January 09, 2007

Textspeak Linked to Violent Video Games


The China Post reports that a Taiwanese psychiatrist at the Veterans General Hospital in Taipei has concluded the first studies linking violent video games and 'textspeak', an awful slang language spoken by a subculture of underground gamers and computer hackers.

Textspeak is the process of shortening words and adding numbers to a text message to make it "cooler." The form of text messaging is highly annoying. One example suffice: "RU cmin out 2nite?" Deciphered: "Are you coming out tonight?"

[...] Twelve young adults were given tests in an experiment Dr. Chow conducted at his hospital. They were required to play one popular game, "PS2:Real Three Kingdoms;Nonpareil 4 Generations," for half an hour. Blood circulation in their brains was scanned. The entire process was repeated half an hour later. Chow found the blood circulation in the frontal lobes of all the samples reduced. "Reduction in blood circulation in the frontal lobe," the psychiatrist said, "indicates that it may affect language proficiency."

The psychiatrist urges parents to limit the exposure of violent video games to their children if “they don't want to receive any more 'textspeak' messages."


So you know, all respectable games use proper english.

Oh and so you know, you shouldnt lump all video games into one catergory. Many Nintendo games are friendly for young children. Some games such as Animal Corssing:Wild World use abbreviations at the end of words. Much like many people do in real life. such as words like Hanging would be spelt Hangin'. This is because its how the youth of today speak.

I myself an 16 and all video games I play are Nintendo games, which use reasonable language. No game, unless it was an online game, would use things like "RU cmin out 2nite?" And i only say onlime games, as that is where many people would type it out themselves.

Also, i felt i needed to add this. You are giving all games a bad name becuase of a few violent ones, that decent parents would instinctivly know not to buy their children.
You Mothers against addiction are probably against it as you have probably had it happen to your children. The reason for this is because you failed to set in boundaries in the first place.

Not to mention there are many people out there such as myself who know the difference between fiction and reality. If your children don't, you havn't raised them properly. Its all of that Dora the Explorer and other children crap out their that tries to teach them.

You should also hate the supposedly education children television programming.

I'd like to elaborate on what Scott Clark has said. I'll start off by mentioning I'm 17 and have played video games since I was three or four. I've also been on the Internet since around the age of 5-6.

I've always played Nintendo consoles, from the NES to the Wii and everything in between, including the hand helds.

You might notice that I type properly, and my spelling is good also. Video games don't promote the horrible insults to the english language that you see now days, it's social networking sites like MySpace and the general laziness of people.

Don't want any more text messages that abuse the english language? The answer is simple, teach your kids that a language is beautiful and encourage them to use it properly. Don't take away video games, they are a great source of entertainment like movies, that can take you places with out leaving your living room!

I'd also like to point out that your comment about hackers is misleading. I used to run a hacking site, now don't go thinking I'm evil and so forth because I'm guessing you don't understand the true meaning of what hacking is.

Hacking isn't running around breaking peoples computers and stealing their money. It's about figuring out how things work and enhancing them by adding features that the original manufacture wont add. I'd also like to point out that the pioneers of the computing industry are and were hackers. If a hacker were to find a critical vulnerability in a piece of software, they notify the vendor (sometimes even supplying a fix for it) and give them time to fix it before making the details public.

The word you are looking for is "crackers", the malicious people that run around breaking stuff, and stealing money.

It's unfortunate to say this, but I think I've wasted my time typing this because it will probably be ignored. Just like the beauty and use of video games, and the hobby of hacking has been by people like you. But I'm just trying to defend something I'm passionate about.

'textspeak', also known as 'short hand', has been around for as long as forms of text messaging has been.
It has absolutely nothing to do with these games.

Honestly, if I believed everybody around me would understand what I was saying when I said, "RU cmin out 2nite?", I'd say that instead of, "Are you coming out tonight?".

(I couldn't do it at this point, I've already gotten into a habbit of typing everything clearly and perfectly)

Because "RU cmin out 2nite?" obviously, requires less work.. hand motions, button presses. Meaning, it's quicker and easier, and my message gets across faster.

This is about convenience, not about the blood in their lobes.

Yes, I am a 14-year-old boy, I have also played my fair share of video games, mostly online. I have noticed two things which I would like to point out shortly. The online games which I have played so far (Major games such as World of Warcraft and Everquest) have had people that communicate much more clearly and properly then those who use things such as AIM, Texting or even passing notes in class. Infact prior to playing these games I DIDN'T type properly other then on school assignments.

it's called "Leet"! It's used in games when longer messages take the game longer to process, or when high-octane speed reading is required.
This type of language is more common in Instant Messaging than in video games. If you even know what the difference is.

"underground gamers and computer hackers"? Now this is a truly weak thing to say. Short hand has been used almost as long as any language itself, it was used in codes, emergency massages, and even quick massaging in computer labs around the world. And here you are saying it's for "under ground gamers and computer hackers". Further proof at how ignorant some people can be. Let me start off by saying, nearly everyone who uses the internet occasionaly uses short hand. Secondly, it doesn't damage anyone's ability to talk/write. I use short hand everytime I'm online, and I'm still an A+ English student.

what is the definition of an underground gamer?

most online abreviations come from instant messaging type systems includeing games, but as most people cannot type as fast as they can speak abreviations are used. this situation also applies outside of gaming/internet use, as most doctors, opticians and PA's (

most of the time you actually have to think more to work out what someone is saying, espcialy if they've miss-spelled or used an unknow accronim.


This study is more than likely biased and/or the data was skewed to portray those results. All this coming from a country that banned The Sims! (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/01/26/china_game_ban/) The whole arguement against short hand typing is absolutely absurd when you consider facts like in WWII, shorthand was used in morse code to convey enemy positions, sos's, and other emergency news. Boy, I'm sure glad they didnt take the time to fully write out everything, otherwise we might be living under Nazi law! Like to see some real textspeak?

To be quite frank I'm pretty sure that using short hand actually stimulates your brain more, because most people are not completely comfortable with it, reading and writing it is more stimulating because it's similar to practicing a language you're not familiar with.

If a mother doesn't want her child exposed to violence, how about, and here is the idea, NOT giving your child video games that have a rating higher than his or her age?
That would mean that parents would actually have to get off their butts and actually DO SOMETHING with their kids.
There, I solved the problem.

The only time I've ever seen 1337, the term generally used for it, in a video game was in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, when it was used, as a joke, in speech bubbles for two creatures that had mind control devices affixed to their heads.

Don't worry; I saved them.

After that, they, like everyone else in the game, spoke proper English in their speech bubbles.

You have valid arguments, and kids should only play games appropriate for them, (not for their age, actually appropriate for the individual kid), but when you use pseudoscience like this to get points across, you lose credibility.

Wow, way to undermine the entire concept of not only shorthand, but social communication as an entity itself. Not everyone feels the need to walk around with a stark public erection on display the entire time. Some of us are happy communicating with our peers in an informal way. God forbid we have free speach.

Just because in World of Warcraft, I may type, "LFG3M 4 2morows raid" Doesn't mean it's what I'm limited to as far as communication skills. Even Hemingway understood the context and revilance of appeasing to setting, so why can't you?

This has to be the most pathetic thing i have ever seen.

First, no one referances it as textspeak, they referance it as shorthand. In online games, using shorthand is the only way to inform team mates without getting killed

[T]"inc"[enter] entered in half a second
[T]"incoming"[enter] entered in 2 seconds

In those extra one and a half seconds, you could be dead, and someone running out alone unawares a truck is going to flatten them.

Either that, or people might use acronyms to shorten screen clutter. This might include
B> or WTB (want to buy a)
S> or WTS (want to sell a)
LFG (looking for group)

However, acronyms such as inc, WTS, and LFG will never show up on you're text messages, because they are either game specific, or are unnessecary.

What will show up on your messages is
G2G (got 2 go), BRB (be right back), Cya (see ya). The only thing you will see during text messaging also used for gaming is AFK (away from keyboard).

By the way - hackers don't use textspeak as you dubbed it. What you're thinking of is Leetspeek, a secret code used by the hacker organization the 31337 (ElEET, or elite) to transfer hacks. However, with the dawn of encryption, and vast knowlodge of this code, it's rarely used.

Stop connecting gaming and black hat hacking by the way.

Just to let you know... that "textspeak" originated from CHAT ROOMS and BLOGS and FORUMS like stuff. It's not because violent video games make people stupid. It's because your kid is probably busy with some multitasking so they just want a short quick SHORTHAND message so they can quickly get back to what they were doing before. Just because it's not proper English doesn't mean it should be condemned. Should we condemn those people recording a court case using shorthand because it isn't proper English? If you would condone short hand writing you should condone translated signs which comes out as what our generation calls "Engrish". Go to engrish.com and see what I mean.

Oh, the reasoning behind this is just brilliant. Violent video games are, OF COURSE, to blame for textspeak. The internet/chatrooms had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with it.

I'd like to use a violent video game as a rebuttal here. Metal Gear Solid... heck, each and every last entry in the series, used perfect English in their captions... with periods, commas, and semi-colons too (I know, this must be shocking to you).

Not only did the games in the Metal Gear series do everything but use textspeak (or chatspeak), they each provided thought-provoking stories with historical facts strewn about their dialogue. Metal Gear Solid 3, for instance, helped me pass a test on the Cold War. Many games -- even the violent ones -- provoke thought if you're willing to look deep enough, or even look at all.

I haven't played a regular game in which chatspeek was used in anything but a joking manner -- for a fleeting, single line in a character's dialogue. Chatspeak in ONLINE MULTIPLAYER GAMES is, of course, unavoidable. But it's not the game, or the game industry that encourages it... it's the kids and ADULTS who are too weary of time to type out full sentences. The places where chatspeak appears in those games... are essentially chatrooms.

Once again, the industry is not to blame. The user is at fault... for perpetuating a harmless thing such as chatspeak. Most of them could probably type at least 50wpm without error, but simply choose not to, as a way of saving time. I see no harm in that.

Chatspeak is a form of shorthand, and can even be seen as code... it takes a certain amount of brain power to decipher it. It was created to simplify and speed up chatting over the internet, not to make it 'cooler' or annoying, as you stated above (were variables created to make math 'cooler' or annoying?). But, if you believe the interwebnet and them there xboxes and playstations have been dumbifying your kid folk, I'm sure nothing anyone can say will change that view for you.

Moving on, I like how specific Dr. Chow was there. He urges parents to limit the exposure of VIOLENT VIDEOGAMES to their children. So... this means a non-violent, kid-oriented online game in which chatspeak can be used would be perfectly fine?

I'm 19 years old, been a gamer (violent games and otherwise) since 7. I've never attempted to use chatspeak, even on the internet. I did this not because I think chatspeak is a 'subculture' thing, but because I simply chose not to. It's as easy as that.

Testspeak pre dates online computer games. It was used in IRC chat channels before the first mainstream online games came out.
I have no doubt that if you spent some time in the average football locker room you would be rather shocked as to the language getting thrown around by so called healthy sports players.

People dont use textspeak to be "cool". They use it so they don't have to spend as much time typing.

I have a question... What exactly is an "underground gamer"?

Furthermore, I play violent video games quite a bit. Notice, I am perfectly capable of communicating in the English language.

In fact, I am 16. I recently took the PSAT, and I was in the 97th percentile or higher in every category, nationwide.

The troubles we are now encountering with education and poor communication skills have nothing to do with which video games children play, nor with how long they play. It is solely in the hands of parents, who need to instill in their children a sense of respect and desire for proper academic and social achievement.

I'm sorry, MAVAV, it just sounds like your scared to be up on the latest form of communication.

"Textspeak is the process of shortening words and adding numbers to a text message to make it 'cooler.'"

Actually, the word cool does not come to mind. When I type in what you call "textspeak" I simply aim to type a message faster. It shortens the message by using acronyms and numbers to replace words or syllables.

For example:
Instead of saying "I'll talk to you later."
I can say "ttyl"

I for one can say that you don't even have to be a gamer to know what "ttyl" means. If a person has ever used Facebook, Myspace, AOL Instant Messenger or any other forms of online communication or networking, I'm sure they have used some form of your so called "textspeak".

Dig deeper next time, MAVAV, because I think you're wrong... again.

I actually owe games for about a quarter of my vocabulary (ie. simultaneous,anthropomorphic).
As for online games, I learned a bit of dutch, and hindu by talking to other players. (ie.(please excuse the spelling) dutch: koie - cow. hindu: namas dai - good day. as for the 'textspeek', yes I know how to type it, but all the gamers that I know ALWAYS use proper english.
quick bio on myself:
name: Veeran
Profession: student/landscaper
amount of time spent gaming: on average, 2-4 hours
educational status: average
I am also fluent in english, french, 1337 (leet), ASCII, and binary. (the last three are computer languages, the result of free time in the summer)

here a quick tutorial on 'textspeek' for you:
brb-be right back
gtg (or g2g)-got to go
lol-laugh out loud
omg-oh my god/goodness
wth-what the heck
rofl-rolling on floor laughing
ttyl-talk to you later
cya-see you
ttfn-ta ta for now
these next ones are game specific
gg-good game
afk-away from keybord
lfg-looking for group

and to close, here is a bit of (hardcore) leet for you (note:if your son/daughter is typing like this, here is a link to a tutorial on '1337' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leet):
60 134|2|\| 50/\/\3 1337
(go learn some leet)

thank you for your time

Wolf A.K.A the bringer of...stuff...

So, you people really made that kind of leap? You have no evidence here to prove that "textspeak" is caused by a shortage of blood to the frontal lobe... No, I believe problems with bloodflow in the brain what some people call "strokes," or "aneurisms" but don't listen to me, I don't know what I'm talking about because I play video games.

- Xbox Live Player
- WoW Player
- Gears of War Fanatic
- Gamertag MrWink101

I am a 14 year old gamer, and unlike everyone else in my class I will always write in English.
I CAN write l33t, note that it is not the same as 'textspeak' or, more commonly, txt(Real name, not being lazy), I use it to hide things, only a few people in my year can read l33t so it can very easily be used to hide things, along with about 20 other codes I know.
I often play games and have just recently bought Red Steel. Most of my gaming collection involves one kind of violence or another, and a few involve drugs and murder. I have played Splinter Cell(How-to kill??) and generally think it was quite good.
I have found that most of the time, it is only online where you find txt, and generally I complain (In clear, consise English) to people.
The only time I use txt is if I am in a hurry or am running out of letters as in SMSs.
And stop complaining about games, we're not addicted. People can choose to play games or not. People can choose to deny their bodies of sleep, but its their choice, so stop complaining.

I play violent games. I don't care.. it's fun. I agree with many of the other posters. I don't think violence in games has a big effect on violence in real life. I just think some kids are more prone to not knowing the different between something on tv and something in the real world. Those kids might just be a little slower than the rest of us.

I don't think "textspeak" and violence have any correlation other than the fact that the people who are idiotic and immature enough to say stuff like "tym2die" and take it seriously (now, there IS a difference between stuff like tym2die and shorthand internet lingo like "brb" that's just meant for convenience) are the same morons who can't understand the difference between game violence and real-world violence.

I am 18 years old. I'm in college and I'm studying to become an English teacher for the high school level. I am about to right a paper about the ESRB and how they do a fine job rating games. Parents have more control over there children then they believe they do. Children are children for a reason; children cannot make logical, sensible, decisions, that's why they have parents. I agree with the young lady's post that states that not all video games are violent. They aren't. Parents buy video games for their children to shut them up so they don't cry in a store. Ratings on video games do not do any good if parents don't take time to look at them. Learning games are made for children to help them read, add, subtract, and even learn history facts. A good parent would buy these types of learning devices to help further their child's education.

There are violent games, sure I will not deny that. Most violent video games have M ratings. This means that people who are 17 and older should play them. Parents who read take time to read these ratings would know what type of game they were about to buy for their child. The point is that parents are too concerned about hushing up a child, to go into a store and leave than to care about what type of material they are buying for children.

Oh My GOD! He's using 'Text speak'! HE'S GOING TO GO ONE A KILLING SPREE!!!!!!
look, if you dont know something dont label it as dangerous. Its human nature to label the unknown a threat, but lets get the research before we jump to conclusion ok? there, in simple english.

yes, 'text speak', as you ever so fondly labeled it, is linked to gaming. its USED in gaming. whats wrong with using it??? its like saying im speaking in a scottish accent in class therefore theres something wrong with me. 'text speak' has nothing to do with fueling young teenagers to go out and kill a bunch of people. i love this article's logic. 'text speak' is used in violent game and violent games are violent. therefore 'text speak' is violent. this is like saying- My pie is hot. The sun is also hot. therefore my pie is a sun.

The problem is... leet speak was originally invented by hackers... or was it to get past school filters? Not sure, but leet speak was developed by one of those two... leet speak IS somewhat awful and annoying such as "D00d j00 g07 pwnz0r3d n00b". THAT isn't text speak. Also, less blood flow to the frontal lobes may affect language within a human being but it wouldn't induce a permanent effect that would completely change a person's language. For something that drastic to happen it would require pretty much a total blood blockage to the frontal lobes.

*Comes in as a ninja hacker* *****POUNCE!***** I am underground ninja gamer! LOL!!! I cannot believe the ignorance!! Allright, maybe if I brought this to an archaic lvl they would understand. This is.... (rubs two sticks together) *POOF* Fire! Ok many moons later, we make glowing moon for inside house (holds up lightbulb for MAVAV) ZOMG! MAVAV MIGHT BE.... underground! (makes shifty eyes)Moderately Misinformed Victimizing Aged Villiany! /hide. I wonder if I got out a toaster how scared they might get.......
(gets out toaster, +20 to toastyness of doom). I don't leetspeak, but I can definately give stats to the lousy reasearch they do....

MAVAV Member Char Sheet

-30 CRS
+20 to Grumpiness
-40 INT
-0 Magic (Its gone baby)
Add saving bonus roll when encountering a person with common sense ATT so MAVAV member survives a INT throw
+100 to encouraging panicky parents
All MAVAV informants are strengthened when in panic mode
+20 to intimidation faction when bullying people they think are younger than they are, so their opinion is the only one that matters
HP Fluctuates depending on what panicky issue they are touting.
Special Powers:
SPOT (Slow Poision Over Time) DMG 2d8 able to intject misguided interpretations of any game whether pokemon or splinter cell saying they are BOTH children games into the vein of a lackey parent.Parent is only able to avoid attack with INT saving throw.
Create Illusion:
Creates a alluring story of people who are "Underground" "scary" and use words they don't understand.
Unable to understand technology that was created after the industrial revolution and steam engines.
Goes into panic mode when a ipod is turned on in a room.You must roll a 3d4 to save from insanity.

"Quote From FF7 AC"

Sepiroth: "Tell me what you cherish so I can destroy it"
Cloud: "You just dont get it do you......"
(long pause)
Cloud: "I cherish everything......"

Christina (currently hacking your toaster)

I'd just like to say that, as myself a gamer, playing of video games (including your so-called "code-red" addictive and violent games) has improved my reasoning ability and my vocabulary. Interest in certain ideas stemming from video games has caused me to read more and learn more, all the while still able to get straight A's in school (admittedly with the occasional B). Essentially, video games - oh yes, even violent ones! - have perhaps made me a more intelligent and well-rounded person, increased by hand-eye coordination, and given me opportunities to connect with others socially who share similar interests.

Or maybe I should just never touch a computer again and get addicted to something else - drugs, sex, and alcohol sound nice. Be glad your kids are addicted to something that can strengthen their resolve and prepare them for an assuredly high-technology future.

Another thing I forgot to mention (assuming this or my other comment will go through) is that scientific studies have proven that since the 1980s violent crimes in teens to 30-some year olds has significantly dropped.

Ironic, considering how you make it sound like video games are making people MORE violent.

I am a sixteen year old gamer who had been playing all kinds of videogames for at least four of those years. I play role playing games, first person shooters, simulations, massively multiplayer online games, and sometimes a real time strategy. I have come across many instances where videogames have increased my vocabulary. Many "jocks" at my school who think videogames are for geeks did not (surprisingly) know words such as levitate, a word I first encountered in a videogame. Also studies have shown that videogames actually strengthen a persons reasoning skills (maybe less so for first person shooters, but they drastically improve your coordination). Also studies like the one this website mentioned are a load of bull. Often the media blows something out of proportion because they don't understand it and you probably got it from a second hand source, right? I read a study that said that videogames make you smoke marijuana. When I looked into the study 89% of non video gamers said marijuana was bad and something like 88.7% of video gamers said it was bad. I think someone might be jumping to conclusions. All and all I think this whole website is ridiculous and the real concern should be helping the people who can't distinguish real life from fake and go out shooting people. As for the rest of us, leave us the hell alone. As a side note I spell checked this just to be sure, I didn't make a single mistake.

...Yah, because the Chinese government is ever so trustworthy, as are their media outlets.

Tianamen-what now? Exactly. Next time you guys post an article, please, provide an even remotley reliable source.

Oh, and lots of non-gaming teenage girls use textspeak more then gamers. It's not a secret underground language, it's a way of abbreviating words for faster typing on a cell-phone or messanging system. Clue in, please.

What I can't figure out is why is the info on this site so incredibly WRONG? I feel sad for the kids whose parents actually believe this crap. I IM people and text people with things like "LOL", "ONRY" "LFP" etc, and what on earth do you people think these things mean? People who start garbage like this are just bored because they don't understand how to use technology so they scream panic and fear. Its like saying "HTML is of the devil, because we think it is". I am a Christian and a gamer. I believe you use common sense in everything. And duh, anything can be addictive, sports like football (Spectator), cars, fishing, golf, watching TV, eating, soccer (Look at other countries), reading, writing, plastic surgery, dieting, surfing, gossiping, shopping, working, rumors and instilling fear............yeah, it gives people a rush who have no life. And if you say that people die from video games and they are bad influences, have you looked at a sports team lately? I know people who have addictions to fiddling with their cars. I know people who sneak off and abandon things to go fishing. And how many people have ditched work when they hear there is fresh powder on the slopes? How many people get injured in riots after some big sports event>?How many kids feel like failures because their parents think they should play a sport and be "Normal" like the other kids, when their talent lies in computers or art?

You say "underground gamers" like we are a group of secretive criminal mastermindes waiting around every corner to jump out and shout "RU cmin out 2nite?" Please. Now, to the topic at hand... You say this "text speak", "short hand", or "Leet" is so annoying to you? Why don't you simply ignore or avoid it? If someone is bothering you, you can ignore them, or steer clear of where they may be. Take this action in your web browsing as well.
As far as blood circulation in your frontal lobe goes, did you ever ponder this: When you are using creative text like this, you are primarily using the right hemisphere of your brain, which happens to be the creative side. It is quite possible that your frontal lobe has decreased bloodflow because your brain is redirecting it to your right hemisphere to compensate for the activity. It is a very possible, however unproven, analogy.
As far as these "aweful slang" abreviations go, we don't have time. Modern youth are experts at multitasking when it comes to their computer use. I look at my task bar right now and see seven seperate windows, all of which I'm actively engaged in. When someone sends me an instant message, it is usually much easier, and much more time-efficient to send them an abbreviated reply. I have more important things to do than use proper english in a scenerio where it is completely unimportant and irrelivent.
Please, just try to forget that you grew up in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. It's 2007 now, and we're not the same as you were. We have to addapt to new technologies and concepts everyday. We can't all afford to be as stubborn as you. Shed your fearful affectation, and merge with the rest of society. Don't be afraid... lol...

The purpose of shortened speech online is because you usually are trying to quickly get your message out. That RU Comin' crap is used by girls on cellphones too, but gamers online have better abbreviations. EX: In games such as Counter-Strike, you type fast and short because you don't want to be standing still in the game for too long, you become an easy target and may get killed whilst typing. Therefore, shortened speech is used for a constructive purpose. Seriously, textspeak is not linked to violent games, it is linked to text messages and, if online, kids who think it is how the more mature gamers talk.

Just because someone uses a number that resembles a letter instead of using the actual letter doesn't make them ignorant. If it means anything at all it could be something as simple as they prefer it that way because they like math. What you have stated is absurd. Violence in video games does not make a player use numbers istead of letters. Personally, I know many responsible adults who use shorthand in text messages simply because it saves time and keystrokes.

I sleep eight hours a night. According to you, im addicted to it. To say any gamer is addicted because he plays a game for several hours at a time is to say that any behavior that stretches over an hour is addictive.

Oh, and to say that video games promote sloth and inactivity is about as absurd as anything else MAVAV has spouted.

Im a highschool senior who was played four years of both football and wrestling. So i dont think the 1-2 hours i would play when i got home was "detrimental" to me in any way.

And as for "text Speak" or whatever your calling leet, its in what way harmful? How does the connection between abbreviation and violence come about? If your anaware, modern english is a mishmash of french, latin, spanish, german, russian and about twenty other languages. Many of which words are abbriviations of their previous incarnation.

In summary, video games arent addictive, its addictive behavior of the person that is the problem. Just as its not the fault of the beer or wine that the alcoholic is addicted to using it. For what i've read on this site, it makes a very bad impression on me about christians. Lukily, i have many christian friends, many of which are gamers. That and i also know not to judge a person by what their hobby is, what their religion is, what race they are. I hope you can muster some of this knowledge for yourself, or i fear i may be "bashed" not only for my words but what and who i am by MAVAV.

It's not the kids fault if they don't know any better when they play games that are violent. ESRB rates the games for a reason if the game is Mature or Adults Only then its obvious you shouldn't get it for your child. And if he/she happens to get it another way you should be monitoring what they are playing in the first place. And for people that are older thats there choice on what they do not anyone else.

I see as many people using numbers and abbreviated words to convey messages quickly in a game as I have heard people in real life telling me they "did real good on the English test".

I find that in a world where you have to type and spell things correctly, it is more excusable when someone shortens a word, uses a form of abbreviation, makes a typo, etc. than people who are genuinely stupid in real life with something as simple as SPEAKING. Even top politicians talk about how nice it is "to live in United States" without anyone batting an eyelash at the fact that the word "the" is mysteriously absent. It is a mistake everyone makes on a daily basis and nobody has a clue they are making it.

If I hear a person pronounce a 3 syllable word like "Caramel" (care-uh-mel) as a 2 syllable word (Car-mul) I think I will go insane.

Work on criticizing idiots in the real world before you start criticizing what people do in their leisure time.

Wow only very immature people would use ridiculous sayings like "tym2die" The most chatspeak or textspeak i've ever seen is on the private chat program, MSN IM. If "textspeak" is SO bad and will make you brain-dead then how come my father (Associate Dean of Anatomy at UWO) used so-called "textspeak" this morning when I talked to him on MSN. I know! It's because It's quicker! You know SOS? well that is apparently textspeak. they even used so-called textspeak in WWII to saves their hides when a grenade was thrown at them or something like that. As I see it textspeak is just a language used by gamers. Like there is a language in sports (Football) I think I made my point clear and all I have to say to this article now is "lol"

I dont have much to say. I just wanted to acknowledge that what Murphy wrote was incredible. The words were well written and well thought out. And as a neutral person in this situation I must say that Murphy proved a heck of a point

its called leet (1337) not textspeak. get it right. and by the way i have passed all of my English and writing classes with A's and B's. leet is mostly used for player names because it is too hard to actually type in conversation, so people just type the same as they would otherwise. textspeak would be something to use on a cell phone that you 13 year old daughter is probably fluent in... maybe you should try to move your crusade against cell phones. wake up and smell the flowers, and maybe you might realize that what you are doing is having no affect and will not , so long as the "underground" is alive you will not win.

I quote, "Textspeak is the process of shortening words and adding numbers to a text message to make it "cooler." "
I doubt that 'cooler' is the motivation; more likely, this is for efficiency. An adult relative of mine recently said that it was easier for him to communicate with his carpool members using shortened characters like this. Violence and profanity are not always the causes.

bull video games are healthy they increase hand and eye coridanation iv been playing CS (Counter-Strike) for 6 years i have been in 3 CAL events and i havent killed anyone so quit disin video games.

It's doubtful that any parents know how to access this comment page. They might be afraid that clicking on a link in fine, red print may send them to a hacking site and they would only prove to their children that they are hypocrites. Thomson, Clinton, and a number of other activists like MAVAV itself have probably never even played violent video games or seen 1337 outside this article. I'm sure if they had known about our (evil hackers) text-speak, they'd use it because it's much faster and easier to type "Cya l8er gtg" than "I'll see you later, I've got to go." Parents, come back and tell us what you think of violent video games once you've actually played one instead of listening to this poisonous, ferociously biased website. Lolz u mite find it 2 b fun!

Violence has nothing to do with chat-speak. Chat-speak is just a bunch of lazy kids who think it's easier to put in numbers and substitute letters, because they are too lazy to type an extra three or so letters. Send them back to grammar school if you want, but you can't blame a video game for bad grammar and spelling. That's the fault of [i]some[/i] people who play online games, not the game itself.

Wow. Do you have any idea how completely ludicrous this is?

I'm not saying I like every video game out there being violent, I think it's a shame that games feel the need to be violent to sell nowadays. But that is a problem with society, not with games. Games are made to appeal to as big a market as possible. The biggest market *wants* violence, it doesn't *become* violent because it plays a video game for a few hours. This is complete bunk.

Stop trying to fix the symptom, not the cause. All your arguments, I mean ALL of them, and your false prophet Jack Thompson, are vapid, ill-conceived and misguided.

You want to stop violent video games? Transform society into one that digs fluffy bunnies and flowers, and games will be made to sell to that demographic, instead of one that likes blowing things heads off with guns.

One question. What the hell are your kids *actually* up to while you are fighting this ridiculous war? Probably raping cats and joyriding or something. Wouldn't that be ironic? "Don't worry, no one will know! mam'll be busy posting on that stupid website again."

Interesting story, I was talking to my mother on AOL Instant Messanger, and she opened the conversation with "RU there?" It was honestly one of the strangest things I've ever seen. Not because my mother was using shorthand, but because I hadn't seen "textspeak" since I was 12 and went to chatrooms.

Now, as has already been mentioned, certain shorthand is used in certain situations.

Imagine a field of view that is 90% taken up by various bars and images, representative of health of allies, health of whatever the group is "fighting", various spells that you can cast, etc. You're scanning the entire screen, using abilities as appropriate for the situation, constantly reviewing the situation, with about 1.5 seconds in between spell casts to change tactics if you need to. Suddenly, you see on the corner of your screen something else nefaious approaching. Do you type "I see another mobile object approaching our party. Would one of you who is playing a class traditionally assiciated with the role of mitigating damage to yourself please "pick up" the mobile object and bring it a safe distance from the party, so that we may dispose of it at some point later in the future"? Or you do type "Inc", or "add". It's not an attempt to be "cool" by shortening, it's an agreed upon shorthand that everyone can understand and react to quickly. This is much similar to professional situations. As a composer, I've worked with instrumentalists, Music directors, conductors, actors, and others. I would never, ever say to them "Let us begin at the thirty-third measure, where the orchestra will be playing a D, E, G, B, and chromatically altered upwards F, however, I need our vocalist to gradually get louder over a period of four bars, as described by the wedge shape on the page. Also, I need to hear more of the Second Clarinettists part". I would say "Let's take it from the C9#4 in 33, and I need more Crescendo and Clari 2". Simply because shorthand is used by gamers doesn't make it an undergound hackers movement. Also, I have used "1337" many times in my life, it's true. Not one of those times was for any reason other than ironic reference.

I find it rather interesting that people would relate acronym usage to violent games. Fact of the matter is that this type of "text speak" has been in use since the very first chats commonly used in mIRC, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, and other alternatives. Some of these acronyms are easily noticable and logical once the user understands them: lol (Laugh out loud) brb (Be Right Back) ttyl (Talk to you later)

Fact of the matter is that even outside of this tunnel vision the article creator has, they more then likely use acronyms themselves in day to day work. The main point of acronym usage is to shorten what is being said and be more productive. I work in the IT field and I have to say without the use of acronyms it would make my job less effeceint. I would much rather say things like VZB (Verizon business) AD (Active Directory) ETTR (Estimated time to repair).

Now I realize this is not exact to the term "text speak" but the same thing applies to the usage. It is ment to be as short as possible, decernable, and effecient at the same time. Obviously someone who does not use this type of acronym usage or "text speak" will not understand what the message means or implies, but usually those who use it will want you to understand if they plan to work with you.

"Text speak" in it's relative form came from the use of Cell phone text messaging in origin, not from violent games as the article states. The reason that this type of "verbal slaughter" came to be is due to the limited capacity for message length and "on the go" day to day routine of todays youth.

If you can not apply simply logic to your slander of a genre then you need not voice your opinion so publicly. When you are wrong about your assumptions you only prove how little you end up knowing about how the "text speak" came to be.

Not only that, but the fact of the matter is, your abuse of doctors studies is unacceptable as you did not factor in the cognative ablities and functions of the frontal lobe either. When playing a game you are using hand/eye coordination to orient your character in the game and make them respond in a way that will win the game or a positive response. Unfortunately in FPS (First person shooter) that positive response is to kill the opposition. FPS are fast paced and require you to think on the fly but also maintain a course of concentration and team work at the same time.

I find it odd that people will go to the extreme and say that a violent game is training the player to be a killer. How is playing a game any different then watching a TV show or movie? Reading a sci-fi thriller, war novel, mystery novel? All of these prepare the audience for the same thing on different levels. Desensitisation is not just a bi-product of the video game industry, but of society it's self. All that most groups like yourself are doing is looking for a scapegoat to blame it on.

People think that the video game industry is supported by preteen and teenagers when it isn't. Most of todays gamers are also adults, some as old as 30-50 years of age. I myself am 25 years of age and a gamer.

The problem is not the game industry so much as it is the people who don't watch what they allow their children to be exposed to. Just like movies and TV shows games have ratings on them, but are typically ignored by parents. Parents mentality are that games are just that...games. Games are rated by the content of the game much like movies are rated by the content of the movie. People should not attack the game industry, they should attack themselves for not taking the responsiblity of reviewing what material they are allowing their children to play. Most large store chains take these ratings seriously and will go as far as to ask for ID. So shouldn't the parent think about this also?

This is the lamest excuse I've ever heard!!!

The reason that there may have been a reduction in circulation would have been because the games gave the players the escapism effect and when anyone plays a game, they don't HAVE to think about anything else. But, even then, I doubt the reasearch findings are completely accurate, because games capture the imagination and if the imagination is being stimulated, I would have thought that brain activity would have actually been increased in all parts of the brain- moreso the Frontal Lobe.

As for text language being linked, I haven't seen one video game that has actually used "R U cmin out 2nite?". All video games I've played have used proper spelling and are even grammatically correct as well. So, if anything I believe that many games can actually provide some English lessons and have the ability to teach kids new words. One example of this is Tomb Raider: Legend. And that's a game that's got violence in it as well, but has some of the best use of English in it. So, whoever said that video games are linked to poor English skills- the two have nothing in common!!!

Also, I've found that proper typing is tonnes easier, instead of having to think about replacing words with numbers/characters- even though I know how to do texting. Furthermore, texting is used primarily for mobile phone use to save on phone credit and 1337 (Leet speak) is used primarily to "encode" emails.

I've been playing games for most of my life. I speak English well, even more so when you consider that I've only been using it for 5 years. I am also proficient in French and German, even though I have only been learning these languages for less than 2 years. I can also speak Russian and Ukrainian, my native languages, perfectly. I usually spend over 4 hours on gaming each day, and yet my language skills are just fine... You might think it's odd, but it makes perfect sense to me. People who use "textspeak" in chatrooms or text messages are just lazy. In fact, most of the people I know that use it have never played a video game in their lives, while all of my gamer friends speak perfect English, no matter how they might be using it.

Text speak is stems mostly from instant messaging (IMs) and especially text message with cell phones (because of the limitations of how long a message can be). How can you seriously blame online video games solely for the decline in these students test scores when they are many other factors that attribute to text speak. Even many corporations have changed their names to make it easier for any one to remember their company and slogans such as Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

If you read transcripts of games that do not have online capabilities, I'm sure that you will find that games are in perfect English unless they are using slang for added affect to realism for the game.

You know, I am glad this website exists. I have been doing the same research report since I was a high school sophomore. And now in college as I'm doing another paper on it, I always use this website to show how the opponents of video games are over the top and ludicrous in their arguments. Teachers seem to like it, what a joke.

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