January 18, 2007

Gamer Plays 28 Hours Straight to Beat the Burning Crusade First

News of the world’s first level 70 character shocked the World of Warcraft community on Wednesday. Twenty-four year old French gamer by the alias Gawell played 28 frightening hours straight to beat the Burning Crusade expansion pack, a video game which experts predicted, “would take months to complete.”

Some gamers applauded such an achievement, while the disgruntled majority ridiculed Gawell as being a “loser” and having “no life.”

MAVAV has previously raised the threat level to red in preparation of the possible dangers, such as this, from the Burning Crusade expansion pack. This is a major concern for MAVAV, as Blizzard recently announced that the World of Warcraft surpassed 8 million players world wide. We urge all parents to be on high alert until further notice.

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How is this physically possible blizzard mad e the game to be a hard and riggerous battle to lvl 70 I need more prof then a youtube video, I mean this could be a fake server or even the beta...

Oh wow... unless this guy somehow went at relativistic speeds while playing this... this isn't possible at all. However... for once I sort of agree with MAVAV... this is unhealthy for a guy to gain ten levels in 28 hours... HOWEVER, do not blame the entire gaming community for one bored fool's idiocy.

Is this implying that it's all right to judge an entire community by the actions of one (who apparently had A LOT of spare time)?

Though I do agree playing for 28 hours straight is not healthy... neither are a lot of other records [unrelated to video games] people will try to break or create. Should the Guinness Book of World Records be banned because it inspires thoughts of record breaking/creating in some people's minds?

This is a minor issue. Even more proof that the individual is responsible for his own actions. It's not right to attack the game for what people do with it.

If the man slipped into a coma from overplaying, would you advise his family to sue Blizzard? If another man drowned himself by drinking too much bottled water, is the company that distributes the water bottles at fault? Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

I'd like to comment, if you'll allow me, on your raising the threat level of this game to red 'in preparation of the possible dangers, such as this'... What happened? Did the man die? Did he get fired from his job? Or did he simply fall asleep and wake up 12 hours later with a massive headache?

If that last one is the case, then he probably learned his lesson.

Wow I applaud this guy. First for pulling it off, secondly for showing that WoW is one of the lowest common denominators of MMO's that any level grinding monkey can master.

That being said WoW is not a bad game in the sense that it can be fun, anything can be fun if you make good friends to play with, as this guy obviously did.

Blizzard shouldn't be scorned for this guys actions. He made the choice to do this and he'll take the good and the bad that goes with it. Besides that this guy is an adult right? Why are his actions being highlighted on a parent watch dog site? On top of all that the fact that the burning crusade is a lot shorter that thought should be a good thing for you guys, right?

What's the threat here? That people will spend countless hours playing WoW? The guy is twenty-four years old and he has the right to do whatever he wants.

ok well i just have a few things to say regarding this:
1) Its true that wow is considerd one of the most addictive mmorpgs, however how many people are addicted, well i dont know this but it isnt that many out of the 8 million
2) This person had alot of people helping him, these "experts" only said mounths of solo play and maybe only playing 3-4 hours a day at max... this person played solidly and have 45 other poeple in total helping if i remmeber correctally
3)I would appriciat if you didnt decided to judge an entire community on one persons actions. People dont admire him for doing it, they are just impressed

Please, you dont even understand how it was done. Power leveled by several others outside his group meaning he reaps max xp while others do the work. Its probably done with a rotation of people rather then just one.

Also I will say this, I might be "violent" in games.. but that means (in my case as well as others) I'm not being violent eleswhere.. like when dealing with paranoid gamer haters.

Er... so all of the previous articles about the game consuming months of a player's life, and so forth are now void, now that it can be completed in 28 hours?

Given your concerns with people dissappearing into cyberspace forever... doesn't the apparent fact that it can now be completed in one (admittedly unhealthy) weekend kind of suggest you could safely lower your threat level now? :)

You article is wrong. He didn't "beat" the buring crusade. He only reached the level cap. You cannot beat World of Warcraft or The Burning Crusade.

So... All players of WoW are in danger because this one adult, fully capable of making his own choices, decided to put that much consecutive time into one videogame.

Right... Is the guy seriously harmed? At all? Nope.

Do his actions encourage others to follow suit? You said it yourselves, the majority scorned him. So that's a big no as well.

Oh come on! Now you're just being really nosey and annoying, the man is old enough to make his own choices. I agree playing 28 hours isn't really healthy, you guys should really mind your own business.

The internet is not going to be all nice and perfect. There's a bunch of people out there who are mean. So just because they call Gawell a loser you should not let kids play WoW?

Who cares if some adult plays 28 hours, it's his life. I wonder who is letting the kids play...

would you rather haave your kids out doing drug, drinking and having casual sex? because that is what i was doing before i bought WOW. i know that it is just replacing one addiction with another, both give me sleepless nights, both give me bad grades, but one doesnt send me to prision

While i agree that playing World of Warcraft 28 hours straight was not the smartest thing a person could do, this doesn't mean the whole community is doing it. Also, as you stated, the person in question is 24 years old. Meaning he was old enough to make his own choices. Me, I play RPGs such as Diablo II and World of Warcraft, and have never devoted more than 4 hours at a time to one.

1) You cant beat Burning Crusade, he simply reached the level cap.

2) Its likely that he didn't actually play the 28hours straight, hes likely that he power leveled it with a group of people.

I completely agree with the Josh. I'm 18, I use to spend all my free time gaming (25-30hrs a week). Now I go drinking twice a week, and enjoy participating in casual sex. If you were a parent, which would you rather for your child? Now stop complaining. Take some responsibility, and parent your damn child.

Hahaha, It's World of Warcraft. Come on. It's obviously fake, full of strange creatures of sorts and what not.

Besides, anyone that is a sane, functional part of society, with a good family background and any sense of parenting what so ever, should know that just because their kids play video games, doesn't mean they will become serial killers.

People, yes children are people, all have their own likes, interests, personalities, etc. Unless it's extremely threatening to your kids (which a video game is not, it's your bad parenting and their poor mentality that is to blame if they go insane), then you should let them do as they please.

If they want to play video games, be glad they're not snorting coke off the toilet seat at the 7-11 or shooting up in the school bathroom.

You should be damn happy your kids are interested in games rather than drugs.

And if they're interested in both, your fault, not the game's fault.

As a 15 year old videogamer researching for my s&p oratory on videogames, I am shocked to see that a website like this even exists, though there are extremists of every kind out there. MAVAV's articles on videogames are utterly ridiculous, portraying videogames as some sort of hideous monster that will take your child away forever, using the most extreme examples that they can find of the 6,597,626,557 people living on Earth, and twisting facts their way (the truth is, you can find as many surveys and tests for videogames as you can against them). MAVAV is clearly a group of controlling parents who will shape their children EXACTLY to their specifications. If they screw their life, its their problem. Although this site did give me a great laugh, reminding me of how stupid people can be sometimes.

I've been a gamer all my life, and have been into RPG's for a good 5 or 6 years. I don't understand how video games are supposed to make people violent. If I play WoW, does that make me biased against Elves? If I play Oblivion, does it make me want to kill human-sized cat-people? No, it doesn't. I think what MAVAV's problem is, is that they probably have never had any first hand experience actually playing a video game, and therefore are not qualified to comment on how it makes you feel or want to act.

I am an 18 year old gamer...I play basically everything but racing, sports, and kid games...i play until i beat a game, but i dont have any violent behaviors because of it. People saying that if you play video games that you are going to go on a shooting rampage are just idiots.

Anything can be done excessively, and I mean ANYTHING. Be it overplaying a video game or wrapping your life around a website and cause to stop people from playing video games. Let's be realistic here... Code red? Severe threat? OMG IT'S GLOBAL WARMING, Y2K and an Alaskan sized meteor all bundled into 1 and it's taking over our children's lives!!!!!

I have been a gamer for 20 years. Though there were times I played video games a lot, I've slowed down in recent years. That aside, I've managed to hold a very good job, share in life with a wonderful family/son and sleep in a beautiful home in central Texas. I've never had "violent urges" or neglected my responsibilites over video games.

My Opinion:
If your kids are screwing up because of "video games", you can attribute it to one of two things... They are a bad seed or you are a bad parent. Think on that....

I'm going to put a small comment here, because most of what I'm going to say has been said.

But this "article" shows the problem I see in this organization as a whole.

"Beat the Burning Crusade"

That statement has already been responded to. The game World of Warcraft is an MMORPG. There is no "beating" the game. The game is constantly expanding, and cannot be beaten. But this is not the point of my comment.

The point is that the article would be posted as "beat the Burning Crusade". This is not a question of the healthiness of playing for 28 hours, or whether the grind to level 70 is too intense, but rather why an article was posted on the site with information that any amount of research into the field could have proven false. This shoddy research calls other aspects of the site into question. If the headline of an article can be wrong, what about the "facts" listed in the other article? Jack Thompson in a court case recently cited two "facts" which were incorrect, while attempting to discredit Take Two Interactive, and yet MAVAV props him up as a champion. I fully understand the want to keep violent video games out of the hands of those who are not of age or maturity to handle them. In fact, many among the gaming community will agree that games intended for audiences above the age of 17 should not be put in the hands of children. However, the ESRB rates the games, and the ratings are clearly marked on the box, so articles holding the industry wrong are in err. The main point I see here is one against video game addiction, but again, a poor choice of rhetoric undercuts the argument. An adult, in essence, binges on the game to achieve level 70. Does this adult have a job? How is their family life? These questions aren't answered. This binge-gaming may be a sign of addiction, or it may be the gaming equivalent for the player of eating an entire carton of Ben+Jerry's after a hard day. Evidence to the contrary isn't presented, so there is no reason to assume that this player isn't well-adjusted. The conclusions are drawn before the facts are known, it seems, and when the facts interfere, they are presented either outright falsely, or skewed.

I agree that games which contain mature material should be kept away from the hands of children. So does a majority of the gaming community, the video game industry self-manages with the ESRB, if a parent cares about the content, they have the tools to moderate the material which their children have access to.

I also agree that those who forsake school, work, family, or anything for the sake of video games have a problem, and if they are children, parents should become involved as a preventative measure. If they are adults, well... there are always social deviants, and perhaps those who are the type to become addicted to games on such a level are the type to become addicted to other, less savory things as well.

What dissapoints me is that an organization which has such sway would feel the need to ignore or skew facts in order to get a trumped up point across. If the true facts don't support your argument, perhaps the facts aren't what need to be changed.

He has the right to do what he wants. You cannot beat WoW or the expansion, but what he did was hit the level cap. And even If you somehow get a law against video games out there, I will NOT comply. I spent WAY too much money on my games and I enjoy them more than you enjoy pissing people off, hugging Joe Liberman, buying organic foods and emotionally sickening me... Combined!

~I own 32 video game systems and I am PROUD.~
~I own every sega console and have almost all Nintendo consoles~
~You give me nightmares.~
~I am not an addict. I can stop whenever I want, but, why shouold I?~

By the way... this is a fish.: >

wow 28 hours straight that is teh hardcoreness. aren't there other things you should be worried about right now? like epidemics in Africa, the energy crisis, and the fact that a nuclear holocaust is 1 computer error away from being triggered?

I don't know if anyone has written this before, and I really don't care, but...

When you think about it, who is the most "no-lifer"? The one getting to lvl 70 in 28 hours, or the one spending weeks or even months to reach it?

And to the ones saying it was fake...
It was done with an organized raid group of 40 people, the mage tagged the mobs and the raid group killed 'em, this is possible because in WoW the xp per killed mob isn't reduced if another player should kill it, as long as they are not in the same group.

Well I have to simply say, that as a 21 year old who plays approxomatly 20 hours of video games a week that this site is complete Bull.

I could understand that parent's may not want to allow kids to play with guns or drugs, but Video games are no more harmful than television. And even the reports on that have been sevberely blwon out of proportion.

Yes I play alot of games, but I also hold down a decent job, have a very active social and love life, have no family issues oh, and i've never killed anyone either, i've never so much as been in a fight when I could avoid it.

All I can suggest is stop trying to find demons in modren society and simply try to find the problems with your own over-controlling, manipulative parenting style. Maybe then your kids wont be such screwups...

Wow, i have visited your website on a few occasions just to read the next rediculous accusations about video games and i have to say why dont you people pull your head out.

I am 20 years old and in college. I currently play about 20+ hours a week of video games. Often times violent games where i "kill" other people. Guess what, i have yet to harm anyone or even get arrested, i have a perfect police report and yet to even have a traffic violation. I am currently in college to, wait till you hear this, make video games and agian guess what... I will be making about 3-4 times more than most of the "special" and "outgoing" kids of yours. I currently have plenty of friends and hang out with them when i can and still find time to do homework and socialize. I have been playing video games for nearly my entire life, since the Atari and Nintendo gaming systems and the only difference between me and "normal" people is that i do indeed type faster than most and i have better hand eye coordination, problem solving skills as well as better linguistic skills than most, imagine that. How can you continue trying to do this to people, have of my arguements i dont even have to say because most others have stated them repeatedly. If anyone is trying to "brainwash" anyone, its MAVAV.


Games do not cause bad grades, anti-sociability and the other rediculous outbursts MAVAV has said here. Bad time management does however. Yes your kids may want to play video games for extended periods of time but it is up to you to teach your kids how manage their time and their priorities. Games can be violent and or sexual but this isnt the cause of violence in the real world. Most criminals are older or often times, for the lack of a better term poor. These shootings at schools have nothing to do with video games and if you honestly believe that without a doubt in your entire being, then i feel sorry for you and hope that one day you can finally see the truth. Video games are actually good for your kids (to a certain extent). Kids who play video games for a couple hours a day actually turn out smarter, and so i can leave you with some ground for MY accusations and to differ from these jackasses from MAVAV, check out Steven Johnsons book, "Everything Bad Is Good for You: How Today's Popular Culture Is Actually Making Us Smarter" or better yet, check out WebMD and search video games. Now it wont all be positive but this is where you come in and use your own brain.

thank you

Seriously....28 hours if you read the forums when he did this. 95% of the server HELPED HIM, oh yes experts suggest it takes MONTHS to beat. Thats including all the content

Gruuls Lair
Magtheridons Lair
Serpentshrine Cavern
The Eye
Black Temple

And the outdoor raidbosses, Doomwalker and Doom Lord Kazzak.

What experts failed to leave out is, there is NO END to a MMORPG, its a life long lasting game. Every 7 days when the server resets everything resets. To fully complete this game it would take 25 people on a daily basis working together to get gear and complete and instance.
Keeping in mind that the raid content takes hours to clear to. Not even the best in the world at the moment being Nihilum has completed the game.
Granted the kid who did the 28 hour shift to Ding 70 ya, grats dude, now he has to farm Money, Gear, and wait for his guild to catch up.

Personally you tell me.

Play wow 28 hours complete a game take some time off, or drink and have sex at a college dorm party for 28 hours.

I hope your child knows of planned parent hood then.

And if you dont think the outside world is bad. Just go take a look.

Then again kids being turned downed by woman and drinking their depression away wont lead to more violent *cough* Va Tech *cough*.

Id rather be playing the game then going out and killing my liver and kidneys. Besides im 19, sex can wait.

This is old but w/e.

I am a 14 year old wow bc addict.:P

This guy had 40 other people help him kill stuff while he attack stuff then his friends would kill it. He did this 28 hours or so to get to 70. But they nerfed it now which is gay so you can't power lvl like that.

So ya, wow bc is the greatest game ever imo.

This is the most crazy site i have EVER seen. I am a college student, i'm engaged, I make phenomenal grades, and guess what? I play WoW easily about 16-20 hours a week. Yup, i'm addicted and successful!

This site looks like a sad attempt to assuage the guilt that people feel for being bad parents. 1. Children can't purchase mature video games, just like they cant purchase pornography and other such material. It's up to the parents to regulate what their children do. 2. Take into consideration the Number of people who are have addictive personalities, do you really think that they would not be addicted to something else? 3. Have you ever played a video game yourself? In case you havent noticed it's possible to stop if you want to. I advice you try playing world of warcraft before you judge it and condemn it.

Listen, I'm 17 years old and yes, I play World of Warcraft, I happen to be using the name of my main character. I want to ask you a simple question. Have you ever actually tried World of Warcraft? Have you ever actually sat down, played a while, talked to some of the players around you? Have you ever co-operated with them to achieve an objective in a quest designed for a group? Have you? It sounds like you haven't, so i ask you: why judge the game without looking at it closely, from both sides. AND as for your stupid assumptions, I happen to know at least 20 families of four who currently play. You're idiots, the mothers of those family members happen to have been on your side, that is, at least, until they TRIED WoW, then, guess what? they liked it, they encouraged their husbands to play. One of the main reasons? Because it gave them more contact with their child, so they could all do something they loved. And hey, guess what? A lot of the families happened to have been across the board, from rich to poor. Their are even PACIFISTS who play WoW, why? Because it gives them the opportunity to socialize and actively spend time with people around the world, I live in North Carolina and I commonly chat with a guy who happens to live in Sydney, Australia. Hows about that eh? You are fools. Sure I am a B average student, but that's because in addition to being extremely intelligent, I'm as lazy, and fyi lol, that's REALLY lazy. I have a huge group of friends (hey here's something, only 2 play WoW) when asked WHY I play, I answer simply: WoW is what I do, that's all, it's my thing you know? Even the most critical people find that reasonable. Your organization is a bunch of paranoid fools who're too scared to try the games that people play. Hey, here's an idea: TRY THE GAMES BRAINIACS!!!! Here, I'll even post a link the the "evil nefarious monster web site" (oooh, I'm a shakin'in me boots mommy please save me from the big scary web site) so you can TRY WoW and see what it is that keeps players coming www.worldofwarcraft.com there you go. I hope you try it like the responsible adults you claim to be, and not the whiny little crybabies that you appear to be. Imbeciles, you make me sick! Ok lol enough ranting, I hope my fellow WoW players appreciate this, it is for you all and myself that I post this truth.

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