May 01, 2007

New Level of Realism Brings Lawsuits


Video game industry news site GameDaily BIZ reports of the consequences developers face when making realistic video games.

Most developers understand that well-known individuals have legal rights protecting them from the unauthorized use of their identities. But did you know landmarks and buildings do too? And famous (and not-so famous) stars and rights holders are asserting these aggressively against unwary developers and game publishers.

These legal rights aren't just theories in a text book. Two recent lawsuits in California have tested the boundaries of the law, and while the video game defendants prevailed, developers and publishers cannot disregard the identity rights of real world personas, brands, or locations.

Video games are nothing more than a menace to society. Developers show no sense of moral responsibility and a complete lack of respect for intellectual property. This is another major blow to the video game industry.


How are videogames a menace to society? You guys say they are but you have no reasoning whatsoever. And do you reaad yahoo a new report says that videogames are actually good for you. And that comes from the University of Rochester which you say are against videogames. So before you start saying stuff maybe you should do a little research.

I would like to say all of u people are crazy. This is because u think that because there was once a show and a movie in which real people portrayed mario u think that that is a form of videogame addiction.I must also say that there are countless movies that came from books, not just nice books like Winnie the poo or Care Bears. But, movies like any Stevenm King Book or Lord Of the Rings. I guess these movies are a form of Book addiction, but wait... i dont see you getting mad about that. All of u probably say that Books are good for you, But many books have violence that is worse than video games. I mean all of the steven king Books have some form of a Grotesque death in them, and even the Redwall books , a book that has a bunch of animals who act like humans, has a bunch of blood and death and little animals wioth swords and knives, and there is no video game for that. So basically all of u are saying that Books are good for u but games arent. YOUR SAYING THAT THE MARIO GAMES MARK A FORM OF VIDEO GAME ADDICTION ARE U CRAZY!!!!!!!! Next ur gonna be saying that the barbie games are evil. So please consider this and think... are wyou really making the right statements.

Video games are just a form of entertainment. They're not murder simulators, nor are they in any way dangerous.
Yes, gamers can become addicts -- but you shouldn't prohibit your children from playing games. Video games, just like movies, have the purpose of escapism. If kids become addicted to video games, it's because the "reality" they offer is better than the one they live in, and it's your responsibility as parents to prevent that -- not by shielding them from life's truths, but by letting them live. Being overprotective won't get you anywhere.
And finally, I suppose all of the terrible violence of the past was also caused by gamers? Acts of genocide, torture, and self-righteous murder weren't caused by video games. Something tells me that Adolf Hitler didn't want to exterminate most of the world's population because he played too much "Doom." I highly doubt that England's peasants used to play soccer with disembodied human heads in the streets because they saw Master Chief doing it. And I'm almost certain that it wasn't Duke Nukem's fault that the terrible events of Hiroshima happened. Violence is human nature, as disappointing as it may be.

I hope that you realize that buildings and whatever is within plain and obvious view (i.e landmarks) are not protected by copyright, and are able to be photographed? This is pretty much the same thing...

Wow, that's a low and vitriolic thing to say. "A menace to society" is most definitely the wrong thing to label one of my favorite activities. I was raised with video games among other family activities. My dad and I would play games a lot, especially when I was young. I first beat Super Mario Bros. when I was 4. I quickly advanced to more violent games, I managed to beat Doom for the very first time when I was just nine years old. Granted, it wasn't much but I did it, and I was proud. As it is, I'm 20, and when I have kids I'll raise them like I was. Granted without all the abuse I recieved, or the neglect but I'll raise them in a loving home with strong morals and a clear sense of what's right or wrong. My kids will kill aliens, take out bad guys and save the world with the rest of them.

Have you even played video games? At all? Watched them being played? RARELY do you play the villain, rarely. In my entire life, I have always championed playing the "good guy" and I recall pretending to be Duke Nukem saving the world with my best friend, Ryan. We didn't have real guns, but in our little world they were. We always won, just like the hero did, just like in the movie. See, the games are always playable versions of what people like you want to see. You just want the end results where everyone lives in a perfect world, but this is the "behind the scenes" to all your little paperback romance stories. What would really happen if fantasy were real. This is our release from a hectic day, this is our stress reliever. If everyone was perpetually bored, I can assure you violence would skyrocket and the only person you'd have to blame is yourself.

Also, back the point of children. I'd go as far as to include ANY video game, no matter how grotesque in a family-oriented setting. Mom, dad and the kids can all get in on the action. Ever take on your mom in a head to head deathmatch round in Halo? Probably not, neither have I. Some of us really take pride in our statistics on these games. Your little teenage baby working his or her little brain to get a near perfect kill/death ratio and what would you do? Scoff? Most likely, you probably wouldn't even bother to fake a smile. You're the kind of parent who makes school shooters, maybe you should sit down and watch your son or daughter play these games. Join in, have fun. It's just a game, and that means you can do whatever. But you won't, and I know why. It's not easy to admit you're wrong, and I've seen the same thing with Metal music. In the Metal community, the true die-hard fans of metal you will find a small, insignificant portion of it devoted to violence. We protect our own, metalheads unite and all that. Of course, an outsider like you can sit on the comfortable throne of bigotry. It feels good to be in league with those who're racist and fascist, doesn't it?

My challenge still stands. Go and sit with your kid, or a niece or nephew. Whatever. Sit with them and play with them. GET INVOLVED, even if you think it's horrible, grotesque or stupid. It meant a lot to me when I was a kid, and I can bet times haven't changed. Don't neglect your children because I know how it is to have a parent who doesn't give a damn about what you like.

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