May 01, 2007

Asian Gamer Designs Level Based on School Floor Plans for Violent Video Game, Many Swords Confiscated at Home


Shocking news comes from Fort Bend of the removal of an asian high school student possessing a custom made video game level based on a local Texas high school on his home personal computer. Many swords were also confiscated from the suspects bedroom.

Police discovered five swords in the bedroom of a Clements High School senior whose home they searched after getting complaints about a 3-D computer “shoot-‘em-up” game map the student designed, which depicted a portion of the school.

FBISD officials said Tuesday school administrators weighed the violent nature of the computer game – a modified version of Counterstrike – along with the discovery of swords in the boy’s room, and other undisclosed information, and decided to classify the matter as a “Level 3” situation.

“When you have the floor plan of a high school that houses over 2,000 students in a game about killing people, you have to have consequences,” FBISD spokeswoman Mary Ann Simpson said. “And also realizing what the reaction would be in the community,” district administrators “still felt very confident in their decision.”

Local officials were very fortunate to apprehend and investigate the gamer before any possible crime could have been committed.

Much better to be safe than sorry.


While I agree it is better to be safe than sorry I must say that having the young man arrested is a bit much. When I was his age I had two rifles, a collection of swords and pocket knives AND I created maps of my school to play the video games Wolfenstein, Doom and others. My teacher played these maps. My friends played these maps. I have never shot nor have I ever stabbed a person in my entire life. I regularly shoot on a range and I practice several martial arts. What if this young man was into metallurgy? What if he was interested in ancient culture? Is it worth stunting his mental growth? Has the game itself ever been examined? Is it ok if a First Person Shooter is all about shooting ghosts and monsters? Or is it the act of shooting itself?

I think the best way to look at it would have to be "Violent video games make violent people violent."

I am grateful that parent's are taking an interest in what their kids are doing. I really am. I just think there's room for a bit more rationality and a lot less panic. Why is it that the same things are happening now that happened ten, almost twenty years ago but they're getting more and different attention? Where was all of this outrage years ago?

Just some food for thought, thank you for reading.

Well...another innocent youngster has their life ruined by the kneejerk and fearful reaction of authorities and busybody "mothers" who don't have a clue about what they are dealing with.

A game is a game. The correct reaction to the discovery of such a map of his school would be NOTHING. You might live in fear of modern life but that is your own weakness which you should be ashamed of and keep behind closed doors.

If you are so fearful of things like computer games, or sites like Maddox you should lock yourselves away in your own homes, and quit ruining innocent people's lives.

The amount of work that goes into building a map is immense and done by THOUSANDS of people just on Counter Strike alone. The fact that he based it on something familiar is pretty obvious to us gamers, he had plans he knew the layout pretty well so it was an obvious choice. Again the people WITHOUT a clue have totally flipped out and pretty much ruined this kids life by getting him kicked out of school.
And whats him being Asian got to do with anything, O yeah an Asian kid shot up VT but guess what! fact is he didnt play games... Get a clue (and a life) poorly inform "mothers"

Hi everybody,

I think it’s important to note that games are not supposed to kill people. When it begins to kill people it’s not a game anymore.

Everybody who did a serious research knows that the video games offered to the kids of today were developed to create cold-blooded killer in the military: books by former U.S. Army Ranger Lt. Col. David Grossman should provide a good insight. These “games” are killing simulators!

In July of 2000, in a bipartisan Congressional conference, a joint statement was released by:
The American Medical Association (AMA),
The American Psychiatric Association (APA),
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and
The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP)
They said: “Media violence causes violence in kids, and the violent video games are particularly dangerous.”

Now these are institutions which represent all the doctors of America!

Do you think that the argument of the 18 years-old gamer who saying: “I played all my life and I didn’t kill a single person”, do you think it stands a second beside that…if yes, you’re a fool.

The scenario has been repeated over and over again, the video games are clearly killing people, their brains first!

The shootings of Paducah, Columbine, Erfurt and VirginiaTech have all in common that the killers were trained by video games… They were as accurate as… trained soldiers! Think twice…

I would suggest reading this article: (Grossman’s website)

Sincerely yours,
J. Fox

Hi Joe,

I assume you are aware of the 2006 APA statement, which stated that their more-recent 2005 report did not in any way show that "media violence causes violence", simply that it had been linked corretively. Also, I don't believe they've ever mentioned the degree of the correlation, which seems to weaken any argument that there is causation. But your right, who am I to argue with a wrongly presented, innacurate description of preliminary studies findings? After all, once one is affiliated with an organization, they are incapable of making mistakes, yes? Another finidng of the studies were that increased parental involvment, such as encouraging children to think critically about media, decreases consumption of media, and decreases the correlating link between them, but I assume you already had read that part, yes? Now, perhaps the research done in 2000 is more up to date than the 2006 response, I suppose that would make perfect sense.

I assume that you are also aware that there has been a steady decrease in violent crimes in the nation, since around 1996, yes?

Also to note is that even if you were directly reporting the facts in the case, you seem to be missing the point of organizations like the ESRB, which rates games for appropriate age groups. You should be well aware that Counter-strike is rated M, for mature, or 17+, I assume, as your copius use of exclamation points leads credence to the idea that you have checked your facts! And as 17+ aren't exactly kids anymore, it would seem that even were there studies that actually showed a causal link between video game violence and youth violence, recognizing the rating and not letting children play games that were rated to be consumed by 17+ year olds would be a good preventative measure to children developing violent tendancies.

Now, let's also, say, look at
which states that the reports of Cho being a video game player were made by Jack Thompson, who from the instant of the shooting, started using this tragedy as a means of furthering his hate and fear-mongering agenda, based on zero facts. When he heard the name, he instantly said that it must have been counterstrike. Yet according to Cho's roomates, he spent more time composing poetry and plays then playing counterstrike. In fact, even though he may have played the game in high school, he did not in college.

As for the argument that all but... oh, let's take your overwhelming number of incidents, some of which are not actually connected to video games, and let's even say that there were 5 shooters at each event. This is 20 shooters, and there are video games in a majority of American houses ( )
So a majority of the country has played video games. And now you're saying that because 20 who did have committed a violent crime, the other 150 million or so who haven't don't have a leg to stand on because they haven't killed anyone? Here's a question, are you a white male? How many violent crimes have been committed by white males? Let's ban white males! After all, saying that you've been one for your entire life is meaningless, because some other people have killed!

Oh, and since we're concerned apparently about the kids, let's look at fact number 8 on the ESA list of statistics... Let's watch out for women, they play games even more than -17 males! They're going to go on a killing spree!

Now let's look at your claim that all of these shooters were "as accurate as trained soldiers", and assume that you're making a reference that accuracy is directly impacted by playing video games. Now, I know that you don't like examples with facts, because they get in the way of your arguments, but yes, I myself am guilty of playing some FPS games. And yes, I can put my mouse or control stick in just the right place to get a headshot in a game. Yet back when I was in high school, there was a time when my father accidentally ran over a rabbit, and took out our families one gun, a .22 calibur rifle, and put it out of its misery. After this, he had to clean it anyways, so we set up some targets and did some target shooting. Let me tell you this: Despite my expertise at moving my mouse, I could not for the life of my hit a target with that little pea-shooter. Making a claim that video games, say, desensitize players to violence, that you at least could back up eith evidence. This claim? Why not state that because many gamers can press the "f" key in the game "America's Army", they know how to fix jams in weapons? Or the "r" key in Soldier of Fortune teaching them how to reload a gun? The motor functions for aiming in a game and aiming in real life are completely different. Also many games have a crosshair or other form of reticulee.

Look, and I know that this is a tangent to this article and response, but why are you trying to shut down an entertainment industry, and investing so much time finding news reports from sources who report biased information without citation or evidence, just so you can shut down an industry that is actively trying to help enforce age-appropriate play?

The nintendo Wii has parental controls to set the highest rated game playable:

The XBox 360 has similar controls, known as "family settings"

The PS3 has similar controls, though they require some work to get to the appropriate site
then click on "User's Guide"
then click on "Settings"
and then "Security Settings"
then "Parental Controls", and scroll up for instructions on enabling them.

WHY is this site, and you, Mr. Fox, trying to instill fear and hatred towards the industry? Why have I not seen an MAVAV article about helping parents control what games their children play, based on ESRB ratings? I found these sites in minutes. These are sites that are there to help concerned parents. A parent doesn't need baseless claims to the dangers of games, they need help in keeping their children playing agr-appropriate games. The ESRB exists for a reason, and many companies are bending over backwards to promote a safe environment for children to play in, as well as adults to indulge themselves in. A mindless attack site such as this one, or an attack post such as Mr. Fox's post are simply fueling the fire. Much more good could be done by helping parents, not feeding them propeganda.

OMS that pic is Guts from Berserk!! He is my role model!! I lovvvvee him. The article is tarnishing his name, I feel disgusted. Maybe if you took the time to buy the Berserk Mangas (all 30 volumes) from Dark Horse Comics and read them, you will realize you are defiling one the greatest stories ever told.

And no it's not because he has the biggest sword ever that cuts through everything. It's because since the day he was born under his mother's hanging corpse, he fought every single day to stay alive. Every oppression, every thing that ever wanted to end his life he overcame. Every time he was knocked down by even those that he loved more than anything, he got back on his feet fought back! Not only his but innocent lives around him threatened as well he goes out is way to save, with no thanks or anything for his deed.

If that is not a hero, then i don't know what is.

One thing I do know, sitting around and shooting down other peoples hard work and effort (what you are doing). Should not be taken as role model behavior.

Hi everybody,

I am happy that my comments produced something that I would call an automatic conditioned response. The responses most videogames-lovers give when they feel that THEIR games are being threatened.

Indeed, I never said I would ban the games, did I? I said: “these are not games.”

The relevant “facts” provided by our gamer are I guess undeniable, unless he can suppress his answer from this website.

Video games make people more aggressive. That is why the military is using (and developing) the shooter games for its own training purposes.

As our gamers replied “headshots”!

So, he might be a bad aimer himself but the games taught him to aim for the head. He’s a conditioned potential killer, what he lacks is the incentive to actually commit an act of deadly violence. I didn’t say it, he did. Does every Marine kill somebody to become a Marine? No, but they’re trained to…

What is a game? A game, usually, serves as a pedagogical to learn something useful (even essential) to human life in society. What do you learn in shooting aliens/humans/droids all day long? Fill the blank.

A question which I find useful to ask to the youth of today is: “what is so boring outside which makes you play the “games” for hours/days in your basement?”

Have I tried to instil fear and hatred towards the “industry”, maybe… But we know, Cale Plute and I that parental control doesn’t work. Why? We’ve played the “games”!

Next time, if you really want to refute an argument, take what I say, not what the industry usually replies to shape your argument.

Thank you,
J. Fox

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