December 30, 2006

Please take a moment to register an account and participate in our newly launched discussion forums which include topics covering video game addiction and violence, parenting, and video game awareness.

Thank you for your support and have a safe new year!

Update : We are currently experiencing periodic and intermittent issues involving our forum. Our technician is aware of this issue and is actively working on a resolution. We thank you for your patience as we investigate the situation and work towards a resolution.

December 22, 2006

We have launched the new MAVAV website in celebration of 4 successful years of raising awareness against video game addiction and violence! We have received thousands of letters throughout the years. With this re-launch, we hope you may again share your responses with us in our comment sections for all members to read.

Visit our revised Articles and Resources section.

You may Email us with any questions and suggestions you may have. Thank you for your continuing support and have a safe and wonderful holiday.

December 30, 2002

We have received an overwhelming amount of letters about video game addiction and violence.

A large portion were argumentative rebuttals sent in by feral teenage gamers. However, we did receive many hopeful letters of encouragement and support from those parents who are dealing with their own video game addiction and violence in their families.

We plan to post their stories and more in our updated Articles section.

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