console or PC game is NOT an electronic babysitter. If parents are worried about the content of any video game, they can either read the ESRB ratings on the back, or if they are more paranoid, they can actually OBSERVE the gameplay and deem it themselves whether or not it is appropriate. I personally dont think that kids should start playing games until they are 6 years old, as the first five years of development are the most crucial. And if parents are worried about addiction to video games, then they can just turn on the TV (or DVD movies) and be perfectly fine with their kids becoming addicting to those forms of audiovisual stimulation. Just a side note, wary parents: TV and movies DO NOT enhance motor skills, language comprehension, spelling, logic, eye-hand coordination, math skills, and cultural understandings, as video games do. Please be a parent, not a mindless wallet.

I have to say, i have been playing video games all my life. I have played most of the "very violent" games that are around. I have never got the urge to go out and suffocate someone with a plastic bag. Reference to Manhunt which was banned a couple of years ago i think. All the teenage murders (in England anyway) are always blamed on video games. Just because a person stabs someone doesnt mean that the person did it because of a video game. It can be down to many many other things, video games being the bottom of the list. And anyway i can bet any amount of money, that the people doing this experiment have played a "violent" video game they just wont admit it because it just proves their theory wrong.

For one to say that kids who play video games will become socially inept must also accept the fact that those with poor social skills will seek to video games as a source of enjoyment. I play video games and you bet i enjoy the extremly violent games as well. Theres not a violent bone in my body witch is a big thing considering my family has a history of violence and alcahol abuse. If some kid does become violent from playing a game he hes already had the problem. A video game cannot create a violent person, somethin was already wrong before hand.

I'm not going to criticize too much. I think the people before me have done enough.

I am a 15 (almost 16) year old and I play 3-4 hours of video games on the weekends and as much as I can on weekdays. I admit I am a little addicted to video games, however, I ALWAYS put my homework and chores ahead of gaming.

The point I disagree the most is about clans and guilds. When I was 12, I was diagnosed with leukemia. Having low blood counts, I was isolated and quarantined in my own house, in a country that I just moved to, unable to go to school. This means I had no friends to visit, my existing friends living in in a time zone that was 12 hours behind my current time zone. What could I do? I turned to the computer, found a decent MMORPG, joined a clan. It was the people in this clan who have helped and supported me when there was no one else. When I feel very depressed (due to the side effects of chemotherapy), videogames and clans were my outlets. I don't think I would have recovered if not for them. These group of people also taught me many life skills AND general knowledge.

I started school halfway through 2005 (missing 23 months of school). They put me in the grade I would have been in if I didn't get sick. I happen to be better in maths than EVERYONE in the grade above mine, and I rank in the top 3 in my grade.

Lastly, video games are not going to increase a person's tendency to be violent (I never punched or kicked anyone in my life)
Clans and Guilds are not like gangs. They are like a group of penpals, and more.

Violent video games have actually calmed me down as a person. I used to be more angry than I am now, now I am a calm 17 yo. Video games have served as an outlet for my aggrestion.

As people here have already stated: If you were doing your job as a parent we wouldn’t have these problems. Take some responsibility as a parent. I don’t know if you idiots realise but there is something called a ‘rating’ at the bottom left hand corner of the box (movies have the same things). These ratings tell you what is in the game, so you as a parent should look at these ratings and make the judgement as to whether or not that game is appropriate for your child.

Video games causing kids to act aggressively? I think what all this boils down to is parents trying to pass the blame. I am 21, active duty Air Force, and have been an avid gamer for around 15 yrs. No, i dont have children, but i do have one on the way. If you have a problem with video games that may contain violence, but still what your kids to be able to play games, rent it, try it out yourself, and if you dont find it suitable for you child, dont buy it for them, But ive got a secret for you. Has your seven year old shot at you with an AK47? thrown a granade at you? made a bomb under a dead dog to kill you? Well ive been to a place that doesnt have video games and where children do stuff like that. Violence doesnt stem from games, it comes from you. Step up and be an adult. Teach your kids right from wrong, and above all, love them. This is the information age. Computers, games, music, amd everything else will always be at your childrens fingertips. So be an adult and teach them how to handle this power, because its never going away.

My name's Elric and I have 14 years. I play all kind of games, from Doom and Metroid to Final Fantasy and Zelda.

I think you shoulnn't spend all this time of your lives bashing videogames and get a life.

But no means I intend to be rude, but, come on, "textspeech" or whatever you call it is only used for ingame communication, not everyone that in a game writes "i g2g, cya l8r ppl" uses that kind of writing in real life.

My parents let me play any game, despite the ESRB rating, because they know I'm mature enough to recognize REAL LIFE from VIDEOGAMES.

I'm an active gamer, usually I play more then 3 hours on weekends and about one hour on normal schooldays, but my studies are my priority. I always get high notes.

I have perfect self control and I don't have any attention problems, in fact, I never study for exams at school, I only listen to the teacher and I learn, I don't need to spend countless hours studying math or biology for an exam.

Also, videogames are useful to improve the knowledge and correct use of english, lots of games rely heavily on text.

Oh, by the way, as you can see, I have an excellent english and my redaction skills are supberb.

English is not my mother tongue, I'm from México and I know more english than some teachers because of videogames,

Now that I've stated all of this, judge by yourself.

This is another argument against violence, but not one against video games.

That study is fairly flawed anyways. NFS and MoH are two very differant games with very differant suspense levels. All effects can be attributed to fustration, and not media effects theroy. A more unbias study i think would involve a non-fustrating enviroment, such as reading a descriptive book, or a couple of movie scenes.

wow, i was going to say something witty and probably make the originator of this post mad, but seems like a lot of people already have.

well, first off:

David C. Jones II
Sweetwater, Tx

ive played almost every violent video game, so by how you MAVA people put it, i should of killed more than 40 people by now... wow, thanks for the insight, maybe its you, MAVA, that make people do the things that they do, if you want something to blame, or rather someone, then blame the parents that BUY the "T" rated games for their 10 year olds so they will stop whining, how about that? did you know that the two people responsible for columbine were on ritilin? where were their parents all that time? im glad that one of these days i will give my life for my country just so you people can say that video games make people want to kill, its not your right to say so, seeing how video games are protected under the freedom of speech, and that if you were to make them less violent then ALL forms of media (tv, books, internet, etc.) would thus become regulated by the government, only a few countries do this, and one collapsed back in '91. now im not saying that you are a communist/socialist group of people, but this was tried before, and failed.

- David C. "Xaero" Jones II

Videogames are just another object of blame, when the internet was new people feared criminal activity, but that soon passed on, because parents USE the internet, but most parents don't use videogames. My great-uncle plays videogames all the time, and has a much different view then you. People who don't understand videogames, put the blame on them, because it's easy. the columbine shootings were caused because of the students, who treated the two boys like pieces of dirt. Videogames may have some MILD effects, but they are NEVER the overwhelming factor. I hope you take the time to read this. I would enjoy some feedback on your views.

Stop blaming video games. Maybe if your kid is troubled you should try and talk with them, better yet listen to them!!

Currently im 17, and have played video games since i was about 4. It is absurd to think that violent video games cause any kind of behavioral problems. Take me for example, im 17, a male, and i hate violence and fighting. I dislike most war games, and all fighting games (I.e. Mortal combat). I play only games that have a purpose and a story line to them (I.e Final fantasy, Zelda, Super Mario) and games that help me meet others and interact with others online (I.e. World of warcraft).

Now what is to be concluded from all this? Well in the past, i have played many violent games, and was never effected, nor has many of my fellow gamers. But upon closer inspection, a certain amount of gamers are violent. The question is though, were they violent before, or after playing the games? Perhaps it is the kids that are violent before hand that play more violent games. This would mean its not the games fault, but the kids fault.

I had planned to type this long, drawn out statement, but I changed my mind after reading the post by Austin Adams on January 4th. Although I will admit, I do not carry the same love for older music and reading that he does, I agree with his message. The few bad apples of the world that kill people at school or commit violent crimes are ruining it for the rest of us normal people.

Where am I coming from? I'm 19 years old and attend Pace University. I'm a scholarship member of the swim team and I also receive a scholarship for my academics. I get along with my roommate and I have many friends. I have never been involved in a fist fight or any other violent acts in my life. Before college, I can easily say I played video games literally all day if I could. When I say 'all day' I mean at least 10 hours. I played all of them: puzzles, adventure, first person shooters, fighting, you name it I've played it. Well, I've solved the puzzles, found the treasure and saved the girl, killed my foes and fought to become the master of the tournament. And here I am, at a great school, with great friends and people around me, never hurt another person.

And Austin Adams... nice post.

I, for one, sometime play violent video for an outlet for my anger, rather than go out and shoot someone that I'm angry at.

wow. isn't it a bit of a given that people playing an exciting video game will...oh i don't know, GET EXCITED? studies have been done, that doesn't prove anything.

Hard core gamer

I love video games. I play a lot. But I have friends and a life. I don't run out in the street with a gun yelling kill the grubs. Most of the protesters are neglagent parents who don't pay attention to their pot smoking kids and blame video games for their mistakes. They are fiction get that through your head. Why don't you sit with your kids and talk. Or not let them play. It has a rating for a reason. You are communists to say it's video games fault poeple kill. Their has been killing since forever. What about scary movies are you gonna protest them. I hate them, but im not a sad attemp of a humen to protest that.
If you want to send hatemail and get an anwser back that makes you look dumb, my email is Gerballord@hotmail.com
Video games rock

name: Ryan
Age: 13
favorite game: gears of war (gasp)
advanced placement student

this is bull (excuse my language i'm mad)
BEFORE I played video game I got into many fights. now it has been 2 years since my last fight because of video games. ya'll probably don't care what I say but I'll say it I have a life I have friends I hunt (gasp) (eat what I kill) i like video games and play your code red games but I never have nor will kill anybody you blame your yes your horrible parenting on our hobby it is not my fault if you suck at parenting you know the society ya'll throw us into is a worse influence than video games im different i don't dress like popular kids i don't pay 60 for abercrombie socks so i dont fit in but when i turn to the gaming community im accepted im not shuned like in school you call yourselves mothers but blame video game for you mistakes you should be ashamed face the music.

I TOTALLY agree with you moms.
I have sometimes seen in myself how much violent video games, sometimes only rate T, affect me. I limit my videogames and only buy games like Zelda, Mario Kart, and Sports games.
You are doing a great job telling the world they need to shape up!

Ok first things first im not even going to try writing using proper grammar, it takes to much time now anyway who are these self proclaimed "experts" they probably wouldnt know a violent video game if it came up and b**** slapped them in the face, they go to uni to do a degree so they can call themselves experts, idiots, as for this banning violent video games will fix everything all i can do is laugh, why dont you work on trying to shut down the sites that host videos of hostages getting their heads cut off, or what about the countless homemade explosive sites that list household items and stuff you can buy from the local DIY store to make into lethal bombs, or the most extreme case ive ever seen and never want to see again and i in no way support any of this stuff afore mentioned, real rape videos yes, or what about the genocide shown on TV of america launching full scale rocket attacks against iraq, and i could just go on my point is, PARENTS MUST LOOK AT THEMSELVES and must take it upon themselves to do the right thing, in my opinion they are just getting downright lazy and will blame everything else to stop themselves having to do anything, if your child is like 10 or so he shouldnt even know what a violent video game is let alone playing one, and if your child is like say 15 - 16 but has a history of violence, aggression at school and so on why is he playing a game like san andreas?.

Here is a peer-reviewed article pretty much debunking all the violence concerns:


Video game violence? Anyone watched the idiotic RAW wrestling crap lately? Or football? Or soccer? Or Hockey? I think I will take nerf guns away from my children now. While I am at it,I will ignore what they are involved in, then to make up for inadiquate parenting by blaming the gaming industry for them being degenerates because I am too busy at the Superbowl party (rolls eyes). We live in a violent world. We have to be strong and speak with our children of compassion and their need to help those who are less fortunate than they are, AND SHOW THEM HOW!If a game has a mature rating DON'T BUY THE GAME!! You wouldn't let your child watch certain movies that are rated "R" or "PG-13", then don't let them play games that have a Mature or Teen rating. Watch them play and ask questions, think of it this way: Remember when you may have had to ask questions about how a Football game was played? Or how to play tag? There are rules to these games. Ask what the rules are, play it, if its not a good game, pitch it. And besides, there are games like Mario Party, Mario Cart racing that involve no more violence than NASCAR racing, only in this case,no humans will die in a fiery crash of screaming death, whilst in the stands there is the sight of tacky hats and smell of stale beer. Excuse me, I have to go and take all the plastic army men from my six year old..............

Here is a novel idea, buy games that are cute and fun. If you think a game is violent, don't buy it. There are beautiful and artfully done games out there that are fun. I dont see these experts going into game companies and watching games being made. It just amazes me that just like movies, there are good ones and ones that involve torture, violence, sex, language and immoral situations. You've got to filter what teens and kids watch! My oldest child is 10, and he went to a friends house that had Grand theft Auto unknown to me at the time. He came back after 30 minutes that I had allowed him to visit this new friend and I asked him what he did over there. He told me that he played this awful game. Instead of blowing up at him I simply told him this: "You know I don't like that game, and I tell you certain games are NOT ok.It hurts your heart doesnt it?" he said "yeah mom, I didnt like it.... but I really just like racing around in the car and crashing it" So I replied, "Then lets get a game with race cars for you, that other game has things that hurt your mind and heart,and I want that happy heart and mind for you, not me, ok?" he said "Ok mom, I'm sorry I disobeyed, next time I will come home and play" Its amazing, but he has actually left friends houses when they turn on a violent game and plays his good games at home. I know where he is and what he is doing, and because I don't panic over everything we have an open diologue. Wow, amazing isn't it? So I found out he likes racing games because I didn't scream at him and listened to why he played it in the first place.Sure, I didn't like what he did, but I am going to listen to him, and give him healthy options in life. If he countinually defied me , of course I would punish. But this kid is so gentle, he hates to even fish because he doesnt like seeing it suffer on a hook, the violence level in a child is based solely on what you teach them as their parent.

I am a huge gamer and have come to show you something. Sorry, I need to take away my child's Power Rangers and put bubble wrap all over my house. Thats what you want me to do right? Think about how violent the Power Rangers are, and thats a kids show. Look, before you keep this up, someone needs to slap some common sense into you people. Games never hurt anyone. Just like a gun, the killer isnt the gun, its the trigger man. Its not the game, its the player. So how about do what my parents did for me, talk to your kid about why you cant let this affect him. If your kids go and kill people, its not the games falt, its yours.

Age: 14
Gender: Male
Games: Halo 2, and 1, WoW, Command and Conquer, etc

I am a 14 kid who so far has not gotten into trouble with the law. My friends have played hundreds of video games, they show no ill effects.

We cannot use Video Games, and TV for a scapegoat. We must plame the idiot parents, who are not responsible enough to set parental controls, and teach good old common sense.


We cannot blame firearms for the world's problems, I own a rifle, and I am not killing everyone senselesly. Guns are not evil, human beings are.


Who buys the game?
The Parent
Who has the power to control their kids?
The Parent
Is Blizzard, or Microsoft responsible for your children?

Parents these days are irresponsible, they spoil their kids, with 10 ipods, and 2 cell phones, and Xbox, and a PS3. It seems as though common sense has gone away.

They let their daughters go out and "do it", and go to parties 24/7.


TV is not responsible for your children either. Its the lazy parents who care about God, and money, rather than taking care of their kids.

I watch That 70's Show, and the Sopranos, since they came out, and I am not a crazed idiot, who is failing every class, and shooting everyone on my street.

I hope you all have common sense, and those of you who are becomong parents, do not make the mistake my Generation has.

I would just like to say that you are all diots... A game is made of pixels on a screen. Not people. Their is such a thing called the ESRB... ever herd of it? If you think that video games are making your kids violent then you shouldent let your kids play them... Isnt that your job as a parent? To watch out for your own child's well being? I hate you all...

Obviously, as a gamer I am so truly offended by this in so many ways, that there are not words that can describe it.
Let me tell you: I've played violent computer games ever since i was a wee little kid (probably since around the mid to late 90's).

All starting with Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Heretic, and many other violent games. Hell, if you feel like considering Warcraft: orcs & humans to be violent, you have every right to that opinion.

Now these days, I'm trying to collect all the classic violent games of the old days, but the funny part about it is: IM NOT OUT THERE SHOOTING ANYONE.

Honestly now, turn on the news - i guarantee you will see something on there more than likely about some religious punk shooting and killing someone for "god".

Now, playing the modern games these days such as: Doom 3, Quake 4, F.E.A.R., and others - blame always has to be put on the item that is just about completely harmless.

Now, Before i start rambling on, i believe you all are just weak-of-heart, and will do anything to get rid of violence.

Think of it this way: violence is just a half to a perfect whole (think of yin & yang).

Wanting to get rid of games...Despicable. I play plenty of video games, ranging from fantasy, such as Guild Wars and Final Fantasy to action, such as Super Smash Bros. Melee. Yet I'm in high school, have decent grades, minus a C in math due to my laziness. I go to dances and to the movies with my friends now and then. Do you think I'm gonna run into school with a sword and start "casting spells" just because I play Final Fantasy?

You guys remind me of Jack Thompson, the lawyer from Florida. I agree partly with him: Stop selling M and AO games to minors. But trying to get rid of them? That is sick, almost like what the story is at http://gc.advancedmn.com/article.php?artid=5883. Read it.

Here's another crunchy nugget to chew on: Why don't you also try out these "bad games"? Then you might realize why your kids like them so much. Just a thought.

While I'm at it, let me tell you what my report card is:
Math: Standard
English: Good
PE: Excellent
Biology: Good
Social Studies: Excellent
Band: Excellent

Excellent=A Good=B Standard=C

And did I mention that I'm first chair of my instrument in band? Obviously I don't waste my entire day in front of the computer...

Gamer since 2

i have for a long time thought i was bulletproof ever since playing duck hunt on the nintendo i can take on the entire military just like i do on GTA San Andreas and if they get lucky enough to get me ill just start from were i saved last. If you think thats what were thinking by playing these games you guys are more messed up than we'll ever be. But ill give you guys some credit some 10 year old kid should not be playing the games im playing but not because of our age but because of our mindset i know the difference between Halo and Real life for one halo isn't real so thats why we play it why do you think kids play the shooting games because we know we can't do that in real life. And if you child has thoughts like that i doubt it's because of games it's probably because your overbearing control freaks who blame the problem on everthing but yourselves. Heres an example a couple weeks ago in utah some crazy 17 year old kid went into a mall and started blasting people with a shotgun. Did he do that because he had played it on a game no. The kid was a refugee from bosnia during the 1993 bosnian civil war were his family was masacured with thousands of others. he had probably nevered played a game in his life but he still came and shot people up. so have fun saving the world from the evil video games but if i read these posts right i'd say you are probabaly pissing more people off than those video games so i g2g ill catch u latr. hahahaha

I have been playing video games since my summer after 5th grade and I was much more angry back then toward other people and myself. The most violent game I played was tag. Going to the same school for 5 years I had made no friends so I was a social reject before I became a video game addict.

After five years of rejection I attempted to strangle my self a week before my 5th grade graduation. My mothers phschatrist (sorry for spelling) told her to take me to a mental hospital so they could help me. During my short stay of five days I was started playing Sonic and became calmer, focusing on reaching objectives and getting gold rings. The doctors told my mom before I left that I need games to help me focus.

When I went back home I started playing my new Xbox. I found two friends in 7th grade and to this day I still play Xbox ( Now Xbox 360) with. Ever since that insident I have not had another sucidal episode and I am making new friends through video games.

Thank you for reading this.

I am 14 and I don't play video games until summer. During the summer I play WoW. I only play 2 hours a day on summer, at max. I am a very SMART student. I make all A's. My mom is strict and says if I get one B, I can't play video games during summer. I know, it's strict, but I want to play during school, too. How do I convince her to let me play? PLEASE help me find out.

I do not believe that we can attribute ALL of the violence in our youth to video games but i also done beleive that video games arent suspect. I beleive that people and how they perceive things are what this violence should be attributed too. I think that a normal or rational, and its debateable what normal and rational is ofcouse, individual should be able to sperate reality from fantisy and if they are unable to do that than that is not the video games fault. On the same note if they are unable to seperate reality from fantisy than we could, in theory put just as much blame on movies that our children watch. I also belive that children should be moniterd. We dont let children watch R movies and we shouldnt let them play mature games. An adult, who mature games are ment for, has a better grasp on reality and is less likly to do anything stupid or irrational. I beleive that parents are to blame for this problem in full. Most parents dont take enough interest in there kids lives and just stick them in front of a TV or a Playsation and think that thats ok. Its really not children that have that are missing out on many life lesson and will learn in a much different and difficult want than children that have involved parents.

Im a 17 year old high school student and i know alot of people that play video games and not one of them is violent. I believe that with proper monitoring by parents that even violent video games are acceptable for children. I know from my personal experiance that violent vidoe games, to me at least, are an outlet for violence.

As a student and a gamer, I understand that there are many ridiculous video game addicts out there, but the extreme beliefs expressed throughout this website and Jack Thomson makes me weep for humanity.

If children or people in general turn out to be stupid and/or homicidal, it's not due to any one reason, but rather many reasons affecting the individual throughout life. One of the main reasons if not THE main reason why people turn out the way they do from childhood is mainly due to the people whom surround and interact with us on a daily basis when we are growing up such as ones PARENTS, other family members, friends or even people that hate you and wish to do you harm. So if your child turns out to be a homicidal maniac, it's probably your fault.

Video games don't give birth to us, nurture us from when we are young and teach us right from wrong. That's the responsibility of the parent or guardian whom we depend on.

Games arent responsible for childhood violence. The parents are. Where was the father when a child stole a firearm and shot up a school? Where was the mother when a child took the butchers knife and sunk it into his classmate? You mothers are too quick to blame others istead of self-assessing what you've done. Instead of wasting pointless money on obtaining a server for mothers agianst video game violence and addiction, try making a website telling parents about how to have a healthy, happy relationship with their kids to stop violent actions.

Ifind your explanation of child aggression attributed to videogames extremely bias and uneducated. Being a Woman Gamer I have played all of the games you claim to be as Red alert and have not seen a bit of increase in my aggression. As a matter of fact I find video games to be a stress outlet. I'm a college freshmen on the dean's list who plays at the very least ten hours of gaming a week. They don't effect my reality. If there's anyone to blame for children's aggression it is the parents and guardians. Especially the one's who buy the M rated games for their 9 year old.
I know for a fact that every time I've bought a M rated game I've had to show an I.D. and I deffinatly do not look 9. So perhaps instead of using all of your time setting up a website to blame other people for your children's problems maybe you should be spending quality time with your kids. Maybe they're aggressive because their trying to reach out to you. What gets more attention a quiet kid who sits doing her homwork or the one acting out because the video game is the babysitter while the mother (or father) is too busy setting up boogus websites to place blame on anyone but themselves.

How about, instead of attacking video games, you spend your time teaching you children what is right and wrong, so that if they happen to encounter anything that is wrong, you don't have to campaign against it to protect your children, they will already know what is best? From the sounds of things, you don't trust your children to make the right decision on their own very much. Isn't that a sign of bad parenting?

When my friend Keith first got Grand Theft Auto, he showed me the game for a bit. It had some interesting aspects of gameplay I must admit. Overall, it was a little tasteless in my opinion, but he loved it. He even wanted to show me this one part where you take a chaingun and mow down civilians as they cried and screamed in terror until police come, then mow them down until the army comes, so he could hi-jack a tank. I didn't know if he could do it or not, because I just simply turned away about half-way through becuase I thought it was stupid, senseless, and tasteless, and didn't want to have anything to do with it, despite the blast he was having. The difference between us? Argueable, but I'd have to say my parents taught me good taste, and his parents, not so much.

When Primal Rage first came out for Arcade, a dinosaur fighter game with blood spurts at nearly every turn, and you're "Heart" explodes in a burst of blood when you lose, I think I might have been maybe 12 or 13. After just a couple rounds of playing it, I walked away in disgust and played something else.

The point to this is, Teach your children to thirst for what is right, and they will shun tasteless things.

OK all yall parents out there saying that video games are the cause for bad behavior,violence,sex,and drug use you are all wrong.

I am 14 I play videogames daily. Im not a psychopathic killer like the ton of other people in here. I will admit im not a perfect kid but noones perfect.Ya im emo, i like wearin dark colors,i hang out with friends we do stupid stuff, i like heavy metal,punk,rock and hard rock music, im a religious person,and an active person in society.Im in the highschool jazzband and orchestra band.I want to be a chef when i grow up and im good at it. with what you people are saying is that im gonna go kill someone at school?? do you really think i got time for that, sure i like to go party and hang out with friends and whatnot but its not videogames that make me violent.Im not for violence, ive read a ton of fantasy hero warrior knights, and chivarly books,its almost something i live by(no i dont wear armor to school and ride a horse) but i believe that fighting is only justified if theres a probable cause such as defending yourself,defending someone who cant defend themself,protecting girls from abusive husbands or boyfriends. The only reason i would act out in violence is if it were one of those,otherwise i would try to talk it out.

So before you take videogames away you should also see that they can teach us valuable lessons. I also have had points recently where i was agressive just like a few people in here. between 6th through 9th(now) i was a slightly agressive wreck. i was failing but it wasnt because of videogames. in that time i lost 2 of my best friends one accidentally hung himself and the other taken by the sea undertow, i also lost my great grandpa and he was one of the only people i could go to if i needed to talk to anyone. videogames provided an outlet for my anger,sadness,and it helped me get help i needed. i currently am goin through stuff because my parents recently divorced and my uncle is in Iraq at the moment.

so if all yall think that videogames are bad get over it.

"Shinndu over and out"
anyone wonderin my name isnt really shinndu....dang

I am reading all these emails the day of the Virginia Tech shooting.

I am a mother of two, and neither of them have played a video game, and are fine. They are not left out at school, they have friends, and they know right from wrong. I am surprised how many "gamers" out there feel they have to prove they are normal by giving us grade point averages, or telling us they are not child murderers. How many of you are victims of random shootings? How many of you lost a child to a frustrated person who wanted to make a splash before they take their own life?

I am betting: 0

It does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that if you show a developing child, or teenager with hormones, violence every day, the "fine line", the border you have to cross before you pull a real trigger, gets very thin. This has nothing to do with parenting. I grew up with guns in the house, and knew not to touch them, because I knew they could KILL. How many of you, the ones who think it is so great to let kids play violent games (since you think you can just "detox" them later), have taught your child that a gun, a real gun, will KILL?

It is a joke that you would attack this website for its awareness and warning by touting what good parents you are, or how you are a successful addition to our (violent?) society, even though you have been violently gaming since you were a tot.

Again, I bet you are sitting in front of your cushy, SAFE, computer right now, getting your adrenaline up, while there is a world of violence out there. I just hope we live worlds apart, especially when the thrill of the game wears off, and the next straight A student loses it.

I, myself am a 14 year old gamer. I have played some of the most violent video games there is. In a few minutes, i probably will play Resident Evil 4, this game made it onto the goriest games list. I've also played Conker's Bad Fur Day, where you shoot your enemies in the head, and half their face might blow away revealing their brains and a big blooddy mess. But i am a well managed kid who has almost never raised a hand to anybody, i am in a behavioural class, but not because of violent behvaior. It's just because i act real silly a lot of the time. Yes, i've played doom. I find that some violent video games actually have a good cause. I have learned many new stunts by playing my games, and then re-enacting them on the grass. I still haven't attempted a backflip yet, and i don't plan to for a while. So judging by my experiences, anybody who becomes violent because of video games, were probably mentally unstable to begin with.

This comment is aimmed at people such as Shinndu, the understandable scared but woefully uninformed mother.

People do not need video games to shoot other people. People, indeed, do not shoot people because of video games. Never had, never will.

Why? Because of this simple fact: all conscience actions have reasons and causes. People shoot each other for reasons... mental snaps, hatred, intolerance, pain, suffering, and the like. Video games are entertainment. Being in Iraq, where the shooting is most diffentially not caused by video games, may give me a unique experience of this concept.

Video games don't kill people: intolerence and idiocy do. Keep children tolerent and intelligent, and maybe we'll live another generation.

So, as i sit, on a hard, metal chair in the center of very dangerous warzone, I tell you exactly what every soldier out here will tell you, what every person in a dangerous situation would tell you: you're wrong. Horribly wrong. If you truely think that video games are what killed the people of Virginia, then I dare say you have no idea what your talking about. And I feel sorry for you, because if you don't understand te nature and cause of violence, you are probably twice as likely to suffer its might.

It depends of the content of the game.
You must see te PEGI clasification system for games we use in Europa so you can decide what to buy. You can introduce the name of a game in their web and know the age it is recomended for and if it includes violence, bad word, sexism, drugs, racism...


well, i play videogames too. but that doesnt mean i'm addicted to it. You see, its not in the game, it's in the player. and if the player can't balance his or her time, then he or she will be addicted and it will cause a lot of troubles. For instance, if the person doenst know how to manage his or her time then he or she will learn to skip classes and play video games if they want. in this case parents can help. i dont know how.. but maybe they can.

"I am surprised how many "gamers" out there feel they have to prove they are normal by giving us grade point averages, or telling us they are not child murderers."

--Funny, that we should see the need to defend out positions when a website of a misinformed organization which seeks to destroy a form of recreation states that we are all mindless, addicted, killers. And not only does the website make its own baseless claims, but it cites quotes completely out of context, in an attempt to latch onto the respect of real news. The quote that ends the initial argument, the line "Don't just take our word for it, "There’s enough data here that clearly indicates that [game violence] is a problem." ", would be reasonably damning evidence, especially coming from a university study! But who really said that? Was it the researcher? No, it was the head of a different organization, who funded the research to present a bias which he could back up. The news article states that there is similar reactions in TV and other forms of activity, but video games are recieving more criticism because they're newer. It also states that the ESA has an entire page devoted to the subject, which shows that it's not simply a conspiracy to cover up research. An organization claiming itself to be against Video games as a whole is attacking not only the games, but also those who play them. And yet we are, what, deviant for stating that we're not what the website's numerous claims say that we are? What should we do with such a claim? Were I to call you a bad mother, and you to respond with your kids situations as normal and well-adjusted, could I say that I was surprised at how you attempted to portray yourself as normal, by say, stating your kids achievements? No, that would be absurd, wouldn't it? Funny how double-standards work.

"How many of you are victims of random shootings? How many of you lost a child to a frustrated person who wanted to make a splash before they take their own life?

I am betting: 0"

--Are you saying here that gamers are never victims of crime? Probably no one who posts here has been murdered, you have that right. But you're attempting to... what separate people from an incidents ramifications because of how we spend our recreational time? This is not only a baseless claim, but it's offensive. You're taking advantage of a tragedy so that you can push an adgenda against a group of people who were not connected or disconnected any more than you? Are you somehow... special because neither your children nor you play games? This makes you more connected to the tragedy than any of us?

"It does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that if you show a developing child, or teenager with hormones, violence every day, the "fine line", the border you have to cross before you pull a real trigger, gets very thin."
--Which is why I must assume that you also are against TV, Movies, any form of mass media, at the least, but also Art, as there are art works which are violent. And music, many contemporary operas deal with death, adultery, drinking, etc. Also I would imagine theater of any kind was out, after all, even Rogers and Hammerstein shows have sexual puns and often some form of violence. For that matter, I would imagine you must also not let your kids play sports, after all, if you can run into other people day after day, then what's to keep you from tackling others when not playing football? If it is so obvious a relation between seeing or experiencing violence and a disposition to committing it, why are you simply arguing against games?

"This has nothing to do with parenting. I grew up with guns in the house, and knew not to touch them, because I knew they could KILL."
--And how did you learn this? Did you accidentally shoot someome? Was it experience? Or did your parents tell you? Did they explain to you that the guns could kill? Because funny thing, to me, parents explaining something like that seems like it has a lot to do with parenting.

"How many of you, the ones who think it is so great to let kids play violent games (since you think you can just "detox" them later), have taught your child that a gun, a real gun, will KILL?"
--Look up the ESRB. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Done? Good. What did you learn? That there are rating systems in place for games, which outline an appropriate age group for the game? That games with excessive violence or sexual themes are rated for 17+ for the most part? That it is the buyers, sellers, and parents responsibilities to ensure that the ratings are followed? Again, to me this seems like a parenting issue. Perhaps you don't quite understand what most of our arguments are. Gamers as a whole are not for 12 year olds playing violent games. The games contain themes that they are not prepared for, and should be kept out of their hands. There is a rating system in place to help parents decide on the media which is appropriate, similar to TV and movie ratings. If a parent decides that it is appropriate for their child to play games above their rating, it is well at their discresion to allow the child to play such games, similar to, say, how parents can take their children to R rated movies if they deem it appropriate. Jesse, the poster above me, should not be playing violent games. We are in agreement there. The problem is not that we all think that 12 and 14 year olds should be playing medal of honor, because it won't hurt anyone, it's that the MAVAV and other such organizations are insistent that there is a problem with the industry, that simply rating games isn't enough, that no one should be playing the games, that even games of an appropriate rating are harmful to anyone who plays them, that a valid form of recreation, well, isn't. Check your facts and check the opposing argument next time you want to make baseless claims.

"It is a joke that you would attack this website for its awareness and warning by touting what good parents you are, or how you are a successful addition to our (violent?) society, even though you have been violently gaming since you were a tot."
---It is a joke to attack a website which at various times has made completely unfounded references to:
-"Textspeak", a phenomenon mostly stemming from chatrooms, and used by prepubescant girls to sound "hip", leading to decreased brain activity, claiming that it was proof that games made gamers dumb.
-Splinter Cell, a spy/action game rated M as a "cuddly franchise to get children in"
-Grades of a gamer being remarkably lower than average in any field other than computer skills and math.
-A 22 year olf "beating" an unbeatable game.
-Gaming directly being linked to violence several times without sufficient backing evidence
-Video games directly and irrevocably inhibiting social activities
-All Gamers as "hackers", engaging in illegal activities

I can completely see how it would be unreasonable for us to defend ourselves from such claims. After all they must be true, right? I can't offer any countering evidence, that would be a surprising attempt to seem "normal", right? It would be a joke, to want to be seen on the same level as normal people despite engaging in a recreational activity which is increasingly common. After all, anyone who plays other sports, or who watches TV is similarly singled out as being unable to comprehend normal human emotions, or fucntion as a member of society, right? It'd be inconcievable to treat games any differently, I clearly see your point.

"Again, I bet you are sitting in front of your cushy, SAFE, computer right now, getting your adrenaline up, while there is a world of violence out there."
--And you were... in Iraq when you wrote this? Or were you at your safe house, on your safe computer, while there's a world of violence out there? Well, at least your points only had one moment of hypocracy. It's not like you supported an attack website and referred to it as "surprising" that the target of the directed defamation would want to defend themselves.

"I just hope we live worlds apart, especially when the thrill of the game wears off, and the next straight A student loses it."
--I'm going to assume you're referring to the violent student who was kicked out of a class because he was scaring other kids, and who was complained about around campus, who wrote two horribly disturbing plays, turning upon his fellow students as the "straight A student" who lost it? Not to seem as thought I'm insinuating that you posted here without any knowledge of what you were speaking, simply as a catharsis for a misplaced fear after buying into baseless propeganda, but I don't believe the VT student was a gamer. At least you're, oh, shall we say, fair and balanced in your assumption that anyone who does anything violent must be a gamer who "snapped".

C'mon do you seriously believe that videogames are the problem or that they make people more violent, if anything they let people take out their anger on computer characters instead of in real life. And you say that we aren't very social, what do you call online gaming! You meet a bunch of new people and make friends and talk.Seriously get a life.

as a reply to what the woman said two above me. Virginia Tech was NOT caused by video games. they have found no link. He did that because he was unstable, and made fun of. for Kids( especially boys) it should be healthy and normal to expose them to a certain degree of violence) ,not a lot. And if you like shelter your kids to much, then what do you think they'll be doing in high school? drinking, smoking, and screwing. and there's no kid who doesnt eventually learn that guns kill.. do you think as a 20-year old they'll be shooting gun as if it were a squirt gun? I hope your kids have one heck of a father, because with Just you... they won't turn out very normal.

This is a reply to mama, no one is saying they can be detoxed, no one is saying it's fine. what they ARE saying is it is a PARENT'S job to teach their child right from wrong, not a game.

Also the Virginia Tech shooter was NOT I repeat NOT a gamer. Games did not send his mind on a downward spiral, he already had some sort of mental issue.

And no one is denouncing the violence in society. Yes violence exists and yes if a child sees it enough they'll snap, but you can't point a finger at a game and say "It's this thing's fault!" Unlike most violence in the world, a child doesn't have to see a violent game nor come in contact with one.

And I will say this: How DARE you, honestly, how dare you mention "how many of you are victims of random shootings?" That is a horrible thing to say and it does not proove your point. Being a victim still doesn't match with what this site is preaching. These events are horrific indeed but blaming a game makes as much sense as a child blaming their imaginary friend for breaking a lamp.

As for "Gamers prooving themselves" Well what's so wrong about them being proud of their grades? proud of their children? Proud of their clean record? People like you and this site keep spouting bull theories and statistics so the least we can do is speak from experience. Most of us are old enough to know better. Shooting pixels, polygons, 1's and 0's taken shape on a screen is MUCH different than killing a flesh and blood individual.

And your last statement disgusts me, us being "safe" has nothing to do with this argument either. Whether or not we're a gamer, simply put "shit happens" Death doesn't care if you get straight A's, or got to the last stage of your favorite shooter, all of us are aware of this. So how dare you assume we're speaking this way because we are "safe"? Your argument makes no sense and has no place.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you choose to back it up, make sure your arguments pertain to the conversation

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